Tilea’s Worries – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – “I am the Demon General Camilla”

My name is Camilla Bo Malferand, one of the Six Demon Generals who serve Demon King Zorg directly.
With Zorg-sama as our leader, we, the Demon Army, destroyed many living beings in the previous war, and dropped people into the deepest depths of terror.
The soldiers of the royal capital, S-ranked adventurers, the various heroes, those called rulers; we killed them all. The people wailed in despair, and we believed that the glory of our Demon Army would forever continue, but――――

Ku-, to think that we would end up being sealed by those detestable gods!

Indeed, on that day, the gods all worked together and turned their blades to us, and not only Zorg-sama, but all powerful members of the Demon Army had their souls sealed by the gods.
Moreover, our bodies as demons were destroyed, and our souls were sealed in the bodies of humans, beastmen, and other exceptionally inferior species.

What disgrace!

And those who were not sealed were destroyed even to the soul, and our Demon Army was literally erased.

Hu hu, it has been several thousand years, and even those sealed souls escaped from their bindings. Many fell victim to those detestable gods in the previous war, but we’ve finally revived.

Thinking back on it, ever since the time that I lived as a frail human, there was a sense of discomfort in the corner of my mind. My memories as a demon that I tried to, but couldn’t recall.

And then, I finally remembered. I was not a puny existence such as a human. I was a demon; an absolute conqueror, an existence who could with but a brief show of their power, crush and destroy any and all beings.

I had woken up a few days ago as Demon General Camilla. At any rate, I have only just awakened.
So that I could get used to this body, and collect information about the outside world, I stayed low and acted with my temporary family.

But, I have reached my limit!

Despite being a puny existence, that Tilea human knew no discretion. She would readily touch me. I even considered killing her, but I was concerned about the state of the gods so it wasn’t prudent to be conspicuous, and so I suppressed my anger.

These last few days, I had been sneaking out in the shadow of the night, and getting in touch with my earlier awakened kin. According to their information, those gods had not lived through the war unscathed, and lost a great deal of their power, and presently those gods are as good as powerless.

It is a good time, isn’t it. My retainers have all awakened.

It seems that today, as the right hand of Zorg-sama and the one who controls the Six Demon Generals, Viceroy Hidler will be giving everybody their orders in Pinedelia Cave. Under the banner of Zorg-sama, it is the revival of the Demon Army.

My heart dances with joy. While I was unable to suppress the excitement in my heart, that human touched me again.

“Ti~mu, is this where you were? It’s time to help out at the shop, you know?”

And overfamiliar voice. I no longer have any reason to hide my identity.

“Human, choose your words wisely! I am one of the Six Demon Generals under Demon King Zorg, Camilla!”

Fear me! Shudder as much as you like!

I let out my overpowering killing intent.


Hmph, it seems that she’s petrified from my overwhelming power. There is no human that can take my killing intent and stay themselves. I am surprised that she did not die from shock on the spot, but I have only just revived, so I am probably not at my best.

“Hmph. Well, no matter. Today is one that should be celebrated, for my kin have all awakened. Out of mercy, I shall spare your life!”

Indeed. I care not for the life of a single human. Here begins the Demon Army’s trampling of the world. It is merely a difference of dying today, or dying tomorrow. Without spending my fangs on some puny existence, I headed for Pinedelia Cave.

Hu hu hu, running once in a while is nice too. In the previous war, I rode my kin, the magic beast Gargan and rampaged freely in all directions. My magic beast Gargan has revived as well, and I can ride it, but it is on standby. From now on I will work them hard whether they wish it or not. I shall let them rest for today at least.

――――After running for a while, I strangely felt a gaze.

Am I being tailed?

I turned my head, but nobody was there.

Am I being targetted by an S rank adventurer or the like?

No, unless they are a demon like me, and moreover at the level of a Demon General, following me would be impossible.

Is it my imagination…?

Hmm. I have only just awakened. The pressure I emitted earlier was lacking after all, so I am probably not in my normal condition.

Having come to that conclusion, I headed to the cave where my companions awaited.

When I entered the cave, some familiar people appeared. The demonic birdman Bard, and the demonic dragonoid Drag were there as well. The distinguished upper members of the Demon Army had gathered.

“Camilla, we’ve been waiting!”

The powerful voice of the Viceroy resounded through the surroundings. As always, it is a majestic voice. And moreover, overflowing mana is being emitted from the Viceroy’s armour. Even though the Viceroy has only just awakened, he has more mana that in the previous war. Without using mana to probe I can’t really say, but my guess is that he has over 50% more power than at the time of the previous war.

“Your mana is powerful as always, Viceroy.”

“Our dearest wish is almost here, after all. My training has been enthusiastic.”

“Then it is truth that Zorg-sama’s revival is close at hand?”

“Indeed. With good timing, everyone has gathered. I’m about to speak of the details.”

The Viceroy gathered everyone in the clearing. I quickly lined up as well. The Viceroy spoke of how Zorg-sama’s revival was close, and how with the revival, we would need human sacrifices.
Finally, the Viceroy gave a command, and the many demons departed to attack the important locations of the human side.

And then, my Camilla Unit was given the mission of destroying the most important location of all; the royal capital. My subordinates and I can run wild for the first time in thousands of years. While I was secretly excited, one human suddenly came and stood before us.

“Ah~ Hello, I’m Timu’s older sister, Tilea. It seems that lately you’ve been kind enough to let Timu play with you.”


Because of this sudden situation, even the Viceroy and I were lost for words. And then, that human turned to me, and,

“Timu! What happened to helping out at the store!? I’m not saying that you can’t play at all. But you need to do the things you’re supposed to!”

of all things, she began to lecture me.

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21 thoughts on “Tilea’s Worries – Chapter 3”

  1. “Hmph. Well, no matter. Today is one that should be celebrated, for my kin have all awakened. Out of mercy, I shall spare your life!”

    Indeed. I care not for the life of a single human. Here begins the Demon Army’s trampling of the world. It is merely a difference of dying today, or dying tomorrow. Without spending my fangs on some puny existence, I headed for Pinedelia Cave.
    Is that a tsundere attitude that ” oh I don’t care about your life but I definitely won’t kill you”

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Alternatively it might be her little sister persona seeping into her, so rather than killing Tilea without care, she subconsciously avoid that option and justifies it with “it’s not worth the time”

      Liked by 3 people

  2. I am liking the fact that hes now a caring family person. Where as his previous life, he must of been so bad even his parents abandoned him. So I think its nice shes showing an older sibling responsibility value this life.


  3. I would fall to the ground of embarrassment if I would be lectured like this before after planning to lay waste to a capital.


  4. Consider this possibility. What if Tilia herself is actually Demon King Zorg? Her being a chuinbuii in her life on earth could be directly related to her always feeling thst they were special.

    This would also explain why she is so overpowered now. In other words, Tilia didn’t reincarnate one time, she reincarnated twice.


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