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The biggest troublemaker of all had appeared.

From her expression, she was positively raring to go.

No seriously, somebody had practically sharpied ‘Which bitch-ass needs a smackin’?’ onto her face, it was that obvious.

“I know everything, Reika-san! Somebody’s been putting you through hell with slander. Why didn’t you come to me for help!?”

Because if I came to you for help then something like this would happen!

“Well, whatever. So these girls are the enemy, then. I’ll help! Hey, you lot! Pick on somebody your own size!”

I knew it!



Don’t make this any bigger than it has to be!

My feelings failed to reach a single person, however, and in front of my eyes Ririna donned phantom knuckledusters and a deuce deuce.

“Are you serious!? You have nothing to do with this, you first year!”

“I’m Reika-san’s cousin! If you have a problem with her, tell it to me!”

“I don’t care whose cousin you are! It’s none of your business! Unless of course you were part of her plan!”

“We’ve already told you to stop slandering Reika-sama! Who do you think she is!? She’s a member of the Pivoine!”

“The Student Council doesn’t care if she’s Pivoine or not!”

“And we don’t care about you! The Student Council should mind its own business!”

“You low-bred Externals dare behave like this in front of true-blood Zui’ran students!?”

“Exactly! You’re just Externals!”

“You think that just because you’re part of the Student Council that you can suddenly forget your place!?”

“‘External, External!’ How does attending a school since primary give you the right to think you’re better than us!?”

“Right!? The Internals are basically all idiots, anyway!”

What was that!?”

Hey! Don’t you dare ignore me!”

“What the heck!? Let go of me!”

“Kyaah! You’ve done it now, you bitch!”

“Oww! Don’t pull the hair!”

“Get her! Ririna-san! We need to avenge Reika-sama!”

“Ah!? Tsuruhana-san! Those are piercings! That’s a violation of school regulations!”

“Shut it, External! You don’t have a boyfriend because you dress like that, you ugly bitch!”

What did you say!?”

A group of rich girls were screaming and shouting, wearing terrifying expressions as they yanked at each others’ hair and clothing.


It was like a vale tudo free-for-all in here!

What happened to Zui’ran being a good school with good kids!?

“What the hell are you all doing!? Cut that out this instant!” roared Fellow Stalking Horse.

The girls all turned to glare daggers as the crowds parted for him.

Ririna even had a clump of hair in her clenched hand.

When he realised exactly what had been going on, Fellow Stalking Horse’s went as stiff as a board.

He was an exceptional Student Council President, true, but no boy would ever want to butt in on a cat fight like this alone.

They began flooding him and showering him with complaints.

They were the ones who picked a fight first!”

“Haah!? That was you bitches!”

“As for us, all we did was try to stop a pointless quarrel.”

“Stop playing the goodie-two-shoes! You’re the one who hit me!”

“Reika-san’s enemies are my enemies!” a certain somebody declared.

“Alright! Alright already!” Fellow Stalking Horse shouted. “I get it, so just calm down!”

Each faction regrouped, checking their warriors for harm, and giving them thanks and encouragement.

“So what started all of this?” he asked once they seemed calm enough.

“Tsuruhana-san’s group suddenly picked a fight with Reika-sama.”

“Reika-sama was the one who tried to slander me with false accusations!”

“As part of the Student Council, I was just giving them a warning…”

“We’re supposed to be stopping the trouble,” he sighed. “What good are we if we magnify the issue…?”

There was a pause, and then he turned to Ririna.


“As Reika-san’s cousin, I couldn’t just ignore her crisis!” Ririna declared grandly.

Fellow Stalking Horse looked at her, and then brought a hand to his forehead.

“Right, it’s time for you to leave…” he said as he chased her off.

“Anyway! If you girls have a problem with each other then talk it out calmly. A group of young ladies getting into a fistfight is ridiculous!”


The girls all surrounded him and tried again to bring him to their way of thinking, but another voice interrupted.

“Shut up,” Kaburagi eyed them coldly. “Not only are you an earful, but you’re disgraceful too.”

The cafeteria turned to silence.

The girls in question looked awkward as they flushed in embarrassment.

“We still haven’t discovered the culprit for Takamichi’s locker,” he continued, “so enough causing trouble with your pointless guessing.”

He was overwhelming.

Totally different to the child who threw a tantrum about giving a tiny little blood oath.

“Are we clear?” he asked, prompting.

They all nodded.

Seemingly done with this, Kaburagi turned to leave.

“Please wait!” called Serika-chan.

“U-, Um, Kaburagi-sama!” called Kikuno-chan, as the two of them stood a little fearfully in his way.

“Kaburagi-sama, Reika-sama has never bullied anybody. If you have to believe anything, please believe that!”

“It’s true! Everything with Reika-sama is just a misunderstanding!”

That was surprising…

The pair had been huge fans of Kaburagi as long as I could remember.

They adored everything he had done, as far back as our days in primary.

I’d never have expected them to confront him like that.

They had chosen my side over him.

I was more than a litte touched.

Kaburagi looked at them for a little while before giving his reply.

“I do believe that.”

With that, Kaburagi left the cafeteria again.

There was silence for a while after he left, before the room exploded with the passionate screams of girls.

“Reika-sama! Kaburagi-sama believes you!”

“Isn’t that great, Reika-sama!?”

I was surrounded by my group as they cheered.

“…Yes. Thank you, Serika-san, Kikuno-san. Everybody else, too,” I told them earnestly.

They all smiled brightly at me.

Really, thank you.



Thanks to Kaburagi’s statement of belief, the last few people who suspected me were convinced as well. As expected of the Emperor.

Back to my other problem though, I wasn’t sure what to do about the tension.

I mean, yes, I had inflamed it with my actions, but still…

Wasn’t there some fun topic to help people forget about the locker incident?

That was the only solution I could think of.

Something that both my girls and Tsuruhana-san’s would really care about…

Oh! I know!

I sacrificed Enjou.

“I have heard that Enjou-sama enjoyed a date with somebody on White Day,” I informed them.

As expected, it erupted into a huge scandal.

Good… Good…

It was better for Zui’ran to be flooded with talks about romance, rather than talks about conspiracies and ploys, so I spread gossip like there was no tomorrow.

One day I was walking down a hallway, happy at how well my plan had gone, when somebody tapped me on the shoulder from behind.

Enjou stood there, smiling.

“Since I have a debt to you, I’ll overlook things just this once, okay?”

The cold sweat wouldn’t stop.

“Anyhow, have a nice day,” he chuckled darkly.


Why won’t spring break come already!?


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105 thoughts on “Reika-sama – 203”

        1. Did it?

          Enjou likes Reika already and knows her well enough, but I don’t think he’s happy about this. Spreading somebody’s personal life around in gossip isn’t what I call a classy move. Enjou was vague about his answer for a reason and given that Reika fears Enjou, cashing out on his hard-earned trust in this manner is not a smart long term move. If she believes this, then she’s right to be in a cold sweat. She should know better given her mantra about humility.

          This whole mess was her fault anyway. Baseless accusations are also not a classy move either. Yes, Tsuruhana is a bully and probably enjoyed having Wakaba humiliated. But ultimately, Reika was acting out of fear for herself and not out of any longer gain or principled behavior.

          I do think it’s easy to be biased in Reika’s favor, but she does have flaws. Her cowardice *Is* a character flaw. Her lack of valor means she rarely ever sticks up for what she believes in ideologically. She also has this penny wise and pound foolish mentality, where she is gunning for shortsighted gains, like with all this gossip-mongering nonsense.

          Much as people like to bash Kaburagi’s obliviousness, he actually does what he means without a second thought. If he sees that Wakaba is wet, he gives her a towel because he’s motivated out of concern for her well-being. This wouldn’t change even if he knew she was being bullied. Reika hides and she’s known about the bullying for longer. Now that Kaburagi is aware, he’ll obsess over it like he does with everything he tries to excel at.

          Mind you, this does not mean recklessness, but Reika tends to pick the option that will allow her to kick the can down the road for another day.

          Whether she likes it or not, Reika is a politician. She was born to it and has no choice in the matter. Because she has power and status, she’s really the only person who can effect any meaningful changes. Whether she understands this or not, the consequences of inaction and all the risks involved still remain.

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          1. The RESULTS were good.

            – She cleared all suspicions
            – Got Kaburagi’s public support
            – Tsuruhana tried to confront her to protect her reputation but came over looking worse… without Reika saying a single thing with her
            – She also avoided embarrassing herself like the other girls in that catfight

            The closest thing that came to a downside was annoying Enjou by telling people about his date. But utlimately that was just something he casually told her, not so big secret. He already brought his fiance into school so him having a date isn’t anymore more than trival gossip.

            Also, you said something about losing his “hard earned trust” but she never tried to win his trust and… doesn’t need it in particular?

            Liked by 22 people

            1. Sure she wants his trust, it’s why she made the assumption that she was at less risk of a “destruction ending” than previously and, if nothing else, she find his schemes uncomfortable. Most the important people think she’s a harmless and well-intentioned girl but I find her rumor-spreading to be just a little bit too . . . uhhh not living with the humility she intended.

              I don’t think what she got was really that valuable. Most her followers already think she’s innocent, as well as a good chunk of uninvolved Externals. Kaburagi, Enjou and Wakaba all think she’s innocent privately. And the school would never prosecute her even if they did. The catfight really would not have happened if she hadn’t spread rumors about Tsuruhana being guilty.

              The gains were trivial and she acted out of a narrow self-interest. When two different people hear your gossip and blame you for it, then I think it’s a good warning sign to stop. It obviously is not working. You REALLY don’t want a reputation for that sort of thing, especially not around the likes of Kaburagi, who has shown that he detests that behavior immensely.

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              1. Yes, yes you dislike Reika spreading rumors. This is reasonable.

                However, the original comment you made was “This chapter is all about Reika’s glorious plan backfires”.

                Which is wrong. The plan went fine. She redirected all the rumors of bullying from her to rival Tsuruhana. Tsuruhana tried to deal with that by confronting Reika but took even more damage as a result. She came out smelling of roses.

                Also, I don’t know how you can still think that Reika is harmless. She has grown fangs since High School.

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                1. Do you really get credit for a plan that only “worked” because your followers took personal risks on your behalf? At the end of the day, it didn’t change very much about Reika’s reputation. You have a crowd that likes or thinks she’s benevolent, while the rest just fear her as an aloof Kali. She really should be used to this sort of thing being talked about her behind her back.

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          2. There was no trust in Reikas estimation of Enjous relationship with her, she holds zero desire to get in his good books or anything she would much rather avoid than deal with him, however in this instance, the key factor that saw the original Reika fall was bullying Wakaba. Retaliation from Baka and Jerk must be countered at all costs. Reika has helped those 2 many times, she has given them more than she has received. They both owe her and still do and no doubt in the future as well.

            What fault? she picked up something incriminating, became the target of “Baseless accusations” and had to deal with the fall out from that. She has used a number of ways of dealing with situations as she saw fit, in this case, she fought fire with fire, she reflected that baseless accusation back on someone more deserving, there’s a lot to fear regarding the original Reikas fate, avoiding that is the most important, what does principled behaviour matter if you become the patsy for a crime you did not commit?

            She has used blackmail, diversions, avoidance, feigned ignorance, lied, performed like an Ojousama using her powers as Pivione and family status as necessary, in my eyes, it’s all survival techniques, in the hands of an average person doing the best she can. I don’t expect her to have a grand scheme on how to deal with everything like Machiavelli, nor do I see “principled behavior” as one of Reikas traits, what kind of principles do you think she has?

            Part of what makes her so awesome are those very traits, she is a silly old woman who is trying to navigate the pitfalls that she was dumped in the best she can, I’m a coward in many situations, I don’t go out on marches or delete my facebook account not that I have one, I don’t send expensive rockets into space to make mankind aspire to something more, if I can get out of something by being altruistic so be it.
            Tsuruhana had this coming, granted it should’ve been done without using her friends, but this escalated beyond Reikas control in ways she did not intend, playing with fire can get you burnt, Im sure she has learned from this and won’t do that again.

            If you want the true cause of all this mess look no further than Baka, he isn’t responsible for peoples actions, but by the same token you direct your finger of blame towards Reika, I will do so with mine towards Baka, why is Wakaba targetted to extreme proportions?

            Shes hated for 3 main reasons, 2 of them are connected to Baka, it’s not his fault that people bully her, however, he is like gasoline surrounding Wakaba, careless and oblivious of the hazard he presents to her. Yurie wouldn’t suffer the kinds of shit Wakaba does because she is treated differently and held to a higher regard, so how that fool chased after Yurie was accepted, while Wakaba isn’t, she is considered trash.
            Logically the bullies are to blame for everything regardless of cause, but if you can mitigate that damage, why wouldn’t you? why would you add fuel to the fire like Baka does in ignorance, he doesn’t try to understand anything because his brain functions differently to others.
            She isn’t being a Ojousama bitch to the degree that the original Reika was, she has amassed a group of people willing to back her up even in the face of Emperor Baka, she has nurtured these friendships just by being her adorable self.

            So what would you have her do given her personality and insight into this world? She has already changed a great deal, rather than animosity from Baka and Jerk, shes managed to create an almost friendly like atmosphere with them, while this was unintentional she got through it and turned things around, while still avoiding them as much as possible.
            Her tactic is to avoid the downfall route, and she’s done amazingly well, I don’t think she has been inactive, she has done a great deal to secure her and her families future, this is the main priority.

            Liked by 12 people

            1. Funny you should mention Machiavelli, because I don’t think many people actually have *read* The Prince.

              Because if you read between the lines, Machiavelli does effectively say that principles and morality matters. You should be feared but not hated. You should abstain from helping yourself to the property of subjects (on the reasoning that it looks corrupt and that a person in the habit of doing this inevitably finds excuses to keep robbing his people). They have to believe your punishments are based in some rule of law and not caprice. You should not rely on “love” because it’s fickle and not something that can be controlled. You’re talking about the love people have for a politician. Not for their immediate families or themselves. (Which they first act to preserve before they will act to preserve you.)

              All of this and more describes Reika’s situation to a “T.”

              Gossip and false accusations flies in the face of this good advice. Because it reflects poorly upon Reika’s character. So when Enjou says that he *forgives* her, he’s not just being coy or playful, he really is mad about it. Just not mad enough to call Reika to an actual accounting because he doesn’t think Reika is a bad girl. If nothing else, I find that it offends me to give away the details of somebody else’s private life. It’s not the first time Reika disappointed me. (The other time was when she ostracized that one boy for accidentally exclaiming that she was Kali or something similar. If she hated the title so much, then this vindictive behavior does nothing other than to reinforce the perception that she’s a destructive force that is better to be avoided.)

              The other thing is that Reika does have principles but simply does not express or act upon them. She believes in freedom of association and would rather make friends regardless of social class. She disapproves her parents attitudes here and says in her own words that this is what made the previous Reika so conceited. She doesn’t like bullying, but takes no actions to rectify that directly. She’s meritocratic and always does her fair share of work as vice class prez or in committees. She believes Wakaba deserves the better score than the Pivoine simply based on her merit.

              Valor is itself, not morally praiseworthy, but it is not much good to mean well and then do nothing about it.


              1. To elaborate further, what messages has Reika sent about Tsuruhana.

                Because the public perception isn’t that Reika has beef with Tsuruhana because Tsuruhana disrupts the public order or because she’s a bully. The perception is that Reika is an aloof queen who disregards Tsuruhana and only punishes her for stepping out of line. For challenging her power.

                This is why Tsuruhana can get as far as she can with the accusation that she’s being falsely accused. A significant part of the student body genuinely believes that Reika only acts of her own self-interest. That’s she’s simply motivated out of a concern for her position and nothing else.


              2. She isnt someone that thinks that deeply about anything till its right in her face, a reminder she cant get away from, her rule of thumb is to avoid trouble, however when confronted with it to do whatever she is capable of doing whether whatever that might be, so long as the outcome is within reason.

                I dont care about the fallout for Tsuruhana from Reikas meddling, as stated earlier she deserved that and more, what was unfortunate was using her friends in a way that created this bitch fight but this was brewing for sometime due to her inaction, she didnt tend the garden so weeds grew, but why is it on her to deal with such situations anyway? Her foreknowledge doesnt means she has to play a guiding hand in everything other than keep her life on track out of harms way.

                As for her use of Enjou, quite frankly who cares, hes a Jerk hes used her on a number of occasions, dragged her in to deal with messes that have shit to do with her, she has helped both of them without much benefit, other than not gaining their animosity. Everything she does is self serving, shes been dumped into a crazy world based on fiction to deal with something that could ruin her life.

                Like all of us principles are convenient but easily ignored when necessary, and what is the problem with that? you could say Principles are fluid open to changing upon that persons whims. Theres always gossip regarding Enjou, mostly not true, she has a lot of insider knowledge that she shares with her friends, from chocolate to towels, now if Enjou didnt want others to know about his date he shouldve kept his mouth shut, Shes not Facebook, she didnt go in to his house or stalk him for this information, she asked he answered end of story.

                Im not sure what you mean by that last sentence, are you saying Reika has never acted or done anything? She isnt a Saint, she has done some things that were out of good will and generosity, but shes just as willing to stand in the shadows and ignore it, weve all done that, unless youre a Saint..

                Reika is an ordinary girl, in extraordinary circumstances, dealing with life in a shortsighted clumsy way, despite her plans for the future, if she trips now and then thats life in general. If youre expecting her to be a Paragon of Humanity that has all the answers then what have you been reading the past 200 plus chapters? Shes not Machiavelli shes just Reika a former seal pup from another world.

                Liked by 3 people

                1. Man I don’t know what this word salad is supposed to be. Nobody is arguing that Tsuruhana is a good person, but Reika does not credit for handling the situation well either. Reika has flaws but you seem nonetheless biased in trying to excuse them. You don’t get to say Reika is cowardly and then sort of maybe not really say that it’s not actually a flaw. She’s an endearing character, but it’s still a character flaw.

                  Not stalking Enjou on Facebook is a minimum standard of decency. And so is not spreading false or idle gossip about his personal life. You can do both those things.


                  1. Im not excusing her, Im supporting her, and saying “Good on ya Reika sama” Are you saying Reika is a coward all of the time? that she has no moments of being brave or strong? heh, shes jelly? our soft pudding? I embrace her flaws, makes her a lot more interesting, but my arguement is so what if she has done these things?

                    Does it subtract from her character in my eyes? no… only in yours lol, of all the things that she has done in this story and you pick this one to gripe about? Not the stalking that was done to get info on the sports captains… Not all the lying lol, somehow those are acceptable? or are you on that bandwagon that Reika needs to be a Saint and only a saint?

                    She isnt a carrot or lettuce or cucumber, no salad at all, if anything she will be a cheap desert that is easily accessible, not very healthy to eat but still tasty, is that word salad enough for you?

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Hardly, but people don’t get to bash on Kaburagi when he actually DOES something then says Reika handled any of this well or better. She hasn’t.

                      I’m not just talking about the morality of the action, though that’s part of it, but the effectiveness of it. She’d have been just fine if she had done NOTHING this time, ironic as that may seem.

                      She should’ve taken action long before this, instead of doing half-measures later when all it’d do was make trouble for her. Because I really do believe this sort of behavior made her look worse, however marginally. Again, people don’t see her as a person motivated by good reasons, just motivated by spite and haughtiness. It’s why Tsuruhana can play the wrongly accused girl at all. Even a few people who think Reika didn’t actually bully Wakaba simply think so because it would be beneath her dignity to attack anybody in any other manner than directly. (Go right for the throat.)

                      I did pick out the example where she had that one boy ostracized for the Kali comment. Because he did nothing wrong, unlike the three club presidents and Reika’s response would guarantee the belief that she is indeed Kali. Because there’s no other motive for it other than pure vindictiveness.


                    2. Of course they can, people forgive the failings of their most favorite, being hypocritical matters not when you dont give a shit about the other person, only on how they react to the one that matters to you lol, do you not understand the difference between fandoms?

                      Ive listed many things Reika has done that are not sweet or pure, unless you missed that, Ive pointed it out a few times actually, Reika is petty not vindictive, the intent was never to crush destroy or be vengeful, just minor paybacks, her retaliation is nothing big, if she were truly vindictive he would be having nightmares every day about the Goddess punishing him at regular intervals, all she did was deny him chocolates, did she destroy his desk? did she dump his head in the toilet? did she haze him? Many times she has tried to rectify her relationship with that unfortunate boy… but his imagination and own fears are denying any hope of reconciliation. Reika is petty, she does small minded things, like smearing gravy on someones ass who was being a prick.

                      Now lets compare her to that ignorant bastard Baka… hes like shit that attracts flies and cares not that his stink is causing an influx of annoying flies, its the flies that are bad not him, nor does he do anything about the flies because he sees it as the flies responsibility to gtfo. Hes not wrong, but as Ive said before, hes ignorant of the inconvenience or negative impact his swarm (fuck english with business) of flies bring, they not only do a lot of shitty things by hanging around him, but the side effect is, anyone that they deem unworthy of baka is immediately targeted, his dumb ignorant ass is oblivious.

                      Anyone with half a brain is clued up about this simple fact, yet Baka continues to exacerbate the bullying targeted at Wakaba, his personality is irritating. Ill bash Baka as much as I want regardless of Reikas actions, so what? gonna call it out as hypocritical? lol who cares.

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          1. Does the “endure” effect even work against recoil damage?

            I checked some pokefacts with the scenario in mind and think that the closest to that happening is Aegislash using Head Smash on Drifblim. I mean recoil damage burning sash, if it can happen.


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    1. Neither. Enjou found out and she only spread the rumor to calm down a conflict she inflamed in the first place. When you think about it, if Reika starts suggesting that maybe Tsuruhana is guilty, then people start taking her at her word.

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      1. But she is guilty. If not this incident then I’m sure there was something else she did. Hell, she’s guilty of being born and living to be the adversary of Kali-Kami-sama. She should be happy she hasn’t gotten another dose of Reika’s divine weapon, The Fan (of eternal damnation).


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  12. Ririna “Cash me ousside” cousin con.. Pov

    That cousin of mine has managed to step into a Hornet’s nest, and a powerplay is incoming, I had been keeping close tabs on that bitch Tsuruhana ever since the infamous Empress Fan slaps stupid bitch battle… Hmmph, my cousin was too strong for you fool! you are a gnat!!
    But this maggot has managed to stir things up with the Emperor, falsely accusing Reika of wrongdoing! Everyone knows that he’s in love with Takamichi, why the hell would he want her is beyond me, other than her brain what else is good? Reika is obviously superior in every way… except for her brain.. but that too is more lovable! like the old saying about a stupid child… right?

    Anyway, this is one battle that needs to be executed immediately! if the Emperor gets involved and believes this bullshit about Reika then I don’t know what will happen! I’ll do anything to prevent that… ANYTHING! snarling I wanted to bite something, arrgh so annoying.
    Oh… Reikas army is confronting that bitch! GAME ON BITCHES! HERE I COME! I’LL GUT YOU!!! I charge in with wild abandon to protect someone precious…

    Fellow Stalking horse pov
    A flustered student came running up to me, apparently, there was some kind of epic battle happening in the cafeteria… What the heck, the noisy screeching could be heard the closer I got, a sense of foreboding and dread gripped me as I saw a rather incredible scene unfolding. It was like a high school version of the Genpei war, with Kisshouins Onna-bugeisha surrounding her enemy Tsuruhana, and my fellow student council members adding fuel to the fire… I felt a headache throbbing in my temples as I watched the battle, stepping in I quickly ascertained the cause, they were defending Kisshouin’s reputation…

    Kisshouin’s Cousin was entangled with her senior, acting like an ally cat hissing and spitting at those who would tarnish Kisshouins name, is that hair in her hands? Girls fighting is indeed a frightening thing, but trying to break it up is even worse, unexpected help came in the form of Kaburagi, who stepped in applying his position and popularity to disperse the crowd, however, it only excited them further after he left with more words to vindicate and support Kisshouin. Her Onna-bugeisha or Samurai were gushing with praise at Kaburagi’s words, they were elated. Shaking my head I watched as them turn from feral cats to complacent playful kittens as if nothing violent just happened moments earlier…

    Again Kisshouin, your displays of power is impressive, your supporters are strong in their own right, how Tsuruhana manages to keep confronting you is also impressive, isn’t this yet another loss for her? seriously let it go, Kisshouin is too strong, stop making me work so damn hard when you get riled up enough to take on the Empress! Even though he was planning on scolding these 2 rivals, I realized that Tsuruhana probably deserved it, I was aware of a number of issues concerning her conduct, but with the Empress around she was often forced to be less of a problem, for that I was eternally grateful, as expected of the Leader of the girls, but who will keep Kisshouin in check? I looked at Kaburagi as he left, and silently sent my wishes to him, keep an eye on your troublesome Empress, I can only rely on you!
    Baka Pov
    What the hell is that noise! so much screaming and yelling could be heard across the Cafeteria, what on earth are they fighting about, I was so irritated that I could barely contain my anger, seriously I had no leads on the culprit of Wakaba’s bullying fiasco… If I find out who they are… Ill crush them… I saw a group of feral girls tearing each other apart, how ridiculous! hair pulling? pfft, weak. I could hear muffled screeches yelling about Kisshouin being framed for Takamichi… all this noise about that? what the hell!
    Wakaba was the one hurt, (by you fool!!) not Kisshouin! why aren’t they fighting about the cruel deeds done to my precious! how stupid to fight over something like this! tch, but then I remembered I had originally thought badly of Kisshouin as well… Kisshouin had helped with Yurie, giving me sound advice, she had shown by example that losing someone precious isn’t the end.. ugh.. snarling I told them all to shut up! I could see Kisshouin uselessly trying to control these wild cats…
    “Not only are you an earful, but you’re disgraceful too. We still haven’t discovered the culprit for Takamichi’s locker,” he continued (You’re too stupid to find the bully!)
    “So enough causing trouble with your pointless guessing.”How fucking annoying, (no you!) they don’t even give a shit that Wakaba got her stuff wrecked, stupid loud irritating cows!
    “Are we clear?” They make me sick…(back at you fool!) my poor Wakaba…
    “U-, Um, Kaburagi-sama!” Cried one of Kisshouins cronies, I was fed up, normally I can tolerate loud noisy women but this was not a good day.
    “Kaburagi-sama, Reika-sama has never bullied anybody. If you have to believe anything, please believe that!”
    “It’s true! Everything with Reika-sama is just a misunderstanding!”
    What the fuck, who cares about that!… I stopped, as a twinge of guilt pricked my conscience, grudging respect and admiration for such stalwart friends that support Kisshouin, defending her honor, such feelings echo the same sentiments on the battlefield surrounded by trustworthy comrades…(Baka thinks he’s a playground war hero or something, these girls bled and have bald spots for their battle fool! you cant even handle a seal of blood… weakling!…) I can at least acknowledge my belief in her innocence.. (how magnanimous of you baka!)
    “I do believe that” I said in passing as I walked out of the Cafeteria, my mind on other matters

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    1. Nice delu… imagination … I too harbor sub-dialog from other POV.

      “Kaburagi-sama, Reika-sama has never bullied anybody. If you have to believe anything, please believe that!”
      “It’s true! Everything with Reika-sama is just a misunderstanding!”

      Huh, so what was that in middle school? And the sports teams … that captain is draining our budget on antacids! But yeah, I guess they sort of deserved it. Why are there more factions here than a royal court anyway? Empress, my ass. She’s a troublemaker no matter how cute.

      Ugh. If I’m President and he’s Emperor, shouldn’t this be a constitutional monarchy? Is it time for a revolution? Hmmm ….

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  14. Another Enjou’s POV

    Being the heir of prestigious family had a lot of privilege and obligation that go hand in hand. As such, no matter how willful Masaya could be he still couldn’t avoid catering to his family’s need when his parents called him on it.
    I was of course, not so different from my best friend. Even if I am very unwilling, I still have to please my fiancee ‘candidate’ with a white day date. Yuiko was still a relative of ours and even if my feeling for her as romantic partner is nonexistent I still have to consider our relation.

    Masaya perhaps was luckier than me, the future bride his mother set her eyes on was being cooperative with him. In a sense, she was being so uncooperative that she avoided him like a plague. Unfortunately for me, as we came in one set I was subjected to the same treatment.

    At first it was a refreshing experience that a girl that wasn’t smitten by us exist, Yurie and Aira didn’t count of course as they were more of older sisters to us. However it became increasingly apparent to me that to Kishouin Reika, we are on the same standing as a pest. She tried to cover it with indifference and civility, she was quite good at it. However her behavior was so stark in contrast with other girl, even the dense Masaya started to wonder what’s Kishouin’s problem with them is.

    Of course, he didn’t care so much as he is occupied with Yurie and later on Takamichi. In my case, it became a hindrance when I start to develop interest on Kishouin as opposite sex. It must be some divine retribution for years of amusing myself with Masaya’s hopeless love for Yurie.
    Then again it was in human nature to want what they couldn’t get easily.

    Kishouin Reika being a beautiful girl with interesting personality helped I suppose,she just tickled my attention with everything unpredictable she did. Her keenness to avoid me if anything just spur me on to tease her whenever I could. Though I wish her respect in me she kept using as stock reason whenever our relationship topic came up was real.

    It was tense in school after three way fight between the girls, that in turn involve Masaya and president of Student Council. I knew that Kishouin wasn’t completely innocent, she had deliberately fanning rumors about another group of girls. She gave as good as she get, as the leaders of girls, Kishouin could be very vindictive.

    In fact, I believe anyone that wasn’t me or Masaya in Suiran could be wiped out easily if she feels inclined to do so. Tsuruhana-san should be wiser in picking her opponent, and she was foolish enough to confront Kishouin openly. Hence… the three way brawling ensues, and yet Kishouin could just standing her prettily without lifting a hand as other girls beat Tsuruhana up.

    Masaya and President of Student Council quickly dissolve the fight, but the atmosphere in school is still heavy. I wasn’t so worried because this kind of problem would be right on her forte and not the two guys. And as expected of her, she did so in one swift move.

    Though, I wish she didn’t sacrifice me with spilling juicy gossip for girls to obsess on. Just like that, the girls were more interested in my white day date and forgetting Tsuruhana incident.
    She even had the gall to hum happily after using me, she didn’t even feel bad for me. I knew she was indifferent about me, but being disregarded to this extent is way too much.

    So before I can stop myself, I caught my crush by her shoulder. Or rather I tap her by her shoulder, I was so glad my self restrain was higher than Masaya. Because a tap was enough to make her eyes go wide in terror, she might scream if I did what my feeling urged me to do. Just that expression was enough to make me cave in to not push it.

    “Since I have a debt to you, I’ll overlook things just this once, okay?” Yes, there was a lot of debt and it usually involve Masaya or Yukino one way or another.

    She was sweating in fear now, which mean her endurance to be in my presence was almost at its limit.

    “Anyhow, have a nice day,” I chuckled darkly as I bid her my farewell.
    And Masaya thought he had it hard.

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