Summer Vacation – Chapter 3

Summer Vacation – Q of Hearts (Part 3)

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Even after finishing the cocktail, my irritation wasn’t settled. On the contrary, my anger towards the noble daughters was growing larger.
Right now I can painfully understand the feelings of the in-game Camille. I want to smack those noble daughters about…

“Alright! That’s what I’ll do!”

I’m not the nice girl heroine. I don’t have the sort of lovely personality that’ll have me suck on my thumb from a corner while looking on enviously.
I’ll go now, and take back my fiancé from that ring of girls! It’s simple.

Boosted by the vigour of alcohol, I took a powerful step forward, but suddenly, somebody call out to me from behind.

“Miss Camille, it seems that the reception is about to start, doesn’t it?”

I stared at the person who had called out to me.


That’s unexpected. To think he called out to me.
Dominique was wearing the black formal dress that he ordered for today. He strongly resembles the character that appeared in children’s books from my old world; Humpty Dumpty.

“Shall we chat a little over there?”

I glanced at Achille, but it seems he’s still in the middle of chatting with the noble daughters. From this, it seems that it’ll still take some more time huh.


I decided to go with Dominique. I’ll come back immediately so there probably won’t be a problem.
He is technically Déborah’s brother. Perhaps there’s something he wants to say about his sister’s wedding reception.

After being brought by him to gazebo away from the garden, I asked him about his business with me.
In the distance I can hear the voices of the other guests, chatting with a cocktail in hand.

“What was it you wanted to say to me?”

While crossing his blubbery arms, sweat running down his skin, Dominique replied.

“Miss Camille, just what is good about that illegitimate child?”


“You’re being tricked. That guy’s using you, it’s all for your position…!”

“…Hahh.” [either a sigh, or a non-committal ‘I see.’]

What’s he feeling indignant about? His face suddenly turned red.

“That man has no interest in anything but the position of Marquis. I can’t stand by and watch as you become a sacrifice to that kind of cold man!”


He’s talking about Achille… right?

“It still isn’t too late! You should cancel your engagement with him!”

“Umm, err…”

Dominique is serious. He’s seriously worried about me and recommending that I cancel the engagement with Achille.

“Since the past, that illegitimate child has been a man that only does things out of self-interest.”

Mmn, that I know. Achille has been hugely self-interested since the very moment we met, after all.
But right now I also know that that isn’t all he is.

“If it’s about about cancelling our engagement, I have no intention of doing so, you know?”


“I know about both Achille’s calculativeness and ambition, but he has good points too… and, umm, I also… don’t hate him.”

Uwahh! So embarassing!
I didn’t think the day would come when I’d say something like that to Achille’s brother. I held my reddened cheeks in my two hands.

However, it seems that Dominique wasn’t happy about my response.
He was jiggling as he trembled, and his large red face was gradually paling…

“You surprisingly, have bad eyes, huh… Even a marquis’ daughter like you.”

The moment he said this, Dominique strongly grabbed my arm.


Turning to look at me when I spoke, Dominique’s eyes were clouded over. It’s those eyes that he occasionally turns on me when I visit Achille’s house.
With my arm grabbed, I was forcefully held against the wall of the gazebo.


Crap! Because today is Déborah’s wedding, my tattoos are gone!
Without my automatic defences, right now my physical power is no difference from a normal, weak noble’s daughter.

“I won’t accept it, I won’t accept it… For that guy to have a higher position than even me. For him to steal away everything away!”

While saying his, his hands clamped down on my arms.

“Dominique, it hurts. Let go!”

Should I use magic and blow Dominique away…? But it’s Déborah’s wedding ceremony, so I’d like to avoid doing anything that would cause a fuss.
Right now Dominique is running wild for some reason, but he’s Déborah’s real blood brother.

“Please stay quiet, Miss Camille; people will come, you know? If they saw this kind of scene, I wonder just what kind of rumours would spread.”

Too close! Dominique’s face is drawing right before my eyes.
I don’t know what kind of rumours would spread, but to me it’s certain that this situation is getting extremely bad.

“I won’t hand them over to that guy! Not a higher position than me, or you!”

Together with his rough breathing, Dominique stuck his body to me.
At this rate, I might get shamefully labelled as the evil woman who led on the two brothers of the viscount family! That’d be troubling!

As expected, even if it gets a little rough, I should use magic now to escape.
I immediately made to cycle magic power through my body to use magic… but, for some reason I can’t do it well.

“Mn… huhH? ThAT’S weIRd…”

I can’t pronounce things properly. My legs are feeling unstable… Dominique is sneering at me.

“Miss Camille, are you already drunk from that cocktail?”

That might be. His idea that I can’t find my strength because I’m drunk is very possible.
Something like this happened before too, huhh. I guess I really should have held back from drinking.
Even if I reflect on it now, it’s too late though…


I suddenly couldn’t stand, and collased on the spot. Dominique began to blanket me with his body.

“Both the marquis’ position, and Miss Camille… are mine.”

While in a daze, my cloudy vision turned to the bottom of Dominique’s neck, and I discovered a familiar bruise.

Author’s Note: It’s unrelated but…

【Blood Types of Characters】

Camille → B
Achille → A
Royce → AB
Tria → AB
Beatrix → A
Raiga → B
Twins → A
Heroine → O

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    1. Copied wholesale from Wikipedia.

      Type A
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      Best traits Passionate, active, doer, creative, strong
      Worst traits irresponsible, unforgiving, “going own way”

      Type AB
      Best traits Cool, controlled, rational, sociable, adaptable
      Worst traits Critical, indecisive, forgetful, irresponsible, “split personality”

      Type O
      Best traits Confident, self-determined, optimistic, strong-willed, intuitive
      Worst traits Self-centered, cold, doubtful, unpredictable, “workaholic”

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    …(page 223, after 210 pages of blood and gore, including various comparisons to foods) Bled out, the girl was all but dead. In a stupor, the vampires took his word with only a cursory check. About to die, she heard her only friends voice, the traitors voice, say something. She couldn’t make out what he was saying, but she knew what he wanted her to do. The steps receding up and out the door, she barely pulled her last breathes into the spell.
    Someone sprouted from the doorway, walking swiftly away. His tears, like his stride, remained unbroken as behind him the castle was consumed in an unimaginable release of pure mana. Thinking back on the girl, he couldn’t forgive himself for being forced to betray her, so he did the best he could to atone, taking all the great family heads and most of their heirs with her.

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  7. Thanks for the chapter!

    Just a suggestion: “I know both Achille’s calculativeness and ambitious, but …” sounds a little unnatural, suggest instead something like “I know Achille is both calculating and ambitious, but…”,


  8. //While in a daze, my cloudy vision turned to the bottom of Dominique’s neck, and I discovered a familiar bruise.

    It’s that forbidden magic seal again!


  9. Can’t use magic because of one drink? That’s a bit much. Wasn’t she supposed to be pretty good at magic?

    I would understand not being able to hold back and accidentally killing him but not being able to use it at all is just too convenient.


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