Summer Vacation 7 – Teaser

“I am Achille Jade. This family’s second son.”

And the one lying on the floor is the first son, but… I doubt there’s any need to say it right now.
After showing acknowledgement at my words, the maid said she was going to get a trolley and headed to the storeroom.

“Now then…”

I looked at Camille who was in my eyes. She’s sleeping quietly, oblivious to anyone else.

“Time for rape.”

31 thoughts on “Summer Vacation 7 – Teaser”

    1. posted this to let off some steam. it’s my blog, and not some commercial website, and you’re paying me for neither content nor customer service, hence:

      ‘so fucking what if i post a joke? it’s my fucking blog.’

      like fucking wow, i have to feel so fkn proud of myself for coming up with this brilliant idea, and have you ask me that like i’ve done you some horrible wrong? just, no. if you ask me something like that again, the next time i’ll post a boys love story as a burikko post 6 hours before the real one.

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      1. Sorry I was joking. Yeah man, it is your site and i respect that especially u take time to translate and hope I didn’t offend you saying that. Also I know people fool around even I do. sorry


    1. He wants a shotgun wedding. Only way to keep his lady down. Also, lol seriously its getting to the point he needs to go yandere and destroy her social life

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