Reika-sama – 201

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“Aahh, it’s finally gone…”

After finally scrubbing his thumb clean, Kaburagi returned to the small conference room.

“I scrubbed so hard that my skin’s all dry. Kisshouin, do you have any hand cream?”

What a high maintenance young master~


I took my hand cream out of my bag and handed it over.

He rubbed a bunch of it into his hands and looked pretty satisfied.

Curious, he turned it over to look at the brand.

I suppose he liked it.

They don’t sell that in Japan yet, so you can’t have it.

Give it back.

“Anyway, I’d like to talk about what we’re gunna do next.”


Oh right, I was supposed to help him with Wakaba-chan.

I was happy to just go along with it, all things considered.

For one thing he didn’t believe that I was the bully.

For another he had vowed not to attack my family.

“I see~”

Ah, what the hell.

I put on some hand cream too.

When you moisturised, you had to get right down to the fingernails.

Hm, it was feeling a bit dry, actually.

I made a note to use some nail oil when I got home.

“Oi, sound a bit less uncaring. Come on, I need your help. Your hair is the god of love, isn’t it? You’re supposed to have made a lot of loves bear fruit.”

“I have no recollection of my hair becoming such a thing, but…”

And also, neither Class Rep nor Iwamuro-kun’s crushes had borne any fruit yet.

At least in my opinion.

Speaking of which, I wonder how Sakura-chan and Akizawa-kun’s Valentine’s went.

I would ask her later.

“Oi, Kisshouin. Are you listening?”

“I most certainly am.”

Kaburagi looked at me incredibly suspiciously.

Did I seem that unconcerned?

Oh, was he angry?

Uh oh…

I quickly changed gears.

“You wanted to discuss our future plans, yes? Please continue.”

After a few more looks of distrust, Kaburagi sighed in defeat and continued.

“Kisshouin. Do you, uh, know which girl I like…?” he asked hesitantly.

“Takamichi-san, no?” I replied as a matter of course.

I was treated to a look of shock.

“So Kisshouin had noticed…” he muttered.



“You know… It is probably not just me. In fact, the odds are that the entire student body knows.”


I don’t know what he was so surprised about.

I mean, with the way he was behaving anybody would notice.

Don’t tell me he thought he was hiding it!?

“Kaburagi-sama who only ever says the bare minimum to any girl is suddenly talking with fervour to Takamichi-san. How could anybody miss it?”

“You’re right…” he exclaimed with his hand raised to his mouth.

“Please do not tell me that that was your idea of hiding it?”

“No, I mean, I wasn’t really trying to hide it but being told that flat-out was…”

I guess he was embarrassed.

And considering Wakaba-chan’s position, you should have been trying to hide it.

“You know, the major reason Takamichi-san is being harrassed is because other girls are jealous of the attention you give her.”

His expression turned severe.

“So it was my fault…”

“Well, it was not the only reason.”

For one thing, she was a commoner.

For another thing, despite having her own charm, she looked a little dopey, and was a far cry from the image of a capable woman.

And this was the girl who beat out Zui’ran’s pride and symbol in the exam rankings.

Considering the stock they put Zui’ran’s image, there were plenty of people who would find Wakaba-chan unacceptable.

“Do you have any idea who the culprit was yesterday?”

“I truly cannot say…”

I had no idea, but I would look into it.

“Do you know how the staff investigation is going?” I asked.

“They won’t bother looking. They’re pushing it under the rug to avoid a fuss,” he spat.

Well, I could understand that.

If the culprit happened to be a big wig they’d really be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

A member of the Pivoine for example.

In the past there was a Pivoine member who bullied somebody into dropping out so it wasn’t impossible.

But denouncing a member of the Pivoine would result in plenty of alumni lashing back.

Since the victim was just a powerless External Student they probably figured it would be better this way…

“I’m still looking for them myself, but I’ve got nothing so far.”

“I see.”

Plus, there was no guarantee that the person from yesterday was also responsible for the graffiti on her desk.

Actually, there were still people who suspected me of being the one behind yesterday.

I needed to do something about that.

First of all I needed to spread rumours about Tsuruhana-san and her friends trying to frame me for their own harassment.

Thanks to what Mochida-san said I’m pretty sure people would believe it.

They had history of bullying, after all.

Reika-sama was just a poor girl being blamed for no reason.

Yeah, that sounds good.

Besides that, all that was left was finding the culprit.

“How do you think I can help Takamichi?”

“Considering her situation she would probably be best served with you leaving her alone.”


Leaving your love for the sake of your love…

Yeah, from his expression he’s not buying that, huh.

“Are you telling me to give in to these cowards!?”

“That is not what…”

“Those tactics will never work against me. I’ll protect her. Just watch! I’ll never give up!”

“I see…”

I might have flipped some weird switch in him.

What a bother.


Kaburagi’s show of passion was interrupted when he suddenly checked his phone.

“Oh, Shuusuke’s asking where I am. Apparently people are talking about how we’re not in the salon today.”

Good timing.

I can finally get the hell out of here.

“Well then, we can continue this next time. I will be heading home now, but I suppose you will be returning the salon, no? I will continue my own investigations with the girls, so rest assured.”

“Yeah? Well that’s one thing, but we still haven’t discussed my love life at all yet. Ah well, it’s getting late I guess. Alright, we’ll continue another day.”

“Quite. Well then, please excuse me.”

I quickly made for the exit before he came up with anything else.

Unfortunately, before I made it, he stopped me again.

“Oh yeah, pass me your email address, Kisshouin.”


“I, I do not have a…”

“I know you’ve got a phone, Kisshouin. That play won’t work. Hand it over.”


I bitterly handed it over.

I had wanted to avoid this…

I wonder if I could ignore his messages by claiming my phone was out of batteries.

Anyhow, just as I left the room he sent me a message to check that it worked.

I ignored it, only to receive another message every five minutes.

I need to change my email!


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  1. I’ve been reading the novel update forum Enjou fanfiction…. so when I heard Enjou had called, I was like…. he’ll definitely be jelly hahaha

    I like this new development though. The King and Queen of the school plotting wars xD

    Liked by 49 people

              1. I probably overthink these things, but I find it hard to believe that Enjou would be that mentally developed when he’s just a few years of age. You’d want to write him as “bright for his age” but not have him be a fully-formed adult either. It’s excusable for Reika because of reincarnation magic.

                Liked by 2 people

                  1. Oh, it wasn’t feedback or anything.
                    It’s not that I don’t want to like stuff like this, but eh, it’s fan fiction at the end of the day. Enjou is way too sharp and interested in Reika from the get-go which is not really the established narrative I have in my head.

                    I just sort of assume that she wasn’t really noteworthy at the beginning and that if she was caught staring at Kaburagi or seemed embarrassed, then she was just being one of the usual kinds of girls that both boys had always been used to.

                    Consequentially, any Enjou POV probably would be fairly boring because most of his early life didn’t (and still doesn’t) revolve around Reika and he hasn’t undergone any interesting events like reincarnation. Reika is planning for the future at 8 yo or whatever, which is so very not normal for a child her age.

                    Liked by 4 people

                    1. I think he first became interested in her when he realized that she wasn’t another’s of the simpering masses of fan girls (when she said she didn’t particularly adore Kaburagi) and soon after, as he watched her, it developed into more. There was a point where Kaburagi was intently staring at her with a disappointed look like he didn’t think she was good enough- I think this was triggered by his best friend telling him that he liked Reika. Lastly, in elementary school during the sports festival, she was thinking it was unusual that a pivoine like Enjou would volunteer…well, maybe he just liked this sort of thing. Considering how much he pawns off work, I think he only volunteered to create a chance to get close to Reika- and it bombed big time. The more and more Reika showed immunity to his wooing, which has never failed before, the more and more he became fascinated by her and the more he desired her.
                      Anyways, that’s how I’ve viewed things from when they were kids.


                    2. I’d be surprised if Kaburagi even noticed Enjou’s crush. His self-absorption has been a pretty consistent character trait throughout the novel. I don’t remember the specific staring thing you’re talking about. (Except the time Reika ate that blue mint cake, which apparently is crazy to Japanese sensibilities.)

                      The only definitive evidence that shows Enjou started liking Reika is the POV chapter where it’s mentioned that an unnamed boy is watching her a lot. And that’s just after the time she exploded at Enjou and Kaburagi over the Tsuruhana fight.

                      I think that’s when Enjou’s opinion of her started to turn a corner. Nothing before that was “the thing” that made him like her. Her getting mad at the two of them is the point where they’re really confronted with her as a person that has emotions of her own and not this idealized princess or “Queen of the Girls.” Everything before that provides evidence of her actual character, but Enjou never really had cause to put two-and-two together until she became something a bit more than a classmate.

                      Liked by 3 people

                    3. Bleh, premature send.

                      Anyway, I read Enjou’s character as somebody who really does help people out of the goodness of his heart. That isn’t to say he won’t fob off work. He likes helping people, he just likes being efficient and doesn’t like working more than necessary to accomplish that.

                      Like Reika, he just might be one of those people who can’t say no to somebody in need and caves to their expectations. Like with Reika, they were probably hoping his status would help things run more smoothly.


                    4. I didn’t say he noticed it- I said that I thought Enjou told Kaburagi point blank that he was interested/liked Kisshouin, triggering Kaburagi to start noticing and staring at Kisshouin. (Previously he paid NO attention to reika and suddenly he watches her) Unfortunately, the first moment of this interest is in that incident you don’t remember, where Kaburagi, without any real reason, starts staring at Kisshouin like he’s disappointed and doesn’t think she’s good enough. She doesn’t focus on the moment- she just thinks, yeah, well I’m disappointed in you, too. Does anyone remember the specific chapter this was from?

                      I also kind of think Kaburagi’s punch onto Reika’s head and “now we’re even” was not an apology, but him actually being pissed off, but his bestie convinced him to not go ballistic to the girl he likes.


                    5. I mean to say that he hasn’t been told either. The intended spirit of my point is that Kaburagi doesn’t know at all about Enjou’s crush. If he did, it’d have been a significant plot point.

                      The “friendly rap” is essentially just Kaburagi being too prideful/tsundere to ACTUALLY apologize.

                      Furthermore, on further reflection, I think I understand WHY Enjou likes Reika now and why I think he began starting liking her after the Tsuruhana incident.

                      It’s because, up until that point, he still accepted the rumors and outward persona of Reika as this unapproachable Empress. He saw the evidence that didn’t add up but it didn’t entirely tear down the illusion until then.

                      Basically, he makes the mistake of thinking that Reika is perfect, graceful, mature, intelligent and is this person who rules with an iron grip. Everybody did. The key difference is that he should know better than that because he and Kaburagi are in the same boat.

                      It’s only after Reika’s outburst that he really gets that Reika is just like Enjou and Kaburagi. They’re all children who were born into fame and importance and aren’t quite comfortable with it or know what to do about it. Everybody kisses their asses and exaggerates their accomplishments.

                      His literal friend is “The Emperor.” But if he were anybody else, he’d just be a hypercompetitive adolescent boy who gets wayyyy to into his passions and hobbies. And that boy doesn’t really know what to do about all the attention he gets. He’s embarrassed by it.

                      Then it clicks for him. Reika isn’t any different. She’s afraid of attention and of slipping up and doesn’t want to have to get into cat fights just because she’s the Mighty Leader of the Big Important Girls.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    6. Well, my order is wrong. He first tried to get to know her better at the sports festival, before getting even more interested…
                      Chapter 46:
                      “As I was seething inside, my eyes met with Kaburagi.
                      After staring at me for a while, Kaburagi gave a small shake of his head.
                      Mn? What was that just now?
                      Why did he look at me like some pitiful disappointment?
                      I’ll let you know, but in terms of ‘disappointment level’, right now you’re basically my level, okay!”


                    7. If you read chapter 46, then you recognize that Kaburagi is mostly reacting to Reika’s anger about being called “Deer Girl” right after they’re discussing Kaburagi’s “Emperor” nickname.

                      He’s mostly looking down her for the Deer Girl thing and also shaking his head because he knows that neither of them are going to get one over on Enjou.


                    8. I kind of disagree, and think he’s taking a moment to stare at reika in disappointment while the natural progression at that point would be to be mad at Enjou. Anyways, though it seems we strongly disagree on how these situations are read, we won’t be able to confirm who, if any of us, is correct until the author decides to put us out of our misery.


                    9. The thing is that Kaburagi does get mad at Enjou. That is exactly the thing that happens. It’s cut-and-dry:
                      “One day I’ll give you a dumb nickname too,” exclaimed Kaburagi in frustration.

                      A line like that isn’t going to scare him at all, Kaburagi.
                      Look, Enjou is laughing even harder now.
                      Aahh, but I also wanna find out Enjou’s weak point.
                      I want to find it, and then rub salt all over it.
                      It’s unfair that he’s the only one that can be calm like this.
                      What ‘Deer Girl’.

                      As I was seething inside, my eyes met with Kaburagi.
                      After staring at me for a while, Kaburagi gave a small shake of his head.
                      Mn? What was that just now?
                      Why did he look at me like some pitiful disappointment?
                      I’ll let you know, but in terms of ‘disappointment level’, right now you’re basically my level, okay!
                      You have to really stretch to interpret this passage as evidence that Kaburagi doesn’t think Reika is girlfriend material for Enjou.

                      It’s straightfowardly just the both of them being mad at Enjou for having fun at their expense.

                      The only other thing we can take from this is that:
                      1) Kaburagi is used to being teased by Enjou because they’re that close.
                      2) That Kaburagi has a tendency to be show his disapproval on his sleeve. This isn’t specific to Reika, he does it everytime Reika is just being clumsy or does something he thinks she could do better. (Not wearing a nose on her later costumes or when she’s eating mint cake.)

                      I don’t have to stretch, those are totally within his character.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    10. You think it’s a stretch, I think it’s obvious and find it amazing you don’t see Enjou liking Reika (also with the sports festival). The reason I said we’d just have to wait for the author is because it’s obvious that we aren’t going to convince each other. But whatever- think what you will.


                    11. No, I agree that Enjou likes Reika, I don’t think he’s ever told Kaburagi. That’s my point. I also disagree with the timeframe that it happened in.


                    12. Nah. I do agree that everything in their relationship changed when he had a taste of Reika’s sucker punch, but I don’t think he sees her as the great Maria Antoinette as every does. Because if he did he wouldn’t be able to gain “favor” from her. I think Enjou at a young age is a spoiled brat with a strongly developed sense of noblesse oblige. That’s probably why he sometimes help those in need and well mannered in his approach. Nonetheless he is still a spoiled brat, because he subtly make others do his bidding. Of course, nobody(except probably his family) ever says no to him. If I recall, whatever work he does, the others finished it for him. Oh right, he also viewed Reika differently, but as someone who let others take advantage of. So he also did took advantage of her, even to pushed her to her limit. That’s why when she exploded he even tried to reprimand her(kinda assholish even for him).

                      If you ask me when he did started liking her, probably the little interactions after that but the catalyst is when Reika made them back off and then punch him in the gut the next day.

                      Wow, this guessing game is quite fun

                      Liked by 1 person

    1. Best fanfiction that I’ve ever read!


      (What I see in Enjou – Ruthless, Cold, cunning, black-hearthed man lol)

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    2. After this series is done, I want either a bunch of side POV spin-offs/oneshots set for the duration of the whole series. Or you know, fanfics like this but done after the series ends ^^

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  2. “I ignored it, only to receive another message every five minutes.”
    The faboulous foundation of a stalker is shining through today as well

    Thanks for the chapter

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    1. The funny thing is that I thought it was uncharacteristic of him to accept Reika going home so easily and I had thought he matured a bit . . .

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  3. Oh lordie, what are the odds that other people find out that they shared emails? At least 95%?

    Only question is whether it’s one of their mothers, Enjou, one of the little kids, or Wakaba. Or in some twist, the entire student population

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  4. Thank you for the chapter!
    “I need to change my email!” No Reika-sama, better yet, block him, or filter him to spam and delete them.

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    1. Two things. One, submit his email to a condo time sharing leads list and an internet porn site. They’ll hound him to his grave trying to sell him real estate and his inbox will explode from messages from Amber, Destany, and Tatiana who want to be ‘friends’. Second, when he want advice, give him plot lines from various soap operas. There are millions of them and one might actually work.

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      1. 1. Kaburagi is rich. So he might as well buy the real estate agency. As for Amber, Destany, and tatiana….. they might get a coaching on how to play horse and evolve into the militant type…
        2. With his track record, it’s a 100% fail if he does it on his own. 98% chance fail chance if Enjou personally helped. 50% chance if reika actively helped.

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      2. Oh come now, the value of the thing is determined by the people who want it, not by yourself.

        And Kaburagi’s email has value to his fangirls.

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    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

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  7. He doesnt give a shit about whats happening to Wakaba so long as he still gets to hang around her, its not about giving up on being with her because of those bullies… jerk..

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    1. That’s what I always thought when I used to binge on shoujo manga’s before, “Yo, dude. You’re a fucking airhead! Can’t you see your swarming seagull’s pecking her because of you?!”

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      1. I agree but its also that he doesnt give a shit because its not his fault that theyre doing this, he takes no ownership of the escalation in bullying towards Wakaba due to his relationship with her.

        Hes right to think that way, those bullies are the reason and cause of Wakabas suffering, hes like a bowl of water on a hot humid day thats become a nesting ground for mosquito larvae… the water in itself isnt a problem, only that it attracts unwanted pests, so either get rid of the bowl of water or have mosquito repellent on hand to get rid of the issue, but hes thinking why should they get rid of me, its not my fault that Im a mosquito love nest.

        Hes not wrong thinking that, hes not the problem they are, the bullies, if bug repellent isnt working nor any other countermeasures then why exacerbate the situation? just empty the fucking bowl of water!

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        1. Meh, I honestly think Kaburagi has a point.

          Reika is much too lowkey and indirect in her methods. Forget subtlety, Reika’s actions are so roundabout as to almost be nonexistent at times. Her advice is just the usual variation on her hiding and kicking the can down the road.

          As I’ve pointed out, Kaburagi *wants* to take on this project. Good on him, since it’s something Reika doesn’t want for herself. And it’s about time somebody did something. At this point, it’s a proven that very little can actually damage Reika or Kaburagi’s reputations.

          To the contrary, Reika has a reputation for being a generous and model student. So I think she can win a PR war if she plays it right. If she’d play at all.


  8. What’s funny about this: Kaburagi’s literally the only one Reika genuinely acts as UNCARING KISSHOUIN QUEEN to.

    Well, maybe Katsuragi too.

    But really, we know she cares about people and events way more than people expect. So much of her persona is an act. But with Ka__ragis she genuinely can’t care less about their troublesome idiocy.

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    Also, I see a fan and a peony branch in the future of some bullies…

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    I’m honestly kinda scared. Imagine him proclaiming that speech with an honest face and holding a hand to his chest.

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    This is basicaly an order XDXD

    “I need to change my email!”
    You can’t run away now Reika~!

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                  1. Sure, just providing context to darklain.
                    The overall point being that this is essentially just some personal project that the author does for fun. It’s not her day job.


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