I’m Back in the Other World? – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Worrying About the Evaluation

After finishing the breakfast preparations, while I was explaining how to make it to the innkeeper, the dining room began to get noisy.
It seems that the knights have come to eat.
We cooperated with the inn staff who were peeking into the kitchen and hurriedly prepared the tables.
I’m worried about what the knights will think of the food.
While we were setting the tables it seems that the Prince had gotten up and come as well, and was sitting at the same table as the Squad Captain.

“Good morning.”

While giving a greeting, I carried three portions worth to the Prince and Squad Captain’s table, and decided to leave the rest to the inn staff and begin eating breakfast.

“Was all of this made by you?”

Asked the Prince, while looking at the lined up dishes.

“Yes. I had the innkeeper help as well, though. I promised you yesterday after all.”

After replying as such, I began to eat my own portion.
Mn, tasting like this, I think I did it well enough. If I had more time to prepare, I think I could even make the more complicated dishes. What I should be regretting though is the bread, shouldn’t I. I need to urgently resolve this problem.
While thinking about such things, the moment the Prince and Squad Captain brought the soup into their mouths, they stiffened.
Just how many times did they intend to stiffen up over these last two days?

” “Delicious…” ”

After leaving just this faint mumbled word, they began eating with ferocious energy.

“I’ve probably made more soup than necessary, so even if you don’t eat that quickly I think there’ll be seconds, you know?”

Seeing the two ravenously eat their food, I reflexively spoke up.
When I did so, the knights at the other tables all shouted “Seconds!” one by one.
If I look carefully, everybody is eating silently.
Even if I made more, if they eat this vigorously, will the portions for the other people run out? It seems that this dining room is made for 10 people, and they each take one turn here without coming back again.
It feels like things will be bad at this rate, so I decided to use the Prince.

“Prince, aren’t there knights that haven’t had their turn yet? Even if there are enough for seconds, it isn’t as though I’ve made that much. If you don’t limit seconds to just once, the other people might lose their share.”

I did go to the efforts of cooking breakfast after all. If possible, I want all of them to eat it.

“Oi, you guys. Everyone only gets one refill! Do you plan on eating the others’ shares too!?”

It seems that the Prince completely understood my intentions, and warned them for me.
Voices of dissatisfaction rose from here and there in the dining hall, but nobody gave any real complaints.
Perhaps there wasn’t any real dissatisfaction because they considered that they might not have been able to eat.
Without having seconds for my soup, I finished my breakfast.
It seems that the evaluation was good.
Everyone spoke their impressions about the food looking satisfied.
The Prince and Squad Captain also said things like “It seems that we can expect a good lunch as well.”.




Breakfast finished and I carried the tableware to the kitchen, and was going to clean up, but the innkeeper said,

“You made such a delicious breakfast. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up, so just take it easy, alright?”

and drove me away.
If I remember correctly, they did say that departure would be at the fourth koku.
It should be about half past seven at the moment, so around thirty minutes from now?
Time that’s neither long enough nor short enough is left over.
Giving a backwards glance at the later group of soldiers who were eating silently, I decided to head back to my room to prepare my luggage.
I’ve decided to reduce the number of things I have to carry as much as possible.
I can’t throw it away, so all I’m doing is bringing it all together though.
I folded the dougi that dried this morning, and after putting it in my dougi bag, I put my lunchbox in there as well.
The spices and herbs were unexpectedly bulky, so I was a little troubled, but I put them into my dougi bag as well. The dougi bag is bulging now.
As you’d expect I couldn’t really do anything about the bag I had with my study materials in there, but fortunately perhaps I should say, this is the type of bag you can carry on your back. It probably won’t get in the way for now.
Luggage will become an issue once I start working as an adventurer, but if I remember correctly, there should be a 『magic tool』 that increases the capacity of your bags.
I’ll probably be able to clarify if I go to the Adventurers Guild.
If not, then I’ll deal with it at the time.

Incidentally, a 『magic tool』 is a special tool with letters from ancient times written on them.
Even if you don’t use a special tool, if you can write in ancient letters then you can create a 『magic tool』 but almost all of them will have their effects weakened, or won’t work after a while.
The ‘magic swords’ that often appear are a type of 『magic tool』.
Those that learn the ancient letters and carve them into tools are called 『magic artisans』, and because you can become a 『magic artisan』 even if you can’t use magic, it’s an occupation with many hopefuls.
The quality of 『magic tools』 created by 『magic artisans』 varies a lot, but 『magic tools』 created by outstanding 『magic artisans』 can be sold for high prices.
Things like bags with large capacity are essential for adventurers, so there are many 『magic artisans』 who create these.
My knowledge tells me that if I go to the Adventurers Guild, they should have 『magic tools』 too.
Only, because there’s the possibility that there’s a difference between the knowledge I have from my past live, and the common sense of this world, trusting it absolutely is risky. At the very least, although I don’t feel any large differences right now, it’s better to be safe.

While recalling the knowledge I had of my past life, I’ve been preparing for departure.
Though, although I say this, I don’t have that much luggage after all, so once I put my schoolbag on my back, and pick up the shinai bag with my bokutou inside, and my dougi bag, I’ll be ready to leave.

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      1. lol and if this “touching time” produced “milk”, then it’d be good for her right? I mean, she needs milk to grow bigger :3


  1. What bothers me is, if they don’t even have bread, do they have wheat at all? I mean, you can’t do much with wheat besides bread and pasta that would require cultivation on any scale, and without that demand, I doubt there would be any cultivation to begin with.

    There are other grains, but their suitability for risen dough might not exactly be ideal.


      1. But you want some flour with a high gluten content if you’re making leavened bread. I guess barley and rye and probably more would work as well, but we risk running the same problem there. Unless rye porridge is a massive hit.

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    1. I believe it was said in an earlier chapter that they have flat bread but they do not use yeast in bread. btw, there’s a lot more to wheat than flour and there’s a lot more to agricultural grasses than wheat.


  2. Since spices are more commonly used as magic potion’s ingredients in Alselia, I wonder if Sakura will eventually make foods that have some magical effects. Something like spicy curry which makes you breathe fire, or noodles that makes your body as flexible as rubber. That should be possible, right?


  3. I don’t know how they can say that about such a lovely banner, and thanks for the chapter.

    Also, this is becoming a habit – “Eveynone spoke their impressions about the food looking satisfied.” Everyone

    And “The spices and herbs were unexpetedly bulky, so I was a little troubled,” unexpectedly bulky

    Do believe folks have mentioned the large capacity gags already :D

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