Guys, if there are any translation groups out there with more than one member, rei_hunter wants you to have a look at this:

To Yorai-kun, and all the other translators for Word Master.

You guys, its been really hard to keep up with all these blogs posting Word Master, and its even harder when 1 of those blogs lags behind.

So here’s an advice. If you’re working with more than 2 Translators, why not set-up a Google Drive for all of it?

All the raws are in seperate documents == chapters… and then add all the translator’s Gmails in.

So when someone lags behind, you can see their progress and other translators can help out.

What’s the plus side on this?

  • You can see everyone’s progress (assuming you gave everyone chapter access)
  • EVerything can be uniform, so you all follow one fucking format and not… NAME : RAWR and then “SPEECH” (Name) … seriously, wtf?
  • A chat/message system in case 2 or more translators are actively translating/editing/proofreading.
  • A Comment System for anything wrong or discussions about how to translate certain phrases.
  • Private Settings so nobody else can see your work.
  • 2 Main Modes of Editing, 1 is FULL EDITS and 2 is SUGGESTIVE EDITS. Suggestive edits appear as boxes on the side of the word.
  • It basically looks like Word, but its online, everyone can work on it… like seriously.

The downsides… i do not see so much, outside of maybe a medium requirement on RAM. It doesnt take that much bandwidth too.

But yeah, as a fellow translator, at least do something about your inconsistent releases…. I know you all have other novels to translate, but please at least keep it in process and not jumping chapters in releases. Google Drive will help you with that.

If you’ve got questions about GDrive and its operations… well why not visit us on our IRC channel and we can talk about it.

I may have left a few grammar mistakes in here… I was hurrying to type it out. :x

– rei_hunter

14 thoughts on “Announcement”

  1. I like blogs because unlike a Gdoc, you can follow it on RSS. It’s also a hella lot easier to navigate even your blog than a bunch of linked documents, and I like reading and engaging the blog posts that aren’t TL content as well. If you must, use Gdoc for drafts and publish on a blog, please.

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  2. The Konjiki no Wordmaster translations is not a hivemind. It’s easier to recognize the credit that is due for separate people on separate blogs. The inconsistency of the names are usually solved by user polls, it’s hard to romanticize some names to fit well with the characters. They do communicate on skype for the translation project.
    Blogs should still be the way the chapters are published. For example, xCrossJ, which I recognize to be the biggest contributor to KnW translations/editing currently(I love all the translators/editors), plans on using his blog page as a part of his resume for future jobs. Google docs defeats his purpose. There is also yorai-kun that releases one KnW every sunday with a schedule.
    I see rei’s point, and as SonodaYuki above me said, Gdocs for drafts maybe an okay idea for consistency issues, but publishes should still be made on blog posts.
    The lagging currently is because of netblazer’s experimental “Open Translation”, where any of the blogs can contribute to the translation of these designated chapters. However, these tend to be ignored as the assigned chapters are prioritized. I’m assuming the open translations are actually using cloud editing such as google docs.

    If you want to keep track of everything, xcrossJ’s blogspot have the most up to date list of chapters and contributors.


  3. I really don’t like google docs. Have had a ton of issues with it not being accessible or trying to force me to login to an old school account on occasion.

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