Tilea’s Worries – Chapter 2


Chapter 2 – “Demon General Camilla? Who’s that?”


My beloved little sister suddenly suffered an outbreak of chuunibyou. I froze from the shock.

“Hmph. Well, no matter. Today is one that should be celebrated, for my kin have all awakened. Out of mercy, I shall spare your life!”

After spewing out that arrogant line, Timu walked outside looking extremely disinterested.

This is bad.

What did Timu say?

Demon King! And Six Demon Generals!

And it seems that she’s even come up with a position for herself that cuts straight to the point. From my experience, Timu is probably obsessed with this right now. If I don’t immediately take action, Timu’s future is in danger. To chase her down, I leapt out of the house.

Where did she go?

I looked around to find her.

Found her! She’s gotten pretty far, huh~

Timu was already about to leave the town. I thought I had immediately jumped out of the house, but it seems that was wrong. The time probably passed while I was in shock. Having figured it out, I observed Timu. It seems that Timu is going somewhere.

Should I chase her down and call out?

No, wait. If I’m not wrong, she said ‘kin’.

Is she meeting with somebody?

Maybe Timu has made friends with some other chuunibyou. Rather, it might be the influence of her new friends that caused this…

Mn, that’s definitely it.

I decided to stealthily follow her. If she has friends with chuunibyou as well, then just lecturing her isn’t enough after all. I need to fix those friends as well, or else!

I followed Timu from a few hundred metres back so that she wouldn’t notice. Once in a while Timu would look back though, and making sure I didn’t get caught was really tough. I constantly hid in the shadows of buildings while I moved.

But gee, Timu sure is fast, huh~

While I was maintaining the distance, it seems that we’d crossed over a mountain before I’d noticed. I’ve never gone past Mt. Beruga like this, you know?

No matter what, isn’t this too fast?

In terms of car speed, I feel like we’re going 60 kilometres an hour. Could it be, that we’re actually doing something really ama――――no, no, no, there’s no way that’s true. I almost had a relapse.

Mm~n, I accidentally had a chuuni kind of thought just like my old life.

This is one of those!

Where I’m thinking it’s strange because I was considering things from my old life’s sense of values. That’s it. In this world, isn’t it obvious that everybody is fast!? We don’t have any cars after all, and our movement is basically all on foot, so it’s natural that our legs are trained. And 60 kilometres an hour is just how it feels. It’s not like I’m actually using a machine to measure it. It’s probably actually an ordinary pace. Because I’m stuck with the sense from my old world, it feels fast to me. After assenting to this, I followed after Timu.

Even so, Timu probably counts as one of the faster people in this world. Even though Timu is only 14 years old and doesn’t move much, she’s running as fast as me; a cook that trains hard every day. If she trained, she might make it in life as an athlete.

Only, I’m not sure if this world has the concept of sports. At any rate, my lifestyle involves nothing but cooking so I’m quite ignorant about this world. My parents are both completely into cooking as well after all, and in this small town, which would really be better called the countryside, there’s no good flow of information.
If this world does have sports, then I want to make Timu do it. I think that exercising healthily will cure her chuunibyou after all.

While I was thinking about all this, it seems that we’ve arrived at the destination. Timu just walked straight into a large cave.

Ohh~? So there was a cave in a place like this…

From a glance, it seemed to be just a normal cave. What’s different was that there was a gorgeous door placed in front, and on each side were ominous statues.

Mm~mm, from what I can tell, it completely smells of chuuni. There’s no doubt that Timu’s companions are in here. And what’s more, it seems that these companions of her are rich. The hobbies of the rich…

I’m sure they’re selfish ones. I’m going to break my back convincing them.

But, I can’t get scared here. For Timu’s sake, I gathered my courage and entered the cave. The inside of the cave is dim and looks exactly where a monster would live. They did an excellent job in finding such a suitable place. I’m honestly praising the proactivity of this chuunibyou patient.

I searched further into the cave. When I got further in, just how many hundreds of people were there? A huge crowd of people was lined up before one man. With everybody’s attention on him, the man was clad completely in armour, and this too was an extremely cliched appearance. I stealthily eavesdropped on the fully armoured man.

“Everybody, the long-awaited day comes to us at last!”

” ” “YEAHHHHHH!” ” ”

Because of the armoured man’s words, the surrounding people all screamed excitedly at once.

Huh? Huh? Could it be that some sort of hobby event is being held today?

I judged the crazy enthusiasm to be as intense as the concerts in my old world. So there were these kinds of cosplay parties in this world as well, huh?

When I looked about the inside of the cave, I found that beastmen, and birdmen and people of all types of appearances were gathered here. But still, just when did Timu find out about this event? Lately I’ve been immersing myself in my cooking after all… I’m reflecting on the fact that I didn’t notice Timu’s change.




The man’s speech continued.

“Zorg-sama’s revival is at hand. We must reform our armies immediately.”

” “It is as you say. Please instruct us!” ”

“Very well. Then go forth! Offer living sacrifices to Zorg-sama! We will destroy the humans!”

” “Sir! All for the sake of the great Zorg-sama, Milord!!” ”

Once the speech was finished, most of the people around the armoured man left. The ones remaining were just the armoured man, Timu, and about ten others.

“Yose. How is the present state of the Six Demon Generals?”

“Sir. As of present, among the Six Demon Generals, only Luxembourg-sama and Poe-sama have not awakened.”

“Hmm. There are individual differences when it comes to the awakening. It cannot be helped. The destruction of the royal capital will be carried out by Camilla.”

“My unit alone is plenty!”

Timu declared this, brimming with ambition and power. That remark, that tone, and more than anything, that bewitching smile as she flicked her hair back pulled her surroundings into a whirlpool of charm.

――――Hah-! No good, no good!

They spoke so believably about everything that I ended up getting drawn in. It seems they’re planning some kind of interesting event, huh. There’s magic in this world after all, so I’m sure it’ll be even more fun than the events in my old world.

Timu seemed somewhat really onboard with it, so for a moment I even ended up thinking that it really wasn’t Timu, but the Demon General Camilla. Timu definitely has talent as an actress.

…But, right now as her older sister, I have to clearly scold her. Skipping out on helping with the store, and playing around at this hour is a problem. As I thought, when chuunibyou gets too extreme, no good can come out of it.

I stepped forward from behind the rock, and gallantly headed down to the clearing where Timu’s group was gathered.

“Ah~ Hello, I’m Timu’s older sister, Tilea. It seems that lately you’ve been kind enough to let Timu play with you.”


I gave the armoured man a light nod, and conveyed my thanks. And then I turned to Timu and,

“Timu! What happened to helping out at the store!? I’m not saying that you can’t play at all. But you need to do the things you’re supposed to!”

told her that very clearly.

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  1. Um if Tilea is 15, and her sisters 3 years younger… How does that make the sister 14 ? O-o My brain keeps getting an error when I put the calculations together.


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