Announcement (Fluffy Novel)

I’m pretty sure translating Otoburi made me one of the first to begin translating girly fluffy web novels.

These days we’ve got things from Soshite, Tensei Oujo, Yandere Otomege, to non-romances like Destruction Flag.

And the fact that we have all these series now makes it all the more conspicuous that the Queen of such stories is being neglected, with hardly anybody reading it or talking about it.

I am talking of course, about Kenkyo Kenjitsu.

And of course, this post is about picking it up.

Thank you, Shia.

I can’t guarantee I’ll be very fast, but since I’m apparently more popular than the other translator, hopefully this will get new people reading. Well, if things go well I’ll still be translating it the most after Tilea though, so hm~

I’ll get two more Tilea chapters done tonight, and then start on chapter 1. I’d say look forward to it, but everybody has already read to at least chapter 22, so um, half look forward to it.

It’ll be translated in a completely different style, I hope, and if you ever thought about re-reading it, give mine a try.

63 thoughts on “Announcement (Fluffy Novel)”

      1. Thank you! I honestly have been looking forward to kenkyo chapters, it’s been too long since the last chapter was tled.


  1. Thanks for the news! Oh, you’re taking over kenkyo? I see, i see, looking forward to it! May i ask why you called it ‘queen’ though, i’m just curious, ahaha! Also, so what number priority is bathroom goddess, may i ask? Very curious—-


    1. Not ‘taking over’. I’m just doing my own version.

      It’s Queen because it’s my favourite, and is number 2 on syosetu’s ‘All Time’ rankings:


      1位 無職転生 - 異世界行ったら本気だす – 作者:理不尽な孫の手 ジャンル:ファンタジー
      2位 謙虚、堅実をモットーに生きております! 作者:ひよこのケーキ ジャンル:恋愛
      3位 八男って、それはないでしょう!  作者:Y.A ジャンル:ファンタジー
      4位 異世界迷宮で奴隷ハーレムを 作者:蘇我捨恥 ジャンル:ファンタジー
      5位 ありふれた職業で世界最強 作者:厨二好き/白米良 ジャンル:ファンタジー

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  2. So Kobatochan is okay with you taking it over?
    Don’t get me wrong, you’re a good translator (and the one who corrupt… attracted me to fluffy stories).
    I just want to be sure that there won’t be any useless arguments.



      And honestly, you’re probably one of my newer followers if you’re asking about me and kobatochandaisuki lol.

      There won’t be any arguments because I’m doing my own thing, and if he complains, I fully intend on ignoring him.

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      1. I’ve been around for a while
        I just don’t remember every single details of each of a translator’s rantings.

        However, as a leecher, even if I don’t complain when a translation is bad or slow, I will still be happy if someone make it faster/better.
        Plus, I was thinking of rereading that cute little story since it’s been a long time since I read it for the first time and I don’t remember everything.


        1. You’re ‘newer’ to me, because it was my very first rant.

          If you scroll allllllllll the way to the last post ‘’ here, you’ll see just what I mean. And honestly, there’s no need to defend yourself by being so pointy like that.

          It was a pretty big deal at the time, and people were kicking up a fuss, so if you were around, you would know about it.

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    2. Who needs the okay from KobatochanDaiSuki?

      From the 24th of January until now, we’ve gotten um…10 new chapters. And just as many posts complaining and apologizing about RL delaying the newest chapter.

      Once or twice is cute, but it gets old fast.

      Without a doubt, there will be a useless argument since KobatochanDaiSuki comes off as the dramatic type.

      However, he did say this…on 1/24/2015 “under Announcement 24.01.2015”

      “Oniichanyamete deleted the chapter 72 to 77 but will start to give an alternative translation for kenkyo from 1 to the recent chapter. It’s not like I approve it much since I feel it like a kind of concurrence to me but it can’t be helped, I can’t stop him.”


      1. hey.. what happened with magi grandson… you are very brave sir. exposed yourself in a room full of horde of stalkcher..(stalking leecher).. “attend hut! target confirmed! all hand catch him!”


  3. Oniichanyamete is like the bakatsuki of all things that are girly, fluffy, comfy, mushy, etc. It’s nice. I mean maybe you don’t translate everything, but I also get the news here.

    And it was about time to re-read Kenkyo anyway.

    Thanks for everything!


  4. Pity you neglected (or lessened the priority of) Otoburi which was the source of the wave – but thank you for continuing your translators activity.


      1. “And honestly, Vermillion was at least 3 times as romantic.” Alright then, you got me. I’ll try reading it later on my (nearly gone) free time. I have a soft spot for that stuff.


      2. You just made Vermillion sound that much better. Ahhh there are so many good series out there x.x

        Most English novels have a very different style than Jp ones. They are very good too, but there is a distinct lack of moe. It doesn’t scratch the same itch so to speak.

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          1. Ehhh not sure if this is serious lol!

            Just to clarify, I like western novels. I read them all the time and there are many REALLY GREAT authors that make epic settings and realistic romances.

            It’s just sometimes you’re not in the MOOD for all dem REALS and just want some waifu. There are times when you just want to bask in Bakarina’s cuteness or lol @ Tielia’s terrible misunderstandings. The only place to get that is JP novels really.


              1. XD I figured as much. On the topic of western novels, I have read some REAAALLY good fanfiction, mostly Typemoon related stuff. But as for original work with LN style writing, I’ve only seen Daybreak on Hyperion. I really should check out more web serials though. Namely Worm. I keep hearing how awesome Worm is but I haven’t gotten around to it yet blargh.


  5. God Shia… He helped Gohan, Goku and Vegeta obtain super saiyan, Ichigo kill Ulquiora, Yuu beat Izanami no Ookami, Sponge Bob lift stuffed animals, Edward beat the creature in the flask, and now, he’s even getting Estelion to pick up Kenkyo…………… What’s more, he did it all with the same exact speach!

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  6. Im with you on this estelion. Not only do the quality of his translations leave a lot to be desired but he also cant handle banter like you ya strayan cunt, Keep on keeping on.

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  7. I’m happy you’re picking this up, I’ve read the other translators work and you are much more comprehensible. So thanks!


  8. When I saw the synopsis of the series from kobato’s site, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Destruction Flag’s little “Katrina Cleas” Meetings. :) Those were hilariously cute.


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