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Announcement (Fluffy Novel)

I’m pretty sure translating Otoburi made me one of the first to begin translating girly fluffy web novels.

These days we’ve got things from Soshite, Tensei Oujo, Yandere Otomege, to non-romances like Destruction Flag.

And the fact that we have all these series now makes it all the more conspicuous that the Queen of such stories is being neglected, with hardly anybody reading it or talking about it.

I am talking of course, about Kenkyo Kenjitsu.

And of course, this post is about picking it up.

Thank you, Shia.

I can’t guarantee I’ll be very fast, but since I’m apparently more popular than the other translator, hopefully this will get new people reading. Well, if things go well I’ll still be translating it the most after Tilea though, so hm~

I’ll get two more Tilea chapters done tonight, and then start on chapter 1. I’d say look forward to it, but everybody has already read to at least chapter 22, so um, half look forward to it.

It’ll be translated in a completely different style, I hope, and if you ever thought about re-reading it, give mine a try.