First Year First Semester – Chapter 8

First Year First Semester – Q of Diamonds (Part 2)

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Today there were no classes, so it was decided that we’d have a girls only gathering.
Camille properly remembered the promise we made on that day, and immediately put it into action. Incidentally, Baka-sama is taking supplementary lessons, so he’s absent.

She brought the Q of Spades, Mei Zakro along, and came to the Diamonds faction’s dorm.
The Garnet Nation’s King Faction and Royal Prince Faction weren’t on as bad terms as in the game, but if we gathered at either the Hearts faction’s dorm or the Spades faction’s dorm, it seems like one of them would find it uncomfortable to stay in.
Because of that we took the middle ground, and hosted the gathering in a garden near the Diamonds dorm’s entrance.

“I-, It’s nice to meet you… My name is Mei Zakro.”

A girl with dark blue hair that hugged her face was trembling as she curtsied.
S-, So cute…
I can acknowledge the cuteness of the one Raiga chose as his fiancée. It’s vexing though…
When I look at this girl, the desire to protect her wells up in me.

“I’m Beatrix Tapas. Let’s get along, Ojousan.”

At my words, Mei’s face turned red, and she faced downwards.

“Y-… Yes. Let’s get along.”

Because she was too nervous, towards the end her voice shrank.

Mmn, this really isn’t Mei, is it? The original Mei Zakro was more of a cool and bold type of character.
I’ve easily reached a conclusion in my mind.

“Well then, now that the three of us are here, let’s start the gathering!”

Miss Camille was making a loud announcement.

“By the way, what are we supposed to do at a girls only gathering?”

Eh-, that’s what you want to announce? I could see a little bit of Baka-sama in Miss Camille who had taken action with all energy and no forethought.

“Hmm. Oneesama… Amongst the girls in the Spades class, there are a lot of talks about love.”

“Well then, let’s go with that.”

What an incredibly thoughtless response.
Is that really all right? I had to swallow back the tsukkomi that reached as far up as my throat.

“Well then, let’s talk begin by talking about the type of men that we like. Huhu, I’m so happy. I’ve wanted to try talking about love with fellow girls at least once in my life!”

Said Mei, who had taken charge at some point.
Whilst continually referring to Camille as Oneesama, she’s sticking quite closely to her.

“Oneesama, what type of men do you like? By the way, my type is one that’s slightly arrogant and overbearing, but is a gentleman who’s very sweet to me.”

Are you suddenly going to jump into praising your man?
That’s definitely Raiga she’s talking about, right?

“M-… My type?”

Miss Camille has for some reason suddenly grown agitated. Just what’s the matter…? Her eyes are swimming, and her face is red.

“I-I-I-I’d suure like to hear about Beatrix’ type first…”

“My type, huh? …It’s like Mei’s.”

And little wonder, since the person I like is one and the same as hers.

“What an interesting conversation you’re havingg.”

While we were still in the middle of our girl’s gathering, it seems that Baka-sama returned from his supplementary lessons.
This garden is close by the entrance to the Diamonds dorm, thus, students who are returning from the school building will unfailing pass by it.
Today, Baka-sama had brought along an unfamiliar blonde student who was standing behind him.

“Waka-sama… and,”


Miss Camille’s face is shining. It’s almost as though she’s the in-game Camille.

The person that was with Baka-sama was the prince of the neighbouring nation, K of Hearts Royce Garnet.

“Heyys, Bea-chin. This is my friend, Royce~ Royce, this is Beatrix Tapas. She’s my knight.”

“Pleased to meet you, Your Highness.”


Huh? What’s wrong? Prince Royce is staring right at me.


“A-, Ahh. Sorry for spacing out. It’s nice to meet you, Beatrix. You’ve been looking after our Camille, huh?”

“No, it is I who is being looked after. I am glad to be getting along with Camille-sama.”

Prince Royce gave me a sweet smile.
As expected of the number one popular romantic interest character. It’s a smile that’s well suited for use on women.

Because of the men’s intrusion, our girl’s gathering is temporarily over.
Miss Camille left her seat with Mei who had become nervous because of Prince Royce’s appearance.
I’d heard rumours about it softening, but it seems that the factional disputes of the Garnet Nation haven’t completely disappeared.

“Waka-sama, what happened to the supplementary lessons?”

“It’s fine to take a bit of a break, right? If it’s my studies, I’m about to have Royce teach me so it’s all good~”


“Ahaha, I’ll go get a tool for studying, okayy? I’ll leave entertaining Royce up to you, Bea-chin~”

Baka-sama disappeared into the dorm, laughing frivolously all the while. Does he plan on studying in the garden? Certainly, there are tables and chairs as well, but…

“Won’t you stop being so mad? I really did make a promise with Tria to study together today, after all.”

Prince Royce who was still here was following up for Baka-sama. If I’m told that by him, then there’s no way I can condemn Baka-sama any further.

“Ah-, yes.”

Having a friend help him with his studies can already be considered admirable for Baka-sama.
This is if he doesn’t cause trouble for His Highness today, but… things seem fine for now.
But still, I’ve been acutely feeling Prince Royce’s gaze for a while now. Why is he staring at me so hard, I wonder.

“Umm, Your Highness… Is something the matter?”

“You’re Tria’s knight, aren’t you, Beatrix?”

High Highness softly smiled. Mn, it’s the smile of a model prince, isn’t it?
I wonder how many women he’s unconsciously taken captive with this smile of his.
However, Prince Royce is a gentle man, both in appearance and in personality. I like prim and stiff men, so I’m not lured by that smile, and continue the conversation normally.

“I am, but…?”

“Even though you’re a girl. How amazing… You sure are cool.”


This is the first time that I’ve been praised by a man for being a knight.

In Topageria, female knights are normally looked on with hostility or contempt or as something bothersome, by men.
The only exception around me is Baka-sama. I don’t know why, but despite being afraid of me, he’s become attached to me. It’s exactly because of this that I felt like serving Baka-sama.
I wonder if praising a female knight is because of a difference in views between Garnet and Topageria.

While I was racking my brains over this, Prince Royce spoke to me again.

“What are your hobbies, Beatrix?”

“Eh-, my… hobbies?”

Being shocked by the sudden question, I obediently answered him.

“My hobbies are… training, perhaps.”

“Anything else?”

“Umm, reading books on war strategy for example… Also I enjoy strolls in the forest, you see.”

“Hmmm, strolls? There’s a forest near the academy, isn’t there?”

“Indeed, I occasionally head there. It doubles as training.”

What’s with this? His Highness is continually asking me questions with a smile, but…?

“I seee, how interesting… If it’s fine with you, would you mind guiding me around the forest? I’ve never been.”

“G-, Guiding, you say? Me?”

“Just go, Bea-chin.”

My lord who had gone to fetch a tool for studying from his dorm room had suddenly appeared behind me.
Damn you, Baka-sama…
Even though the other party is the prince of a nation, what are you going to do if something happens? This isn’t something you say irresponsibly.

“It’s fine. I’ll make sure to bring guards… Is it okay?”

I was going to point out the problems from a security point of view, but my thoughts were anticipated by His Highness and he said that first.
Whilst asking ‘Is it okay?’ or whatever, Prince Royce is giving off an aura that seems to say that he won’t accept anything other than an affirmative.
Even though in the game he was supposed to be a sparkling prince, this feeling of pressure is no joke.
Was he always such a forceful character?

With His Highness having said that much, there’s no way I can decline.

“Y-, Yes… If you are fine with me… then gladly…”

Losing to his pressure, I ended up agreeing to his proposal.


His Highness flushed happily, and took my hand.

What is this…?
Why does His Highness, want to go to the forest with me upon our first meeting?
…It can’t be.

I’m not an idiot either, and I’m not so dull that I’ll fail to notice his forceful attitude today.
In my old world, I was a university student, so I’ve had a reasonable amount of experience.
In other words, Prince Royce is interested in me in that meaning of the word. I don’t understand why, though.

But, I wonder why…
Even though I had come to this academy to babysit Baka-sama whilst also hoping that if chance permitted, I’d be able to romance Raiga who appeared in the game…

For a rival character like me to be romanced instead… It’s an impossible development. And moreover, the other party is that Prince Royce.

…Why did the situation turn into this!?

Author’s Note: Royce→Heroine was the original plan, but following the flow of the story, it ended up as Beatrix. Sorry.


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