First Year First Semester – Chapter 19

First Year First Semester – Q of Hearts – Mansion (Part 4)

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How many times have I already dropped the soldiers into a pitfall?
Not a single man of valour has made it to where I am.

“Camille, how long are you going to play around for?”

Achille brought me in front of the door.
When I saw that the number of icicles had increased, I realised that while I was busy dropping soldiers into holes, the number of Achille’s victims further increased.

“Nnnnn, I’m not playing, you know.”

I raised my voice in protest, but Achille paid it no heed and took my arm.
With my arm still linked with his, we walked to Royce-sama’s side.

“I wonder what we should do with these.”

With sparkling eyes filled with amusement, Royce-sama was watching the count and his daughter who were both coiled up by thorny vines. What a nice smile!

The count had probably struggled quite hard to get out of the vines. His clothes were worn and tattered.
As for his daughter, she had no energy. She’s a girl with a familiar face, but this girl has been acting strangely ever since she saw us entering the room.
Her complexion worsened, and she was fearfully looking in Raiga’s direction.

As for Raiga, because he had burst in here by himself and began fighting, his body was wounded all over. Kai was covered in similarly harsh wounds.
Count, even though Raiga is the son of the Royal Prince, you attacked him? Isn’t that no good…? Even if it was in self-defence, this is overdoing it.
Guess there’s no choice, huh. Shall I heal him?
When I made to heal the two of them, I was stopped by Achille.

“You don’t have much magic power, so I’ll do it.”


“Camille, just leave it to Achille.”

For some reason, Royce-sama stopped me with a smirk.
I don’t really get it, but I’ll take Achille up on his offer.

Achille precisely sent off healing magic at a distance. How skilful…
I was looking at Achille with a sidelong gaze, when Royce-sama spoke to me in a quiet voice.

“Achille has a surprisingly strong desire to monopolise you, doesn’t he? He doesn’t want you to treat other men, you know.”


I was bewildered by the unexpected response. Is that why he stopped me just now?

It looks like Raiga and Kai’s injuries have healed. A smile has returned, just a little, to Mei’s face.
Raiga called out to Mei about something, but because they were too far, I couldn’t really hear.
Is it a lover’s conversation? Or is it asking about the events that led to this?
On the side, Kai is watching the two of them with a dissatisfied expression.

The Spades faction are here in full force, but why is Kai in a place like this…?
I’ve been having my doubts about that for a while now, but as I thought, I can’t really figure it out.
After all, there’s also the fact that I feel that he arrived a little too quickly for somebody who found out about danger to his sister by chance.

“So, Count Tito. Is what Mei said true?”

Raiga suddenly spoke to the count.
That’s it! It was Count Tito! So vexing! Even though I even recalled as far as ‘Ti-‘…!

Still wrapped up in the vines, Count Tito shouted.

“Raiga-sama! Why are you getting familiar with those of the King Faction!? You are the son of Royal Prince Kuuga!”

It seems that he’s dissatisfied about the fact that Raiga is with us.

“Who I get familiar with is my right. It’s nothing to do with you.”

“But, they are the enemy!”

“To me, you lot who did this to Mei are more the enemy!”

Raiga glared at them with a furious expression. The daughter began trembling even more.

“It was a plot to separate Mei and I, and have me marry that woman over there, wasn’t it? Was turning your blade even towards me because you wanted to capture me weakened and have me move as you pleased?”

With a wicked smile, Raiga approached the count and his daughter.

“That was for your sake…”

“It was for your sake, wasn’t it!? Using Royce to depose the king, separating Mei and I… You wanted to turn me, who would be your future son-in-law, into a puppet and seize control, right!?”


Raiga’s anger wouldn’t stop. There’s enough momentum that Count Tito will end up killed at this rate.
The cornered count continued giving even more excuses.

“It’s that woman! That woman’s in the wrong! She whispered something into your ears! She’s a spy of the King Faction!”

Count Tito started attacking Mei.
You could tell what a small fry the count was from how he mercilessly attacked only Mei who wasn’t resisting.

“That’s enough, okay?”

Suddenly, one of the vines constricting Count Tito rose into the air, and then came down on his butt.



The count let out a cry of anguish. It seems that Royce-sama had his own anger about this.

“Well? Who are the others that you’re connected with?”

“Kuu… I have nothing to say to say to you!”

“Really. Even if I do this?”

Another vine came down on him.

R-R-R-Royce-sama, is this an interrogation? Just when did you learn something like that!?

I was panicked. As the thorny whip swung down at the count, Royce-sama questioned him with a smile. It seems that he’s an expert at it for some reason, but this isn’t something a normal prince does.
The count’s huge bottom was swollen bright red, pants torn.

“At any rate, after having father step down from the throne, you were planning on killing me together with him, right? It’s uninspired, isn’t it? Who did you receive those orders from?”

Frankly speaking, he’s several times scarier than Raiga.

“Or was it something you thought up yourself? Just how did you gather up this many soldiers, I wonderr?”


Achille who had noticed that I’d paled subtly pulled me towards him, and blocked my sight with an embrace.

“Royce-sama, let’s leave the rest to the interrogation service. People from the castle should arrive before long.”

“Hmph, guess there’s no choice, huhh.”

Royce-sama looked a little discontented, but he obediently followed Achille’s suggestion.
Being freed from Royce-sama, the count wet his pants in relief, and lost consciousness.


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26 thoughts on “First Year First Semester – Chapter 19”

    1. Meh, kinda lackluster… plus, if torturing the father didn’t work, he should have tortured the daughter in front of the father. Actually, if they got help from the magical-tea prince, then they could probably just drug them so much that they revealed their secrets willingly rofl.

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      1. I think it was because Royce know doing that in front of Camella is just asking to have their relationship soured. She is still innocent and soft after all.

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  1. “With sparkling eyes filled with amusement, Royce-sama was watching the count and his daughter who were both coiled up by thorny vines. What a nice smile!”

    That prince is definitely a S, a S with bold and capital letter!!!!!
    Royce’s outside is sparkly but his inside is pitch black!

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  2. I expected some more thant that. If it wasn’t a pig-type noble it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly. I would have had put more strenght into the all the vines and put at least three torny vines striking at his back, maybe one to the stomach. And if that didn’t worked with him, or any other guy, I would threaten to thorn out their manhood with a specially spiky vine. I could go on, but my point is; This is weak. you can’t call this medieval torture, specially in a world with magic. I don’t even know why I am commenting this.

    Thanks for the chapter!


    1. I’m so shipping them! I’m closest to Beatrix out of the girls and every reveal of Royce’s hidden personality is shockingly seductive. Archille x Camille is hot too though. Love this story and the comments! Thank you all


  3. You know when the vine started coming down to the Count’s butt I was afraid the guy was going to get a thorny enema but fortunately(?) it was only a spanking. Honestly not sure which is more perverted …


  4. Is Camilla a ridiculous magic monster, or weak? I can’t tell. Is soloing a dragon in this world not a big deal? I don’t understand the power scaling at all for this story.


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