This is why I shouldn’t write things at 5AM

Um, so… The previous post was actually in regards to Evil God. I’m not the one picking up Black Knight. That’s somebody else.

I thought I mentioned Evil God in there, but I guess not… ><

So sorry for any confusion! m(_ _)m

29 thoughts on “This is why I shouldn’t write things at 5AM”

  1. Lol l thought something was off when I saw the last line. Well… Black Knight is also a comedy but the tone of the post seemed life it was referring to a different novel. Now it all makes sense.


  2. Man, and I was starting to be confused about who was translating what, and thought that maybe I had to apologize for mentioning Black Knight lately. Whatever works for you.

    And I know what you mean, when I’m sleepy what I write doesn’t make sense or has stuff that makes me think “why is that there?”.


  3. Out of curiosity, could we have a list of the teaser projects that you’re thinking of translating? I really enjoy your taste in novels and would love to read a small synopsis of each project!


      1. I’ve seen the Bear one before(looks hilarious bear suit lmao) The second one is another kenkyo/otoburi xD. The third the character has no special ability D: (well I GT the sypnosis so I might be wrong…).


          1. i have no other way to contact you and too lazy to find you on irc so i tell you here, do you remember the wn about this dude that got dropped into his video game but the game had alot of bugs and he exploits them? im quite sure you read this wn before and it has this part where he shortcuts to buried treasure and in the beginning theres lizardmen n stuff?


  4. (-_-) dude, we love you, your work and all that but please don’t strain yourself, I mean seriously? 5 am? sleep. please. don’t. make. us. us. worry. about. you.
    it’s gonna eat up of what little conscience we have left.
    p.s. I wish you good health :3


  5. well im glad its Jasshin youre doing. Black knight seems really interesting as well but if you check out the pace of uppdates on syosetsu it kind of feels like black knight is heading for permanent hiatus.
    anyhow youre a good little imouto sheeprabbit have a good nights (or days) sleep and some carrot or the fermented flesh of other little sheeprabbits or whatever sheeprabbits likes to eat.


  6. Don’t take this the wrong way, but maybe you might want to disable the comments if the begging is driving you nuts. You’ll always get begging, but at least it’s out of sight and doesn’t raise your blood pressure.

    And thanks for the meal!


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