To the person who claimed that they were madly refreshing every 15 minutes, I’m going to sleep now, so you might wanna hold off on that for a few hours, buddy.

Chapter 8 is my last for a few hours.

21 thoughts on “Hey”

  1. Thanks a lot for saying that before hand. Now I can have lunch calmly and marathon Sins of a Solar Empire for a few hours.

    I can’t thank you enough for your efforts and the crazy amount of chapters you’ve released recently. Sleep well!


  2. don’t worry, i know from the last time you slept you only sleep 5 hours or so.
    based on that, i’ll start refreshing 4 hours from now.


  3. LOL sorry but this is hilarious because of how it’s probably true. There probably WAS a guy refreshing like crazy.

    Anyway thanks for your hard work! It was a pleasure to read this new slew of updates.


  4. Am I the only one who’s satisfied with Hourly updates? When you have 120+ feed subscriptions, one hour isn’t that much time.


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