28 – Rabbit Roughhousing

“…A demihuman?”

“Is that… a beastman?”

Within the dark auction hall, all eyes were on the stage. The flames revealed a single girl of white, standing alone.

With the thief revealed to be the girl who had been with them until now, Tiz almost leaped from his seat. He glared at the girl.


But was that girl truly her?

The first time he met her, he thought she was a ten-year old kid. The second time, she looked closer to eleven. Perhaps his first estimation was wrong, he thought. Nothing more.

It was true that kids possessing high magic, as they often did among the nobility, tended to grow up faster. Yet Shedy, standing on the stage, looked as if she had gained another year of age and height within as many days. The little girl was already turning into a young lady. She was showing the first hints of a deadly beauty.

However, it wasn’t the most eye-catching thing about her. The audience was all staring at the pair of long, snow-white ears softly dangling from her head.

There were canine species with drooping ears, true, but the longest among them was only around 10 centimeters. No one had heard of, nor seen, such a species of beastman to have ears so long as to reach her chin. To have ears of a rabbit.


“…so, that girl was a rabbit beastman!!” Salia’s shout echoed within the silent hall. Her words couldn’t be clearer.


“…rabbit?” “A rabbit…” “Rabbit…!!!”

Mutters sounded out one by one. As they began to comprehend the words, the attendees ceased seeing her with fear and terror. Desire flooded their eyes.


“Get me that bunny!! That critter is MINE!!”

In one of the second floor booth seats, a chubby middle-aged noble leaned over the railing and screamed.

Tiz knew that face. He was the brother to the king of this Trestan Kingdom. Yet his position did nothing to deter the other attendees, full of the rich and the nobilities of other countries. Prompted by his shout and blinded by greed, they stood up, one after another, and gave orders to their own subordinates.

“Catch that rabbit girl!”

“No, auction her! I’ll pay one hundred large golds!”

“My trading firm will secure her! Get the bodyguards in here!”

“Don’t fuck with me! That rabbit belongs to Trestan Kingdom!”

“This is an auction, who the hell cares about that?! Grab her already!!”


A rabbit beastman. A race hitherto unseen, unheard of. And the girl was a beauty too, at that. She would fetch an absurd price.

Dozens of bodyguards were tripping over each other to fulfill their given orders. They flooded toward the stage. Seeing them, the auction host spat out orders to the surviving guardsmen.

“We’re taking her for our auction! Capture her, but don’t you dare harm a hair on her head! I’ll pay every one of you a large gold coin once she’s in my hands!”


Shedy just blankly stared and blinked. Her scarlet eyes swept through the hall, stopping at the approaching wave of guardsmen and escorts, and narrowed in disgust.


“Alright, just stay calm-aghk!”

A lithe swordsman was the first one to get up on the stage. Just as his bare hands were about to grab the girl, his movements inexplicably slowed down. The girl dashed in. Her dagger tore through his throat.

Then she bounced off. Several bodyguards reached for her, but the moment they came into contact with the mist overflowing from within her coat, their faces rapidly turned blue and their movements dulled. Daggers and claws ripped them apart.

Was that white mist some sort of ice magic?

The bodyguards realized this was no simple target. Some changed into magic, some broke apart a nearby chair to make impromptu bludgeons.


“This might hurt a bit, little bunny!”

One of the bodyguards quickly changed gears and grabbed a spear from the floor. He spun it, clearing off the mist, then used the pommel to jab at her.


Yet despite his seemingly-skillful spear handling, the man mysteriously slipped on a patch of frozen blood, losing his balance. The girl grabbed his face. His entire body rapidly turned pale as if the heat was being sucked out of him. In a blink of an eye, white ice covered him whole, and as the final slivers of life left him, the frozen statue shattered.


Witnessing the ruthless execution right in front of them and feeling the heat-sapping mist upon their skin, the bodyguards all went pale. They gulped.

On the second floor seating, Tiz was taking in the sight with blazing eyes. He asked the butler beside him, who was staring at the girl while looking just as pale as the bodyguards.

“Gramps… gramps! What the hell is going on?! How much is Shedy’s combat power?!”


Considering that they were employed by this auction hall, the guards must have their combat skill at level 3. Or as said among the adventurers, they were Rank 3.

And the attendees here were all either people with deep pockets or were powerful nobility. Their bodyguards must be at least Rank 4, like Salia. Perhaps there were even Rank 5s – fighters as skilled as master knights – among them.

Salia was a magic knight, possessing high magic. Her combat power was close to 400.

There should be plenty of other bodyguards here who were around her level. Even if they weren’t allow use of their favorite weapons in their capture, and even if they were hindering each other, there should be at least dozens of people above 300 power. It’s impossible for them to be having so many casualties to a little girl with only 200 combat power.


“I-I… I can not [Identify] her!”


“…her magic points, her hit points, her total combat power, they’re all hidden to my eyes!”


That reminded Tiz of something. When they were at the adventurer’s guild for her identification, the crystal displayed Shedy’s magic as 120, combat power as nearly 200, but no hit points.

Only [Total Combat Power] and [Magic Points] were important in combat, so people paid less attention to [Hit Points]. Even the guild staff thought it was just an error and ignored it. In hindsight, perhaps it was a sign Shedy was hiding her power.

“You’ve done it this time… Shedy!”


A gust of wind visited the stage, blowing away the cloying mist.

“Stop right there, villain!”

Rage colored Salia’s face so red she was giving off steam. The knight pointed the dagger in her hand at Shedy.

Noticing the woman, Shedy subtly frowned. She silently turned to face the knight.

“What are you going to do with that dingy knife?”

“You dare say that after you’ve tricked me so, knave?!”

Salia was glowing crimson now. She slammed the bandit dagger Shedy gave her on the ground.

“Nothing short of death would redeem the deception you’ve inflicted on us! Your life ends here by my hand!”


To Salia’s furious declaration, Shedy only responded with a chilly glance. The girl leisurely readied a dagger in her left hand, while her right was hidden inside her coat.


Salia was confident. If Shedy was using a water-type mist spell, then she would have the advantage with wind-type spells. Exactly the type of magic she specialized in.

‘So full of yourself with that mist, aren’t you? Let’s see how you like it when my wind blast you away, mist and all!’ Salia smirked.

And just like the knight woman expected, Shedy charged in while releasing mist from somewhere around her hidden right arm. Salia shot her arms forward.

[Wind Bomb]!”

A burst of air exploded from Salia’s hands. Just as she predicted-no. Exceeding her predictions, Shedy blasted off as if she was weightless. The girl smiled and waved. She flew off above the heads of the surrounding bodyguards.

“Noooooo! Don’t run away, lowlife!!”


Shedy left Salia’s screams behind and leisurely landed back on the ground. Before the bodyguards could regain their senses, she dashed off into the crowd of attendees.

The ladies were shrieking and running from her. The merchants were reaching out with greedy eyes. Shedy simply responded with a large cloud of mist, using it to slip through the crowd and dash for the exit.

On the way, her eyes met with Tiz’s, who was still standing on the second floor. He bore his fangs in a savage grin and declared.


“Remember this, girl! I am Tischlar, the Twelfth Emperor of the Empire of Touze, and you. Will. Be. Mine! Just wait for it!”



Shedy gave no reply.

The girl escaped to the front doors and disappeared into the town. The king’s soldiers were sent out on searches, but they were unsuccessful. She was no longer in the capital.


This was the beginning of a flood of extravagant bounties set by the wealthy, and by the nobles of Trestan and of other countries. Yet even among them, the bounty set by the hands of the Emperor of Touze himself was head and shoulders above. All within the central continent were aware of the lavish reward.



A young white-colored rabbit beastman girl, who commands a magical mist.

Whosoever will apprehend and deliver the girl shall be handsomely rewarded.

The girl must not be harmed.

The Emperor of Touze swears upon his name: whosoever accomplishes this matter, shall be given Five Thousand Large Gold Coins as recompense.


Incidentally, many had expected this event to further aggravate the marginalization of beastmen, yet it was not so. On the contrary, demand for young, pale-colored or lop-eared canine beastman girls surged. They were sold for extremely high prices and granted a life of luxury by their buyers.

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45 thoughts on “28 – Rabbit Roughhousing”

    1. The rabbit part is not a ruse. She is rabbit in the same way that she is white, it is intrinsic to all her forms. There just isn’t much difference between a white, fluffy, rabbit cloud and a white, fluffy, pure cloud. It is the “man” part of beastman that is the ruse, she being a beastmonster.

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    1. Guy is a fightsexual and Shedy is 11/10 girl with some primo combat skills, put 2 and 2 together and you’ll get where he’s coming from. In less nice terms think of it as a cowboy wanting to tame a really fierce stallion.

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    1. The reaction of most males her is extremely stupid.
      There is a female beastman (natural slave) that has killed dozens of guards but is extremely beautiful so lets capture here.
      They use the wrong body part for thinking.

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      1. Rabbit beastmen are extinct iirc.

        So it’s like if rich people saw a sabertooth tiger. Of COURSE they would order their subordinates to capture it without injuring it too much, even if they got injured or killed in the process. Because it’s that rare and valuable. Of course I’m referring to the subordinates dying, not the rich people.

        Plus, she’s a young beauty. Probably a virgin. Even without the bounty, capturing and selling her would set you for life.

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        1. Rabbit beastmen are extinct or unknown – the elven slave only remembered that there were other types of beastmen than feline or canine.
          And I didn’t mean the bosses but the underlings. Thinking with either with their purse or their d***. Of course the bosses think with their d***s and think their purse will help.


    1. Perhaps she appointed herself?
      And she isn’t that weak, rank 4 and magic too. And she survived.

      Possibily he took her with him because a magic Knight is more versatile than a regular knight.

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      1. She has that unique detection skill. Once-per-day is not great, but it does render them pretty-much immune to stowaways, which would really help with security. He even mentioned knights as being stronger than Silia, so no doubt he has underlings with more combat potential than her, she is just useful for her ability and devotion. Female bodyguards might also be a status symbol, both for eyecandy and rarity.


      2. but i thought the strong people like Royal Guards would have at least 1000 combat power…and an army.
        now only the Reclusive Masters(lol) or something are her equal….for now.

        hmm or maybe the Emperor thought his disguise was soooo good he didn´t even need to bring his real fighting forcewith him… =p


  1. thanks for the chapter^^

    I started to read this story thinking it would be just another slie of life, but that was already so surprised that I’ve been addicted to it. I’m very anxious to see her riding an army and becoming a demon lord.


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    I wanna speculate on what Shedy might’ve evolved into. I thought a phantom would be funny because phantom thief, but maybe not?

    Is there some icy-misty ghost in Norse or Celtic mythology? Maybe that.

    No matter what, I think it’s a ghost-type demon.


    1. The new evolution is still an author original. However, her name, Shedy, came from the word ‘shedim’, which was a kind of Jewish demon. The chapter where she gained it explained the naming origin a bit further.


  4. So it seems Shedy’s body is growing as she levels up. Hmmm, a beastgirl who grows along with her level, where have I seen this before? Maybe that guy with the shield over there can jog my memory.

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      1. But she can’t change her colour or get rid of the ears. ‘far as anyone knows she is the only white rabbit girl in the world, so…

        Also, it seems like she needs time to grow accustomed to a new form?


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  6. I wonder why no one supposes that Sheddy could be a vengeful spirit or demon formed by the amalgamation of the souls of one or more of the demihuman races that humans extinguished. After all, if humans cogitate on this theory, they might begin to think that “Blinded by the gain and the words of the self-proclaimed god they ended up sowing their own destruction without even realizing it, and finally the time came to reap (confront) what they planted… The Demon Sheddy “, certo?
    Thanks for the chapter


  7. Thank for the chapter !
    She remind me of some crazy rabit of the “Auria Tribe” : rutless, flashy and reaaaaly cool ! Time to become the Demon-lord and let the demi-human riot, freed themself for build their own country.
    Time to start to go realy wild, girly ^^


  8. With all the Beastmen she saved, she’ll be hailed as the Rabbit Goddess, Liberator of the Beastmen


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