April Fools GIRL – 09

The ninth story gold coin ten pieces

Note: I translated this over a year ago, and Este never tlcd. Blameste /s. More news about upcoming translations coming soon in Este’s newest Reika chapter!

Edit: It’s a few hours too early to be saying this here but I’m tired and want to go to sleep, so… This was an April Fool’s joke. The chapter posted was straight up Google tl. Real translation will be posted in a moment.

She is swayed by a carriage on the last flight, and Bernard comes home.

Even though I haven’t cleaned up in my head, I will report that Eric was in the day today.

The roof tiles seem to be totally deteriorated, and it needs to be replaced.The roof of the attic and the floor of the ground are similar.

“What’s it going to replace the ceiling?”

“It seems that insects have come”

Look at the quote, and I slammed involuntarily.

“After, it is the material of the roof-“

the same Baked earthterracotta It was supposed to be replaced with a manufactured one, but it is said that it will cost money separately when applying paint.

“Originally, that tile was brown and seems to have been painted blue later”

“Is that so”

I wanted to create a house where the inner family of the Orlelian family at the time appeared in a fairy tale, and there was a background that a white roof had a roof with a blue roof.

“So if you paint in a similar shade of blue, it will look like this”


Additional quotes will be handed over by Eric. Bernard took his eyes off that amount.

“What’s up!”

“Blue paint seems expensive.”

“You do not need to paint!”

“If you paint, it seems that the tiles will last longer”

“… No, for now, right now”

“I understand.”

As it is only repair cost and at present, coloring is decided to be done if you feel like it.

Anise’s medical expenses reported next were lower than expected.

“Hey, what happened to the doctor?”

“I called a doctor who I knew Dominic.


My fever has dropped from the morning but I have no appetite and I still say she is still thin.

I thought it would not be possible to hear a story for today.

“Even so bad, this is”

Repair costs are a total of ten gold coins.

It was two months of the knight’s salary of Bernard.

The roof has changed shape, and it is said that the price has swelled to order special tiles that fit it.

“It seems that you can also pay in installments by consulting”

“In a single payment”

“I understand.”

Seeing Eric go out of the room, he exudes a deep sigh.

There is also support money from my parents every month, but it almost disappears with the salary of the employee.

I decided that I had to do something about it.

◇ ◇ ◇

I went to the bathroom to refresh before dinner.

On the way, we stop in front of the customers who are absent.

I was unbearable because I was worried about her true figure.

I would like to know just because I hated Bernard five years ago.

However, it is insisted that it is a good thing to enter a single woman room.However, I am the owner of a house, and anise is an employee. I realized that there was no inconvenience.

Fortunately, there is no sign of people around.

I think I should hear it and go out and open the door.

The living room was dark. Head to the bedroom, relying on the moonlight coming in through the window.

At first, I knocked on the door, but there was no reply.

I wondered if I would stay for a long time, so I decided to enter without permission.

The bedroom had only the corner lights on the side of the bed. It is dimly dim space.


This time I tried to speak from the front of the door, but there was no reply here either.

I think that I can not return it as it is, and I will walk to the bed in a large crotch.

Even if I woke up, I wanted to ask about five years ago.

The face illuminated by the light was white and sweat sweaty on the forehead.

The sleeping face also looks painful.

“Anys Reverge”

Call your name in a low voice.

Even though she thought she would not wake up with such a small voice, Agnes opened her eyes slightly.

I came back into the room, but if I met my eyes, my heart pounded.

I felt like I was doing a bad thing.

Emotions do not come from her eyes.

In a quiet room, I was staring at each other for a while, but a word of surprise comes out from Agnes.

“-Oh, mother”


“I always wanted to meet you,”

Agnes offers a hand that shakes weakly from inside the futon.

Bernard looked down with the unbelievable eyes.


“No, I’m not your mother”

Bernard points out his misunderstanding but grabs the wrists of Agnes, and stumbles into the futon with a rough hand.

If you look at her face nearby, your eyes will be more than usual and you will be conscious ambiguousAmbiguous It turned out that it was.

Anese’s mother had heard that she had already died when she was young.

MothFollow There are tears in my eyes and I feel sorry for something.

“… I’m sorry too”


I glanced at the face of Anisesu as if consciousness had returned.

But the next one was unexpected.


Bernard, who heard it, is likely to be angry at the spot.

The words of Agnes continue.

“I can’t go there yet”

“It’s ugly, it’s ugly!”

I made a plunge against the rumor.

“You are already sleeping!”

Having said that, the story of Agnes was not over yet.

“I’m sorry for Orléans, then-

“Oh, so, it’s getting ugly!”

Commanding “Sleek because I’m fine,” raising the futon on the chest to the shoulder, Bernard leaves the bedroom.

I checked that no one was in the hallway and left the room in Agnes.

Think about the increasingly deepening Anise’s mystery while taking a bath.

What is the benefit to Bernard? I tried to trace back my memory, but I have no idea at all.

I put hot water over my head, washed my hair and my body and soaked in the bath.

— No, I don’t know.

For the time being, the pursuit of Agnes was postponed.

The next day, it was reported that the condition of Agnes was getting better from Gisir.

He said that he was willing to work, but just in case, I ordered to leave it still.

“My husband, are you all right?”

“Oh, love it”

“Thank you”

“Since the roof and attic repair work will start from today, it will not be in a restful environment.”

“Well, it can’t be helped.”

Direct Jizil to take care of it.

Bernard came out of the house as the horse-drawn hour was approaching.

◇ ◇ ◇

In the morning, Lazare comes and says thank you.

“I was tired of being tired yesterday”

It seemed that she thought she wasn’t at the orphanage because Agnes did not come.

Bernard gets lost wondering what to say about Agnes here. But in the meantime, Lazar went out of the office saying he would go to a meeting.

Someone is visiting while being desperate to miss the opportunity to say.

When I opened the door, I was a little surprised as I saw it.

— Ernesto Barteremon.

The second son of the second prince and the second son of the family.

I remember that it is the worst worst bastard to chase a woman’s ass while on duty.

The last time I met was three years ago, the venue for the tea ceremony hosted by the second prince.

Ernesto greets you for the first time to meet Bernard, who shows his astonished face.

Perhaps I’ve forgotten about what happened three years ago.

“Hey, good morning-“


So, Bernard remembers.

Three years ago I met with Anes by chance in Gion, and I had escaped from Ernest, who was chasing after him.

The mystery was solved and it was clear whether her favor and thankfulness were the thing.

“You are surprised that you made a loud voice suddenly!”

“Oh, I was sorry.”

Return to me in response to an indication.

I announced the absence of the captain, but I say that it is okay to be the vice captain, Bernard.

Ernesto sit in the recommended chaise longue.

“So, what is the business?”

“Oh, I just wanted to find someone.”

A piece of paper is presented on the desk.


There was a picture of something indistinguishable between men and women. At the top of the paper is written, “10 gold coins for those who find her.”

“this is–?”

“It is a picture of Agnes Reverge. I wrote it.”


She also says in a prudent manner whether she could find her while presenting the paper to Bernard.

“It’s a wonderful mission to get paid. I think I should honor.”

“No, no, where is this from?”

“I am”

I thought it was impossible.

Why does the “Special Assault Third Unit” have to carry out the individual task?

“What do you do to find Agnes Reverge?”

“Oh, I think I’ll try to lock up her pretty girl.”

Containing means making a lover. Bernard saw Ernest with an unbelievable face.

“I can not take personal tasks without permission from above”


It is said that it is a reward of ten gold coins for that purpose in a calm manner.

“Are you aware of the dangers of bringing in the daughters of the Reverge family who are buying immoral from your Majesty?”

It was a word that pierced Bernard himself.

Feeling light lineOffensive It is not good.

“That’s why there are ten gold coins.”

“Is it a reward and a cessation fee?”

“Yes, she will not find her if she hides in the basement of the house.”

In addition, Ernesto says that he has information that he likes. It was that he had the right to say personnel in the guards.

“If you find me anies reverge, let’s push in 10 gold coins at the promotion conference.”

However, I am careful not to spread the story much. Even in the same unit, he said in a glance from above that he should talk to no more than five people.

“If the rumor spreads, I will be troubled. Oh, yes.”

Ernesto took out a bag of money from the pocket.

“this is?”

“It’s a humble fee to carry out the task.”


Exhale a deep sigh in front of the person.

In this case, I decided to leave it to the captain and hope that he would leave Ernest.

“Oh, I asked.”


I silently closed the door without replying.

Character introduction

Bernard Orlérian

20 years old, brown hair · eyes, height · 183

Five nobles in the countryside. A young man living in a residence on the outskirts of the capital city.

A stupid character. It can not go against the former nanny’s servant Gizil.

The monthly salary is five gold coins (500,000 yen).

Agnes Reverge

19 years old, blonde, blue eyes, height, 163

It was the only daughter of the Revelge family, but it has fallen.

A modest and modest personality.

Servant family

Gilles Balzac

48 years old, blonde, blue eyes, height, 173

Bernard’s original nanny. Current service head. Beautiful Mature Woman with Blonde Eyes.

It is a character that is sober.

Dominique Balzac

51 years old, black hair, black eyes, height: 190

Jill’s husband. Gardener. A big man like a bear.

Silent character.

Eric Balzac

27 years old, dark hair, blue eyes, height: 179

Gisir’s eldest son. Butler.

She has an amiable expression, but her personality is light night.

Clarice Balzac

24 years old, black hair, blue eyes, height · 163

Gisir’s eldest daughter. I got married and left home two months ago.

I live in the capital city.

Allen Balzac

20 years old, black hair, blue eyes, height · 178

Jill’s second son. Cook.

A character resembling a mother. I have the best relationship with Bernard.

Carol Balzac

14 years old, black hair, blue eyes, height · 153

Jizzir’s second girl. Celia is a twin.

While going to a school in the capital city, he is practicing a servant.

Celia Balzac

14 years old, black hair, blue eyes, height · 153

Jill’s third girl. Carol and twins.

While going to a school in the capital city, he is practicing a servant.

Knights official

Gibrill Noeil

20 years old, gray hair, green eyes, height · 173

Former colleague of Bernard. Baby face.

A humble personality.

Lazare Sillier

35 years old, brown hair / black eyes, height / 180

Bernard’s boss. Captain of the Special Assault Third Unit.

It has a strong personality, but it is difficult during training.

Ernesto Bartemon

23 years old, blonde, green eyes, height, 177

Guard of the second prince, member. The second son of a family.

She loves women and has a light personality..


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