Otoburi Character Illustration

EDIT: And they give readings for her name this time. Turns out it’s actually a slightly less common reading, Manami. Ahh, of course I don’t mean to say that 愛 being read as ‘mana’ is at all rare, but I mean altogether.

So, because of the middleman I use to buy light novels, I probably won’t see my book for another month or so. But! There’s a sample of the book available here which happens to come with an image. So here you are, guys (: Our favourite (mildly retarded) burikko-turned-heroine, and her merry friends. sample1043485-000 editedsample1043485-001

If you want higher quality images, please support the industry. Consider it donating to support the industry, and getting a book filled with pretty pictures and meaningless squiggles as a thank you bonus.

Tutorial for honto is on the project page, and the newer Otoburi chapters!

28 thoughts on “Otoburi Character Illustration”

      1. He is a genius in potions, but he’s not afraid of the simple answers. Sure, you could brew a complex love potion, but why bother when the target is innocently near poisonous flowers.

        Reference to the chapter where he tried to basically rufie her with a flower.


  1. F*ck! My image of Achille is crushed, shattered, torn, burnt, broken! Grrr… I thought he looked younger and cuter…

    You know, he was a friend-info-supply character in the game, so why is he an ikemen. Uuu~.


  2. beatrix look cooler and prettier than i thought. i thought she would look more boyish. frau look like how a heroine normally look..camille..cant imagine the evil version of her with that look


  3. My image of Achille is totally and utterly crushed. And beatrix looks diferent to what I remember reading, but she still looks, you know ….*q*

    “cough” Raiga also is somewhat more….Manly? Strong looking? Than I thought. Camille is Camille as always, at most she looks a bit different than I thought but she is still kawaii as f*ck.

    But man, this is seriously is an Otome alright. I mean, the art just reeks of shoujo or josei. Not that I particularly hate it but it’s not something I see every day.

    Thanks for the illustrations!


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