Status Report/Random Message

Ummm, so as some of you may have noticed, I’ve picked up Tilea’s Worries. The poll in the end had 25% against me picking it up, and 75% for, so I’ll be picking it up as another side project.

For the record, my ‘main’ project is Otoburi because not only do I really enjoy it, but also because it’s a lot of fun to translate. And it just happens to be at the right level of difficulty for Japanese practice. I learn a lot less than the rest. Ah, hm. This isn’t really a status update so I guess I’d better add ‘random message’ to the post name huh.

Uhh, what was the point of this post again? Oh yeah, right. What to do next. Err, so I’ve actually got a few things on my mind. I guess it’s time for another strawpoll.

Please do BOTH. And have a look at Otoburi chapter names on the TOC before you vote. (:

And yes, I’m aware that I have a terrible habit of wanting to pick up more teasers. Can’t be helped. It’s refreshing for me. Plus, I want these to get picked up over others. Hoping I can shift the tides even a little bit by converting leechers who will then go beg translators when they ask “What project should I pick up?”.


14 thoughts on “Status Report/Random Message”

  1. Actually I picked the “guesslations” because as long as it is understandable I’m ok with it, not because I did not want you to pick it up. Guess my standards are low.

    I blame GT.


  2. One more Maou because there’s already the chapter 23 translated (which I’m trying not to read), so it’s only the 22 left D:
    Did someone get dark knight? Seems quite prosperous, it’s a shame it is only a teaser T-T


  3. voted on both poll, why 2 different poll ?,they seems no different except the second allow multiple check.

    Burikko 1st priority, Other World 2nd, Tilea 3rd

    there too few WN/LN with female protagonist

    Maou and Mushoku will soon have other people who willing to translate, overpowered male protagonist is popular so they aren’t important


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