Recuperating? – Chapter 2

Recuperating? – Q of Clovers (Part 1)

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Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

You might be thinking, ‘Well, do I owe any thanks to Alphapolis the publisher?’, but in fact it is because the publishers are so willing to pick up web novels (Alphapolis in particular) that so many creative stories are being written by people wanting to make it as writers.

Just a reminder that the Q of Clovers speaks in a Kansai dialect, possibly Osakan but I’m not skilled enough to tell. Or rather, I could look it up if I wanted to know but I don’t care. And don’t ask me what accent I’ve translated it into, because I made it up just now. Real accents are too hard.

“‘onestly, ‘uu is it!? ‘uu’s the idiot that’s been usin’ gunpowder in the middle of the bloody town!?”

I heard that the town that my parents’ clinic was in met with the extremists, so I came running.
I’m taking leave from my maid work today.

They probably set alight a large amount of gunpowder with magic.
A pillar of flame rose from the area near the town’s central plaza. The clinic is fairly close to the plaza if you use the back streets.

There was a rumour that the extremist commoner forces had taken over a town close to this one but… it seems that it was true.

“What a troublesome bunch.”

When I first found out about the existence of the extremists, I was feeling a little dissatisfied about the current monarchy, so I just silently watched over them though.
I was an idiot for considering for even an instant about supporting people who’ll destroy the town like this. The people of this town who felt the same way as me are probably thinking the same thing. For a group who’s opposing the monarchy for the sake of the people to be disrupting the lives of the people, what are they thinking?

“It would’ve been fine ‘ad the soldiers just suppressed them earlier, but…”

This town lies in the territory of Viscount Jade so the soldiers of the Jade family are running about firefighting and leading the citizens to safety. But I know; the Jade family isn’t financially affluent, so they don’t maintain that many soldiers.
What’s left is the town’s vigilante brigade, but it seems that they already have their hands full with ensuring the safety of the citizens.
The nation’s public safety force that’s stationed in this town… were the very first ones targetted by the extremists, and were wiped out. I think they were stationed at the pillar of flame from earlier.

Even while that was happening, a bunch of people that seemed to be extremists were raising their voices in the area near the flame pillar.

“An organisation that ignores the livelihood of the people and does nothing but war internally is unneeeded!”

“An organisation that threatens the livelihoods of the people is unneeeded!”

Are they idiots? The ones threatening our livelihoods right now are you lot!

My parents’ clinic was terribly busy.
Normally it’d be better for my parents to take shelter as well… but the injured kept being carried in one by one, so my father the doctor and my mother the nurse didn’t run away.
Members of the public safety force, and normal citizens who were wrapped up in the extremists’ attacks…

“Dad, mum!”

“Aurelia? Why are you in a place like this?”

“What about your work? This place is dangerous, so go back to the Viscount’s estate!”

My father and mother both took the same attitude.

“Today is my break day. I was worried, so I came to see ‘ow this place was goin’… I’ll ‘elp.”

I’ve always been helping my parents since I was small, so I can generally do the jobs required at the clinic.
Without listening to my parents, I began running about treating the patients.

“So you’re the ones that were sheltering the pawns of the nobles!”

The door to the clinic was suddenly opened, and a large man walked in.

“What’s with ya?”

One by one, men who seemed to be the large man’s companions came in one by one.

“The members of the public safety force should be here. Hand them over.”

“There’s no way we could hand over our patients to you people.”

My father had appeared from inside the clinic, and told the man as such with a firm attitude.

“Are you guys planning on supporting the nobles?”

The man closed in on my father with a severe expression.

At this rate, my father might be in danger… The moment I thought this, another extremist man barged into the clinic and shouted.

“The soldiers have been deployed from the castle! Head back right now!”

The men flew into a panic, and ran away from the clinic one by one.
Finally, all the extremist men disappeared from the clinic.

“We’re saved…”

My father and I both weakly sat down on the floor of the clinic.
After a while, my mother told me “You’re blocking the way.” and kicked me.


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17 thoughts on “Recuperating? – Chapter 2”

  1. “My father and I both weakling sat down on the floor of the clinic.
    After a while, my mother told me “You’re blocking the way.” and kicked me.
    Oww…” What a mean mother lols

    thanks for the chapter

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  2. “For a group who’s protecting the monarchy for the sake of the people to be disrupting the lives of the people, what are they thinking?”

    Am I missing something? I’m not seeing a lot of “protecting the monarchy” here. Also, I thought they were anti-royalists.


  3. “who were wrapped up un the extremists’ attacks…” => in the
    ” “Aurelia? What are you in a place like this?” ” => “What are you doing” or “Why are you” ?

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