Estelion’s Worries

Mmn, so recently I started a teaser project called Tilea’s Worries that I had decided to pick up before going to bed last night. But as it turns out, there are translations out there already. Except they’re guesslations. So I’ve been having a chat with people from other translation groups to see what they say, as well as some non-tl readers for more opinions. This is a bit like how I feel about Kenkyo. I really like Kenkyo, and want to give a shot at translating it my way. I haven’t gotten around to it because it’s very much something for myself only, and Kobato’s translations are completely fine. But MTL situation is a lot more urgent.


  • Guesslation or not, his accuracy rate is pretty high!
  • The guy has a good grasp of English for once
  • His speed is very good! (going by dates of animesuki posts)
  • I’ve only read 10 chapters in, so it’s not like I love the series like Iove Kenkyo or something


  • It’s a comedy, meaning that the translation should be even more accurate to get the feel and joke across than other series
  • Some of the translation mistakes are a little cringy
  • Even if we assumed the translations were all accurate, they read a little oddly like an overly literal translation
  • The guy got something as important as the title wrong, so there’s obviously no form of tlc at all
  • The guy seems to struggle more when the Japanese spoken is the grandiose stuff said by the demons
  • I’ve only read 10 chapters in, so there’s a good chance I’ll grow to love the series and regret not giving it a proper translation later

Poll Here →(*ΦωΦ)

35 thoughts on “Estelion’s Worries”

  1. What is a guesslation anyways?
    Guessing here: No knowledge of the original language, thrown into google/bing trans and then trying ones best to make sense of what came out?


    1. Basically It’s MTling but a bit better quality. It’s pretty time consuming. Basically trying to guess what the translation actually means in the translated language either through the method of aggregating multiple machine translations or guessing from one. The former is generally the one most people think of though. The work/effort ratio for this kind of work is terrible and time consuming too. :L


      1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Shanks does not know whether or not to laugh or cry. Shanks has lost face. Shanks will send your sugarless gummy bears. Shanks will enjoy your suffering from said gummy bears.


  2. How about you reading ten additional chapters and get an even greater grasp about what is going on and if it fits your taste?


      1. Thanks, Sheeprabbit sama said he got the title wrong so I was worried it might be posted under something else.


  3. Pros:
    – You bring attention to another decent series that your readers will enjoy.
    – You’re adding another translation to your blog’s translation library
    – You’re providing higher quality translations compared to the current guesslations.
    – It’s a comedy series that you haven’t read far into and seem to enjoy tling.
    – You have 13 more chapters to catch up to (not that big, but it’s still time consuming.
    – Spreading yourself thinner from 3 main series to 4.
    – Your reader’s interests don’t necessarily overlap on all of your series.
    – The guesslation translator seems pretty active on their translations

    Let me know if you think of more.


  4. I’d rather you not spread yourself to thin. On that note your translations are better. In the other transators defense, I can read his work just fine.


  5. I read most of his translations, and they are good enought in my opinion. Yours are better but since the guy will probably translate faster than you(since he is only doing 1 work) my greediness will make me read his work since i wouldn’t be able to wait and skip yours since I alredy read it


  6. In my opinion, anything WORTH doing should be done PROPERLY. By this logic if you decide to leave this on MTL, then that’s it’s what it’s worth. At least to you. And I don’t think you have shit taste.

    Though I would prefer if everything had proper translations no matter what it was. And nothing that is spread to the masses with MTL can possibly make it justice.


    1. I’m actually considering leaving the easier chapters of Yomigaeri no Maou to him if he’s interested. I’ve read ahead (unlike all my other series), so I’d be able to easily TLC. Ideally we’d be chatting on skype so I could help him to the best of my ability with any confusion in the TL anyway, and we’d all be holding hands eating rainbow cupcakes and riding flying unicorns.

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  7. I’d love to see this done well. A comedy story can be hurt really heavily if the meaning of each sentence isn’t exact enough to include the jokes the author intends properly. They really need a good translator handling them. A guesslation is good enough to gauge the potential of a series a little, but someone awesome(like you) needs to be there to get it done right to really bring it out.

    Thanks for what you do regardless of your choice!


  8. I voted for you to leave it to the guesslations. But I’m going to confess, part of it is that I don’t think the story is worth your time. Yes the first few chapters were pretty funny, but this seems like a story with one joke and that joke is going to seem less and less funny the further it’s stretched out. Spoilers on animesuki seem to indicate that Tilea remains oblivious forever. I don’t see how this is going to remain funny for dozens of chapters. But hey, as always you should translate the stuff you feel like translating.


  9. You could also simply go through and edit his translations where you think more nuance needs to be placed, thus saving yourself time.


    1. As stated by many translators, editing someone else’s translations often takes longer than translating it yourself. Reason being that you have to go check the source (and ultimately re translate it anyways) when you edit it


  10. Personally, I prefer if you would leave it to him because I love other WN more. But if this WN really start to growing on you then please do it however you prefer.

    Thx for asking!


  11. I took a look at the chapters (totally for comparison sake, ok? Not because I was impatient and want to read ahead…ok? *tsuntsun*)

    I’d say your translation is better overall, although the other one is at least understandable which is still miles above some craps I’ve seen through MTL.

    On the story…it’s pretty rare for me to do a facepalm while also laughing hard (in actually laughing meaning, not the mocking laugh while facepalming)…


  12. Yeah, I remember reading about this a few weeks ago, didn’t realize translations started already. Good stuff :D


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