Recuperating? – Chapter 4

Recuperating? – K of Hearts (Part 1)

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“Mn, mn… So she’s coming?”

After receiving a message from Henri, I sank down into a luxurious chair in my room.
Everything in this room was chosen by me, as was the interior decoration of my dorm room at the academy. If I don’t arrange the things around me myself, I just can’t calm down. There have been traps in furniture countless times after all.

The “she” I mentioned, of course refers to Beatrix.
It was a bother making all the preparations and arrangements to take Beatrix as my wife, but with this it’s a certainty that I can have her nearby now…

“She’s probably angry, huhh.”

There’s no way that a straightforward and honest person like her wouldn’t be dissatisfied with the methods I took.
I honestly wanted to spend more time deepening my relationship with her. Just like Achille and Camille… No, that really might have taken too long.
But I don’t have much time left, so it can’t be helped. It’s the answer that I’ve reached after much thought.
And I don’t regret this.
It’s a decision I’ve made to ensure that the things important to me remain by my side.
I know. I know how easily the things important to you can disappear if you don’t take extra care to protect them.

“I wonder if Achille and Camille are okay.”

I’m quite worried about the safety of my two dear friends.
They’re moving together with the soldiers sent to the town to suppress and drive out the extremists.
According to the notice from this morning, the extremists are planning on heading to Viscount Jade’s territory from the territory they’ve controlled.

“I actually wanted to go with them too…”

It’s impossible given my position though.
Sometimes I really loathe this position of mine, but nothing can be done about it. Being the case, I feel that it’s better to make effective use of this shitty position and do something constructive.

Topageria have probably taken care of the thing I requested of them.
With this, the movements of the extremists should be restricted to an extent.
The king of the neighbouring nation didn’t seem to particularly object. In exchange, I’m taking the knight of the second prince (who had issues finding a husband) as my queen after all.
The neighbouring nation seem to feel guilty about the Frau Monier incident too.
Who would have thought that one of the key members of the extremists was a Topagerian, even if adopted.
A reply from the Topagerian king came, saying that he had received my complaint and was moving to impede their activities.

It isn’t just limited to outside the country. From now on there’s a mountain of things I need to do internally.
I get it. I get that I’ll eventually have to pay for something as selfish as wanting to enjoy school life a little, despite knowing about the conflicts within the castle.

“It seems that our nation will need a large cleanup pretty soon, huh? It seems that all the filth in the castle has been just about gathered up after all.”

“Indeed, Your Highness.”

Henri smiled.
He’s the grand chamberlain that’s followed me since I was a child, and stays by my side even now.
Henri is like a parent figure, someone else important to me.

“Well then, let us move forward the preparations for the clean-up, Your Highness.”


The proof that Achille spent many years researching to pull out the problem of these geezers… For some reason Achille is really good at finding these things, and I was taught by him too.
All that’s left is to clean up the castle from the roots.

“Sorry to my father and uncle but… if they covered up this much fraud commited by their subordinates, then they probably can’t be covered for anymore.”

And, one day I’ll be having them leave the castle as well.
Honestly I want to drive them out right this minute, but as you’d expect, that’s impossible at this stage.

-knock knock-

Somebody’s knocking at the door. I wonder who it is.
Right now is my precious rest time, so I even told them not to let anybody in.

“Just who is it…?”

Henri headed towards the door… and then returned with a bewildered expression.

“Y-, Your Highness…”

Without even even time to ask him what was wrong, the door to my room was violently opened.

“Seriously… Does not a single one of your subordinates know how to guide people properly?”


“Royce, we need to talk.”

Shaking off the chamberlains who tried to stop him as he boldly made his entrance was a person surprising enough that I couldn’t immediately complain due to the shock.

“Raiga… What are you doing here?”


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