Just read the last 5 chapters of Mushoku Tensei [Series Review]

That was the final arc.

The feels, man. The feels.

1xreYkvLots of people hated it because he was a fat piece of garbage that fapped over his niece, but I think that was the point.

He had been hiding in his room since middle school, and was apparently an idiot even before he became a hikki. Basically he was a massive man-child. If you look at the things he thinks during the Demon Continent arc, you can tell that he’s missing a lot of things adults take for granted as common sense.

He’s a scummy man-child precisely because this is a growing up story. In the early chapters, he gets over his fears and starts moving again. And as time passes, and as he overcomes each crisis, he grows as a person. Which I think makes him quite a wonderful person. It sounds easy to change, but really, very few people actually do better themselves.

He started off as a disgusting deviant (and, well, arguably ends as one) but he definitely betters himself as a person. It takes a while, but as you follow him through the story, you really do notice that he takes these sort of sensibilities to heart.

Well, having said that though, there are still going to be people who scream “This is disgusting! It’s glorifying peedofilia, blah blah blah!” but I simply don’t agree with them. Growing up with Western sensibilities means that you get a knee-jerk reaction to certain things (and this includes me as well), but if you read it carefully, you’ll realise it’s not about that at all.

It’s about a man-child who gets a second chance to grow up properly, and learn the things that he should have learnt the first time. And yeah, he does fail a lot, and often realises incredibly obvious things, even as far as the Begaritto arc, but I personally found it all really believable.

And although I hated him when I first began reading this, I think I really like him now. He’s one of my favourite protagonists because he’s a kind person deep down, and he tries his very best to learn from his mistakes.

I’m definitely going to buy all of the volumes when they come out. I’ll definitely have a job by then, after all!

Edit: In the end, who the hell was the Bloody Kant? That guy’s apparently still alive and writing books.

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Be warned that there may be spoilers below.

49 thoughts on “Just read the last 5 chapters of Mushoku Tensei [Series Review]”

      1. T_T so the new arc…then what happens to the rebirth settings…will it only be a normal fantasy setting now? ~sigh~ atleast he got a harem


      2. so… since it’s no longer reincarnation setting, will the title of the continuation be changed? or the new protag. is also a reincarnated one? or he’s reincarnated again?


  1. Uhweeen~ Rudy’s so cool that part *sniff* *sniff*

    He’s basically a pervert(disgusting at that too) but cared for his family more than his own.

    The feels… ( T^T)>
    He’s too cool but I…I can’t hold it up *cries*


      1. eh? Rudy was just battling Gisu in 23 and then 24 wraps everything up? Did the author go in narration mode explaining everything he did to prepare his descendants for the final battle against hitogami in one volume until he died of old age?

        Or is it just a protagonist shift change where Rudy takes a step back to support the new MC?


      1. Someone from Roxism HQ posted spoilers… and I was trying my best to think that it was a late April Fools joke… This confirms it.

        The other guy probably thought you posted spoilers without reading because of that post I was talking about.


  2. So

    Really, the author will bgin a new arc with a new MC?

    I’ve thought since a long time.

    Its possible that exist other reincarnated isekaijin and just is hidden for now, I think that the most suspicious is Lara


  3. he died with old age right? kinda sad for slyph and roxy, they have long life span so it will lonely for them( still have their children but come on, they will miss his pervert act :D)


  4. So what are the chances of “Rudeus” reincarnating in a time of turmoil again
    – as his own descendant or
    – as someone else who then creates bonds with (his own = ) Rudeus´s female descendants?

    If that were to happen I´d have to laugh at Rudeus “dying”.


  5. whoa whoa wait a f***ing minute… I MTL’d the last 4 chapters of the web novel on ncode. This is what I saw (warning, I used bing translator so stuff can be really wrong) apparently sylphy went senile at 74 and died of old age… (or was that RUDEUS?!?!) and Rudeus just croaked of old age at 74 (same age as sylphys death so I think I misread it and it was him that died of old age)… after that he goes in a room with Hitogami and they have a final conversation which I barely get the gist of but Hitogami gets pissed n stuff and rages and Rudeus is like *puts on sunglasses* ‘I’m dead but all the shit to kill you is prepared… struggle biiitch~~~” before he gets happy and then his consciousness disappears.

    SUDDENLY THERES THIS NEW GIRL INTRODUCED WHO REINCARNATES FOREVER AND ALWAYS HAS A BAD END FATE! Sometimes she dies, she is used as a magic power source, she is studied, she is raped,etc. Then she meets Nanahoshis friend from Japan and they chat n stuff then he DIIIIEEEESSSS. Then she goes time travelling after a death because shes gonna reincarnate again and then she sees a soul called Rudeus Greyrat. BTW she has the ability to revive dead people for 1 day so Rudeus might just pop up again…

    Do you believe me? Or do you not? Either way it’s a massive spoiler!!! (I believe this myself but I MTL’d it so half of it is probably retarded shit I misread and I probably created an alternate story) (But the girl with time like abilities is true and the Rudeus soul thing is true~~~) (Delete this if it’s too much of a spoiler or something and you can’t take it!)


          1. unbe-fucking-lievable… NOOOO!!! THE STORY WAS SO F***ING GOOD! THE FEELS ARE COMING IN LIKE A TSUNAMI!!!!~~~~ and its gone… I just killed my feels off with willpower. I wonder what happened to that time-powered girl?

            P.S. really urgent! the mystery in vol 1 that has been solved, I MTL so I still don’t get it, can you explain to me?


      1. Thanks a lot~!

        Getting the feels just from the tidbits of the summary, can’t wait for it to be fully translated, but also don’t want it to abruptly end, aaaaahhhh~ can’t do anything about it though~

        I had always admired the author for his skill in developing his characters, and worship him for delivering much feels on turning point chapters. Always had this mini goosebumps whenever I see it in the chapter list in BT, its like shit is about to hit the fan and I brace myself.

        So far this is the only novel I have read that conveys out a lot of emotion that rouse up the reader. Don’t think anything comes close to MT in terms of immersion and delivery, even with resorting to reading shitty fast translations.

        I’m sad about Rudy going out of the spot light, but i have enough trust to the author’s talent in writing that i’m looking forward to this new protagonist’s story.

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  6. I think I remember someone in AS said that lord Bloody Cu*t probably was Elinalize… Since those all years She live, the adventures and many other thing (like bloody cun*, seriously?)


  7. Ohohohohohohoho, I am so not fuck*ng reading these comments man. Just the title of this post tells me of the MASSIVE spoliers they will comment, so I will do as you say Holy Sheeprabbit, nonetheless I will come back when I finish Mushoku Tensei. Thank you very much.

    “Runs away at full speed”


  8. The whole series was great. Though the last side story about his maid-sister? Well as well written as it was, I feel there is a valid reason that the author took it down from his website.


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