Random Message

I’ve actually had a one-sided rivalry with Binh from over at Binhjamin. He literally has no idea.

And so for the longest time I’ve been watching the numbers of follows for the both of us, and each time I got close like maybe a 6 follower difference, over the next day or two it would widen to a 15~25 follower lead again.

But just recently I overtook him!

shot294 shot296And it’s thanks to you guys! I don’t know how long it’ll last, and to be honest I don’t care, because what’s important is that at least once I caught up to him!

So I’ve made a new header to celebrate, and thanks again guys! Wahaha~!

EDIT: Oh, and while I’m at it, I may as well ask. Would you guys prefer that I post announcements when I update a new Maou chapter? Thus far I’ve been going with old format where I just edit the old posts, and don’t tell anybody that a new chapter is up.

49 thoughts on “Random Message”

  1. Yes please add an announcement. I rely on the e-mail notifications that get sent out for updates and if you just edit I won’t see anything :(


  2. LOL congrats!!! Now fire that special beam cannon! For some reason the idea of a one sided rivalry really clicks with me hahaha. Who knows, if you keep on gathering followers one day YOU will be the monster that others dare not compare to!

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  3. Don’t announce it. I like forgetting a series and coming back to it and like, whoa, 10 chapters time to binge read.


    1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Same as this guy.
      Also is this the reason why you’ve been translating so many different novels as teasers?


  4. whose next…??

    yoraikun,, or gravity,,,??

    in my list,, the closest with you is ziru,,, and a bit out of reach is blue silver. :D


  5. Ha serves him right! I now know that unfollowing him had some effect (still sulking from his april fool’s, now i kinda hate him).
    Anyway, congrats and is ‘Im back in the other world’ Gender-bender? Im not really a big fan of it unless they are just sub-protagonist level only and not the main.

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      1. Oh so a female protagonist that inherited the magical knowledge of her previous life then transported to the world where her past life lived. I guess I’ll just take it as an OP girl then. Ill try reading it I guess, thanks for bringing it to us


    1. It’s not a straIght up gender bender like Kenja. The female protagonist has memories of a past life, but it’s explicitly stated those memories are like “knowledge” (like she read a book) as opposed to “experience”. People who’ve read Mahouka or Kara no Kyoukai should be familiar with the difference.

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  6. I really wonder how you look in real life. (?) Hmmm (imagination runs too wild) *drools*. Well I hope my expectations are pretty normal ones~.For weirdos at least… I hope…… (Cleans off the drool)


  7. it would be nice to see “When” the last update for a series happened… Compared to your other pages, the “main”/home page always seems… incomplete to me, and its VERY easy to not notice any updates.
    Also, a small picture or a short summary of the novel would make the page look less incompleted.


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