Oh yeah, forgot to mention

I should’ve put this in the Bleck Knight post just because, but apparently my plan of saying ‘Evil God is a teaser, stop asking about it.’ while secretly translating it didn’t work, because people still asked questions that I should have already answered.

Maybe because they can’t read, or because they couldn’t accept the answer, idunno, but point is they kept asking.

So I’ll make it really clear:

I’m going to continue translating it. I make no promises about translating to the end. Actually, I don’t even feel obliged to translate it to the end. If it stops at the second book, then that’ s great. If not, then if/when it becomes boring or annoying or I run out of time or I just don’t like it anymore, I will stop translating.

Additionally, I don’t want anybody asking me when the next chapter is. I mean, I’m fine with you asking for the other projects, but not for this please.

Finally, because I’m obviously not committed to this, I have absolutely 0 problems with anybody picking up from my current chapter. At all. Although it is a comedy, so please be a real translator. It isn’t a mindless harem adventure story, so I really don’t think it can be MTL’d at even 30% of ‘doing it justice’.

17 thoughts on “Oh yeah, forgot to mention”

  1. ^ what the other follower said.

    Black knight does seem like a pretty good story so I’m glad someone else stated translating a bit of it.

    What really draws my eyes to that story is the position of the main heroine. There are tons of stories about harem mcs but almost none with the focus on a girl that’s in the harem. Well Chi doesn’t really like the harem lead I that way, but the concept of a female protagonist looking into a harem situation remin.

    Are there any other stories with a similar PoV?


  2. I only speak for myself but I don’t want Black Knight to be dropped after a good number of chapters are released. I loved it after only the prologue + chapter 1, so it’ll only hurt more if I get addicted to it and no more releases are coming :(
    I’d prefer you do it only if you really want to do it and not on a whim and the drop it.


    1. Well they already stated they are only going to do it until they get bored so you as a reader know going in that they will drop it at an unknown date and time. If you can’t handle that just don’t read any of it.

      I don’t see the point in telling someone not to do something because of your own problems.


      1. It seems his/her post wasn’t about Black Knight after all, but I didn’t tell him/her not to translate it halfway or not at all.
        And by the way, I don’t read teasers.


  3. Most of us don’t mind. We just want anything you throw at us. I myself just want good reads no matter what the novel is. (Though I am looking forward to this one quite a bit)


  4. Well thanks for this mention and all the translations you have done. I checked this novel with the raw link but it does not seem to be updated with any regularity so I’m totally fine with keeping it as a teaser. Having a novel to read that is already completed or updated at fixed times is a lot better imo.

    Although this one is really nice in the sense that it not the ‘th harem novel with summoned/reborn male protagonist (as a girl this novel is somewhat cooler for me :) not that the male ones are that bad but it does get old)


  5. All joking aside. I have signed up for a Japanese beginner class that starts this July. You have brought us so many interesting Teasers that you will be unable to take as main’s, that I am going to have to actually follow through with my original promise. I won’t be able to do anything anytime soon. But I am working towards being able to join you all in doing proper translations. (Not saying that there are not good MTL translators out there. Mostly RaisingTheDead and a couple others. But I am the kind of person who doesn’t do things halfway. If I am planning on following through with my words of helping translate a few projects, then I will do it properly, and learn the language in question.)

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    1. As a side note, you’ll get the best results if you “translate” on the side. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s good motivation to self-study. Can’t tell you how much I learned just trying to translate a light novel. With only a year of Japanese lessons to learn the basics plus some vocabulary, it’s possible to do even if you’re really slow.

      Plus you’ll have a good opportunity to ask your teacher questions as you go along. The alternative is spending half an hour trying to word a question on japanese.stackexchange.com, like why the (to) particle is showing up in a certain sentence in a LN, without looking stupid.


      1. XD HA! I look stupid several times even throughout my regular day. I don’t care about seeming so online. XD
        But that is a good idea Tama. Nonetheless, I won’t even get to the basics until later this year. So that is still a bit away.


      2. If you want some place to start, try memorizing Hiragana and Katakana. It’s like memorizing the English alphabet. If you can practice recognizing and reading them quickly, it’ll help you out greatly later.

        Of course, it’s also something that’ll be covered in class, so you’ll be really bored midway through the introductory course.

        The general format for Japanese courses is to learn some words and some basic grammar before proceeding onto learning to read actual Japanese. Learning to read Hiragana / Katakana / and Kanji doesn’t make as much sense without words to associate them with. But if you start learning them in the middle, then you can’t hit the ground running.

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    2. Is that college. Cuz if so you have too memorize 100 kanji, all hiragana, katakana, and te, plain, masu, te imasu damn graaigrammar. It 2 sems though. get the course that have genki book since it explains it well at least in my college. probably gives you jlpt5 lvl understanding after the course.


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