First Year First Semester – Chapter 18

First Year First Semester – Q of Hearts – Mansion (Part 3)

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I opened the door.
The scene before my eyes dumbfounded me for a moment.

“What is this?”

In the middle of the room were burly men, and again, a huge number of them.
Unlike the lot below, these guys seemed quite skilled. Mei was crouching in the corner of the room.
And fighting while protecting her was…


Eh-… Why is he in here? Even though he should have gone missing after leaving the castle.

Opposite them was a fat, middle-aged noble and a dressed up noble’s daughter standing there spectating.
Ahh, if I rememeber correctly, he’s Ti… Ti- what again?
Count Ti something or other.
Hm? But the noble daughter is for some reason looking towards the intruding Raiga with a paled face.

Raiga is surrounded by the burly men in combat.
I’m glad that he made it to Mei safely.

“Raiga-samaa, people have come to help!”

“Look after Mei’s wounds for me! She got done in by them!”

Is that the first thing you say to me?


I ran towards Mei. Kai is kind of glaring at me…

“I won’t do any harm to Mei, you know.”

Thinking about it, Kai has looked at me with suspicious eyes since the beginning, huhh.

I promptly crouched down by Mei and started treating her.
I carefully use healing magic so that it doesn’t end up like the time with Achille.

“How cruel.”

To injure a gentle girl like Mei to this extent.
I could see things like the signs of a beating, and claw marks.
To scratch her like this, no matter how you look at it, the one who did this was that woman, huh…

“Mei-chan, it’s okay now.”

Mei’s wounds were receding. There probably won’t be scars or anything either. I definitely won’t let something like that happen!

“Oneesama, thank you…”

Despite having her injuries healed, Mei has no energy. Though since she went through something like that, if you ask me if it’s natural, then it’s natural.

“Royce-sama, this way. Please wait somewhere safe.”

I called out to Royce-sama. He was also someone being targeted.

“Being next to you two is the safest.”

So stated Royce-sama with a gentle smile… There’s a limit to working your subordinates to death, you know.

“…I understand, so please stand back with Mei-chan. While you’re at it, it would be of great help if you cast a shield.”

“Mn, leave it to me.”

With this, concern about what happens behind me has lowered a great deal.

Again, when I return my sight to Raiga, I find that he’s suddenly begun to struggle.
It looks like the enemies have a magician with them.


“Camille, be careful.”

In the past, I struggled because of an enemy magician.
But this time, I won’t lose.

The enemy had one magician, and turning our way, he fired a spell like an electric shock.
Achille immediately defended.

“What, it looks like he’s no big deal.”

“Mn, he’s not a magician of the castle, is he? I’ve never seen him at work. Even short on mana, I think I’ll be fine.”

As a test, I opened up a hole in the floor with magic. So that Raiga and the others didn’t get mixed up in it, I aimed for places where the enemies were tightly packed together.
You dared drop me in a hole earlier! Taste the fear of pitfalls!
Because the ground suddenly started disappearing, the enemy were shaken, and fell downstairs without even a scream.
The height of the ceiling backfired on you, huh!
Once again, I closed the holes. A number of them were probably fine, but there seems to be only one door to this room, so…
I decided to aim for the survivors positioned in front of the door. If I did so, then it’d use less magic power, and I’d be fine with a potion.

Because I dropped them downstairs, the number of enemies had fallen by half.
While I was dropping soldiers into a hole, it seems that the magician and his buddies were frozen by Achille, and the remaining enemies were being cut down by the raging Raiga.
Royce-sama was shielding Mei and himself with magic, while binding the count and his daughter with thorny vines so they wouldn’t be able to escape. A prince who really does too good a job.
Those thorny vines are a magic I taught Royce-sama earlier, but is it my imagination that the thorns on his vines seem sharper and more brutal than mine?

Ah, the surviving soldiers have finally returned from downstairs. I’ve been waiting for you!
To show respect to Count Ti-something’s soldiers who faithfully behaved just as planned…

“Shall we have you try going once more? ♪”

Again, a large hole opened up in the ground on which they stood. I wonder how many will come back this time.


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19 thoughts on “First Year First Semester – Chapter 18”

  1. lol Camille and her revenge for the pitall.

    >Those thorny vines are a magic I taught Royce-sama earlier, but is it my imagination that the thorns on his vines seem sharper and more brutal than mine?

    So our stalker ninja prince also have an interest into a bit of SM?

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  2. Damn.. She should have made water help flush them down the hole. Hehehehe. 4 total humiliation of being ‘flushed’.


  3. It kind of bothers me how little Camille seems to actually show care for Mei, she more or less just kind of treats her as an ‘acquaintance’ despite being Mei’s oneesama.


  4. This pink haired little fool. She acts like a masochist towards her fiancee, like an older sister to Mei, like a complete airhead to all her other friends and a total, blackhearted sadist towards her enemies.
    Note: Don’t piss her off, ever.

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