Reika-sama – 195

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The day after seeing off Enjou and who I thought was Yuiko-san, Enjou himself came and thanked me again.

“Yukino was overjoyed. He even started talking about how he was going to write you a reply. I’ll bring it to you tomorrow.”

“My! I would be overjoyed too if I managed to help his mood even a little! I apologise for not being able to write anything meaningful.”

“Don’t say that. He had a lot of fun reading about your recent endeavours with dessert making.”

“I truly wrote nothing but trifling nonsense…”

“Speaking of the dessert making, could it be that you’re preparing for Valentine’s?”

“Well, yes…”

It was kind of embarrassing to be asked that…

It made you seem like you were really excited about it…

“I see. Have you already got a list of who you’ll be giving them to?”


Why was he asking me this?

“Mmmn, well, I think that brat Yukino is hoping for some from you.”

“Eh!? Truly!?”

“He won’t out and say it though, but yeah~ Ever since reading your letter he’s been asking us what we think you’re making. Normally if you hear that a girl is making desserts you’d think of Valentine’s, right?”

“I do believe that there are people who make desserts even beyond Valentine’s Day. I have thought about giving Yukino-kun some chocolate before, so I am glad to hear that he wants some. The issue is that my handmade desserts are not good enough to share beyond my family. I would rather buy some cute white chocolate that suits his name better.”

“Thanks. I guess his hopes aren’t unfounded now. It’s pretty rough being a guy, you know? You wait, and you wait, and the more sure you are about getting chocolates, the bigger the shock is when you don’t.”

“Huhuhu. Considering the stacks of chocolates that you receive each year, I am sure that such a feeling is foreign to you two.”

“Well, who knows.”

Oh my.

Look at the smug smile of a popular guy on his mug.


But still, he had a point.

Whenever Valentine’s day came around I was particularly glad I wasn’t born a guy.

Considering my current record with love I probably wouldn’t get a single chocolate…

My, my, I need to expand the Forever Alone village.

Reviving this village is going to be a tough job.

A few days later Yukino-kun’s reply letter came, along with desserts from their okaasama as thanks.

I had to quickly write a reply!



The closer to Valentine’s it got, the more Wakaba-chan was harrassed by Kaburagi and Fellow Stalking Horse’s fans.

She was their biggest rival after all.

I was worried about her so I gathered my courage and called her.

She told me that she had put a lock on her locker, and she had been keeping her shoebox locked since the last incident.

She never left anything at her desk before going home either.

Since she wasn’t getting anything vandalised anymore, she assured me that there wasn’t any real harm.

“Still,” she added, “when I dropped my rubber and went to pick it up, I was really surprised to find an ofuda stuck underneath my chair.”

Ehhhh!? Was that a curse or something!? Scary!

Wakaba-chan needed to go get exorcised!

“What did you do?”

“Huh? I peeled it off and threw it in the garbage of course.”

You’re too strong, Wakaba-chan…



It was pandemonium at Zui’ran on Valentine’s day.

Queues of girls had lined up outside of Kaburagi, Enjou, and Fellow Stalking Horse’s classes.

Hordes of chocolate-holding girls from the middle school section had come too.

Since it had nothing to do with me, though, I was actually having a lot of fun watching them.

At the moment I was wondering how much chocolate it would be by the end of the day.

The particularly bold girls were handing them to Enjou and Kaburagi directly.

Serika-chan and the others had obviously given chocolates to them.

It was nice that they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

What I brought to school was mostly chocolates to exchange with girls, and the chocolates for Yukino-kun.

I was heading to the Petit Salon after school.

Or so I had planned, but after the classes ended, Enjou stopped me.

“Sorry, Kisshouin-san. Yukino went to hospital today, so he left earlier.”


What the heck!?

I should have given them earlier then!

“Then, what should I do with these…?”

I held out the chocolates for Yukino-kun.

“You could give them tomorrow, or I could hand them over for you today…”

“It would be better for him to receive these today, I think. In that case, could I trouble you to deliver these?”

“Yeah. Sure. Sorry about making you do this.”

“Not at all.”

Just as I handed these to him, I had a suddenly realisation.

Didn’t this look like I was handing chocolates to Enjou on Valentine’s day!?

Oh crap!

“Enjou-sama! You must absolutely deliver these chocolate to your esteemed brother! These chocolates are for your esteemed brother!” I said loudly, putting stress on who they were for.

Enjou seemed to understand my worries because he was smiling in enjoyment.

Buzz off!

I turned around to hurry home only to spot Kaburagi loitering like he was looking for someone.



Just like Wakaba-chan and Kanta-kun had taught me, I followed the recipe to the letter.

When I tried one of the resulting fondant au chocolats, it tasted exactly the same as the one at Wakaba-chan’s!

So, so delicious!

So I was wrong about home made food being unique experiences after all!

I hurried to Otousama to hand him his.

Taste it, Otousama! Taste the fruits of my labour!

“Thank you, Reika. I’m really happy,” he said.

For whatever reason he was being really slow about it.

Then he broke off a dainty piece with his fork.

Huh? Are you a girl? Go for a big chunk.

When he finally put it into his mouth, Otousama’s eyes shot wide open.

“What happened, Reika!? These are delicious!”

…Your mouth slipped, Tanuki.

“Otousama, what is that supposed to mean?”

“Ahh… I mean, you’ve gotten really skilled at making desserts. Did you learn this from the Narutomi family’s Akimi-san as well?”

In a completely different picture to before, Otousama was happily gobbling it down.

“…No. I learnt this from another friend.”

“Oh? A friend from Zui’ran?”

“Well, yes…”

“Was it one of the girls that came to our house a few times?” asked Okaasama as she sat down beside him. “The ones from primary. I think their names were Serika-san and…”

Okaasama didn’t eat sweet things often in consideration for her looks, so she never touched any of the chocolates I made.

In any case, I was a little surprised that Okaasama still remembered the names of my friends.

They had only come over a few times in total…

“It was not them, Okaasama. This is somebody I interacted with during club activities.”

I decided it would be better not to mention her.

Plus, I never said it was somebody in my club.

As a club, we definitely interacted with the Student Council.

“I see. A girl from a nice family, then? Don’t hang out with anybody strange.”


“After all, in the high school section it’s a mixed bag. Be careful in who you associate with, Reika-san.”

“It is not a problem. By the way, Otousama, would you like one more? There are still many left.”

“Really? Since you made them for me, maybe I’ll have one more.”

“Dear. Eating before bed like this will make your cholesterol rise again.”

“…I suppose.”

Oh gosh, Otousama.

You have high cholesterol?

I’d better get that healthy food program started right away.

I decided to learn from Akimi-san as soon as the exams were over.

I gave Oniisama’s portion a proper cling wrap before putting them in the fridge.

Apparently microwaving them would make the insides nice and soft again, so he could have some when he came back from work!


In the end I never gave any proper chocolates to a boy I liked.

I did pop into the library after school, but Naru-kun wasn’t there.

Even if I didn’t have the guts to give them over properly, I thought it would be nice to sneak some into his bag while he wasn’t looking.

Thinking about it later, though, it would have been scary to find food you didn’t know about in there…

Thank goodness I didn’t do it…

I got sleepy while waiting for Oniisama in my room, so in decided to take a nap in my bed and ended up sleeping soundly until morning.

Geez, Oniisama. What time did you come home anyway?


Since I didn’t know when I’d see Imari-sama next, I had somebody send over the fondant au chocolat, as well as some coffee from a chocolate shop.

After all, there was no way the Chief of the Casanova village wouldn’t have plans on Valentine’s day, right?

I was sure he had a lot of chocolates already, but I hoped he’d try mine.

Well, it was Imari-sama though, so I was sure he’d have a bite at least.

It would be days later when Imari-sama sent me a sachet and herb tea set from the oldest pharmacy in the world in Florence.

Imari-sama, don’t tell me that you send something to everyone that gives you a chocolate!?

As expected of Imari-sama…


The day after Valentine’s, Kaburagi was looking lifeless…

Was this the phenomenon that Enjou was talking about?



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  1. Oh Enjou… When are you going to learn that hinting to Reika Does. Not. Work.

    Poor Yukino probably got some of his Nee-sama chocolates taken away as a service fee.

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            When you go back and read her three rules after Reika-san found out she is a reincarnator, you will be surprise she actually did as that three rules of her until now.

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            Now, imagine Enjou Reika. Doesn’t really quite roll so well. It’s weird to think about.


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              read my mind. I was thinking can Reika please keep his family name even after she married into Enjou household please? Her name lit!

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              It’s beautiful

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    1. she is smart , Our Wakaba is more real than the Shoujo Novel Wakaba, she knows that only Reika-sama could make her safe, messing around with Bakaragi ‘ fans is like stealing bones from dogs , she will be barked at or worser bitten by them

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      Enjou is quite pitiful!

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      Reika: “…?……!!!”

      …Probably not. Enjou seems to be the type to bring these kinds of matter into grave, if there is no merit in revealing 😆

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    Your love is one sided! It was easier for Wakaba to give chocolate for Cornet-sama than for him!
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    Imari-sama… onii-sama will catch you!

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    That being said that tiny part of me kept insisting in my head that you were talking about her dropping a condom.

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        1. Rubber is ‘Murrican slang for the tubular contraceptive device, as opposed to a tool used to remove graphite from paper or playing a round of whist.

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          1. To be fair, in JP ‘rubber’ can also be slang for latex suit which usually is linked to BDSM.

            The same writing can also be read ‘lover’ tho :v so eh.


  4. that sly Enjou indirectly asked for Valentine chocolate …
    welll Pooooor him, our village head Ignorance Lvl is too high for him …
    but lucky him, his shameless plan to use his brother name worked … don’t you dare to eat it Enjou, you only allowed to show it to Yuiko maybe …
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    Reika’ father , greed is not good… now you facing a real crisis here … Gokigen’yoh and Goodluck

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    1. My headcanon is that Tanuki actually looked Imari/Kaburagi/Enjou bishounen in his younger days. Or maybe still even does, but just that he’s put on a bit of weight and Reika is biased against him.

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      1. I feel the same way. I mean, Both Kisshoiin children are model-tier beautiful. His wife’s genes alone can’t be doing that, and his wife seems like the sort of woman who chose him for more than just his family/wealth (as they’re literally surrounded by people who already have immense wealth, so good looks/personality are the real selection factor).

        Of course, after he became a President of his own company and had access to power and wealth, he probably got a little too comfortable having a blast eating and enjoying himself (as well, since in the original timeline he was supposed to be a greedy embezzler type of person without Reika to keep him in check).

        It’s nice of his wife to stay faithful in the marriage since she take such concern with her own health and looks while her husband let himself go!

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  5. Lololol, Reika was so desperate to stop the misunderstanding with the chocolate it made that Haraguro smirking. And YASS go straight to the forever alone village Bakaburagi, The chief village is planning on expanding, there’s gonna be plenty of rooms for you😏😂😂😂
    On a side note though, why does the tanuki gets to go home early and Taketeru-oniisama is not. 🌚😂

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    1. You have to remember that Reika’s giri-choco are famous in her family for being horrendous abominations against food.

      He probably worked all night (or hid in a hotel overnight) in order to avoid having to eat Reika’s chocolates in front of her face, not knowing she actually bothered to follow the recipe properly this year. He’s in for a surprise if he actually tries it (or Tanuki will eat it for him eventually, knowing the secret).

      It’d be even funnier if he wanted to play a prank on Imari and gave his chocolate from Reika to him, only to discover it’s delicious and fueling any inclination he had for Reika further.

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      1. Didn’t think about that angle. I thought that the late night plot was set up for Oniisama to bring home a woman or girl in a future chapter. Now that I think about it, that is hilarious.

        I wonder why though? Who could resist a Cthulhu Crunch, Shoggoth Surprise, or a Crawling Chaos Chew (alternately called Nyarko-chan’s Nougat)? Guaranteed to inspire an out of body experience. And freshly summoned by his own flesh and blood, no less.

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    2. Village chief position is already taken, but priest/monk is left open. If Wakaba refuses to be in relationship with Masaya, then Bakaburagi can just shave his head and take prominent position in Reikas village.

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      1. True!! Reika-sama’s Village is in need of a change spiritual guidance😂 and it kinda reminds me how concubines and stuff who leaves, goes to a temple and becomes a nun🌚😂😂😂


  6. When everyone else is commenting on the Valentine’s Day fiasco and I’m just here crying because I’m so proud of Reika finally being able to cook something all by herself and it turned out delicious. Well done Village Chief

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  7. Enjou is a idiot too if he thinks hinting at anything is going to work. The last person our village head would give valentine chocolates to is a guy with a potential fiance (i.e. Yuiko)

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  8. Enjou’s actions in this chapter is really… Suspicious…

    I mean telling Reika that Yukino wishes to eat her chocolates on valentine, then telling reiko that he couldn’t come due to his sickness, then proposing to Reika that he’ll give it to him, seems a bit to covenient to be coincidence, right?

    Altough I wished that he was hitting on her,
    I doubt he did it because he likes her,
    My istincts tell’s me that something is amiss…
    Enjou is definitely scheming something!
    …Or could it be that Yukino was the mastermind all along?

    Why did I even write this comment?

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    1. It’s pretty rough being a guy, you know? You wait, and you wait, and the more sure you are about getting chocolates, the bigger the shock is when you don’t.”

      “Huhuhu. Considering the stacks of chocolates that you receive each year, I am sure that such a feeling is foreign to you two.”

      “Well, who knows.”

      – Is Enjou talking from his own experience here? And if he is, is he talking about Reika not giving him any chocolates? I couldn’t remember Reika hinting at giving him choco in the past though?

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        1. Quite possible. =)

          Now that you mention Kaburagi, I wonder how many of the Suiran masses would link Kaburagi being lifeless and Reika-sama *seemingly* giving Enjou a Velentines choco? They are now involved in a love triangle. Haha.

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      1. He’s saying that Reika’s chocolates are the only ones he cares about and anticipates. That’s his point, she’s never given him any so it’s disappointing.

        Reika took it the wrong way and thought he was just being smug because she’s Forever Alone.

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      2. RESEARCH. Let us look back at the previous year – chapter 105. At the time:

        – End of 1st year of high school
        – Enjou just brought Kaburagi back from his broken-heart piligrimage
        – Despite being childhood friends, Enjou and Reika are talking regularly for pretty much the 1st time through mutual Emperor-babysitting
        – Reika was giddy about finally getting to participate in Valentines day (albeit for Tomoe-senpai + gf)

        If you put on ’em shipping glasses, if he’d been hiding that long, it’s not out of question for Enjou to have expected something. Actually – not even giri choco, Reika?

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    2. I’ve been meaning to have this talk for awhile now, but it seems a discussion about planning and strategy is inevitable.

      The best strategies are the simplest.
      Most people seem to think smart planners are like this:

      Except Light Yagami is what I call a Hollywood smart person. Or: What a stupid person thinks a smart person is like. This is somebody who perfectly predicts the future and can hinge their entire complicated plans off of one or two trivial and unreliable elements. (Light should’ve died in the first act and the author seems to think so as well.)

      So let’s talk about a webcomic that would be an isekai reincarnation story, except it’s written by a westerner and is about a tabletop wargaming nerd who is summoned to be the Perfect Warlord. His plans *do* fail and when this is pointed out to him, he flips his shit. Because of course they do. Being a “genius” is not about having perfect plans. They’re partly about having fault tolerant plans under limited time, resources and information.

      I think Enjou is just using Yukino as an excuse to talk to Reika, when he otherwise wouldn’t have any reason to associate with her. That he’s seen publicly being given chocolates is just a fringe benefit of the plan but it’s not the end goal of getting to know her. It’s like an extra unplanned bonus that he worked in on the spot with a little improvisation because the opportunity presented itself. He’s always enjoyed watching her squirm a bit.

      I hesitate to give Enjou a hard time because of the whole Japanese confession ritual. I used to think that was just a thing that only happened in anime. But no, it’s real. I’m not exactly sure how it works except that it seems like you mostly get coffee *after* you’re officially a couple and not before (though there seem to be exceptions). This seems like it’s putting the cart before the horse, but the Japanese seem to think dating before becoming official doesn’t make any sense either (“How would you know?”)

      Kinda makes just inviting Reika out for coffee with no strings attached kind of hard. (Hang out? Why? We’re not friends.) And there are only so many times you can confess before it gets pushy. And the whole, “You don’t have to give me an answer now” just gives the other person an easy way to flake out.

      Hinting doesn’t work. But neither does a straightforward charge with a bouquet of roses and a quick sweeping-of-the-feet. That’s liable to just annoy Reika more than anything.

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      1. Well dang, meant to nest that under F_J down there.
        Oh well, point being, it’s fun to jump on Enjou for complicated plots and then WAY overestimate his abilities.

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    3. Alright, I think I understood why I felt something is amiss in this chapter.
      Mainly put, the fact that ‘Enjou’, told Reika that ‘Yukino’ seemingly ‘wanted’ to have ‘Reikas’ chocolate.

      And conveniently, ‘Enjou’ asked this by the time Reika learned HOW TO FOLLOW THAT RECIPE!!!
      Coincidence? Maybe? Well who knows? Though I felt that this is just a coincidence, but if it’s not, then my theory would change *alot*…

      Well there’s also the question of why did ‘Enjou’ said this to her out of the blue? But I’m not gonna cover that topic for now

      Well moving on, after ‘Enjou’ told her this, when the day vallentine came, Enjou told Reika that Yukino “GOT SICK!”
      And then Enjou suddenly proposed to her that he would be the one to give it to Yukino. Oh and he told her this when she’s about to go to petit salon after the bell rang (meaning, Enjou said this to her either inside her classroom or outside the classroom with probably lots of people in it.)
      Is this normal? Cause I don’t think it’s normal at all.
      Enjou, as you know, is a very competent person.
      Unlike from that Legendary Idio… *ahem* “Student” who doesn’t think for his actions, Enjou ALWAYS thinks ahead with either 3 steps or so.
      And HE should know by know that Reika HATES exposure!
      And yet he did it anyway, making Reika to give the chocolate to her, which would ‘DEFENITELY’ cause an uproar…

      Oh and as for Yukino’s sickness, did you all notice that his attacks are getting frequent recently? I mean he wasn’t frequently that ‘sick’ and even his brother told Reika that Yukino’s sickness has lessened, so why did Yukino recieved it now? (And I’m gonna answer this one, Yukino get’s attacks frequently when it’s cold. And assuming I’m right, by the time febuary hits, the weather is still cold due to winter, and thus, Yukino’s sickness. But if it’s not, it also changes things…

      Then let’s go back to the previous chapter, when Reika gave Enjou the letter for Yukino. And when she wgave it to him, that candidate-fiance-girl-whatever-her-name-is is inside the car waiting…
      Why was she there? Oh and assuming I’m right, she gave the letter to him by the gates… Did she saw Enjou recieving the letter from Reika?

      The lastly, I would like to point out Yukino’s and Enjou’s relationship.
      As brothers, they have at least one of the best relation out there,
      With the older brother being over protective with his little brother and his brother looking up at him (Why am I getting a Yaoi vibe here?).
      And so I could not believe my eyes when Enjou ‘badmouthed’ his little brother by calling him “that little brat” in this chapter.

      So what exactly am I pointing out?
      Well just like what the witches from shakesphere’s book said;
      “Fair is foul and foul is fair, hover through the fog that filthy air” which reminds the readers that whatever would look so fair is actually foul.

      Something big is going on in here, I think…
      Well fairly put, Enjou is getting engaged to that wanabe-girl-whose-name-I-don’t-know.


      1. Part 2 of my theory (never knew this would take too long XD)
        And since we know that Yukino doesn’t like her, we could tell that a ruse is going on inside their house.

        And by here, either of these two might have happened.
        1.) To postpone the engagement, Enjou decided to make a new candidate by adding Reika in it, which should postpone their engagement due to political reasons (assuming that Reika’s house is more powerful than that wanabe-first-real-rival-appearing-girl).
        2.) Yukino persuaded Enjou to somewhat turn Reika into one of his candidate as a fiance, which covers the fact on why Enjou called his little brother a brath ( cause Yukino’s the one SCHEMING HERE!)

        And as for my other theory,
        If assuming Enjou knew that Reika finally learned to follow the recipe when she told her Yukino would like one, then it could only mean thing!

        …Enjou knows Reika’s little dirty secret.
        That’s right, the way that Enjou said this could actually mean;
        “I heared you learned to bake from that girl so I would like to have a taste of it.”

        (…Why does this feel kind of indecent?)


      2. Reika wrote about her dessert-making in the letter she wrote to Yukino. It mentions it like three lines into this chapter.

        Enjou says, and I quote, “He won’t out and say it though, but yeah~ Ever since reading your letter he’s been asking us what we think you’re making. Normally if you hear that a girl is making desserts you’d think of Valentine’s, right?”

        It’s a completely reasonable guess given the timing of the year. And they only know about the kind of cooking where she got help from Akimi. So they have no reason to expect it to be bad.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. He also has no reason to lie about Yukino getting sick. It’s the kind of lie that’s easily verifiable, has no benefits and isn’t in his character anyway. He can visit the Petite whenever he wants and didn’t need an excuse the last time he went at Christmas with Kaburagi. He doesn’t need to lie about Yukino being sick.

          I suppose I should also point out that Enjou isn’t some lovesick puppy or stalker. Just liking Reika doesn’t mean he’s going to completely rearrange his life around her. He’ll take any excuse to talk or hang out with her, but he’s not going to hurt his brother over it, let his grades slip or alienate people in his social circle.

          I think it should be fair that he’s interested in Reika partly BECAUSE she has a live outside of boys and talking about them. Which can’t be said for the hordes of Suiran fangirls.

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          1. Well, some of Detective kuronikou’s observations are very interesting.

            Making Yuiko an audience to him receiving letter from Reika…That part startled me. I somehow missed it because we are looking at the event through Reika’s pov, but hey it’s true! Enjou Shuusuke! What was that?! XD


          2. Exactly why I’m on this ship, because he (probably?) acts like a normal person who has a crush. He sounds like a realistic guy, a kind of person who won’t go all out just because he liked that person. Unlike Kabugi, who is passionate to the core(bordering on stalking, that creeps me out).

            Although some of the time I think Enjou doesn’t her like that at all(but still I’m on their ship, I have a feeling they’ll have a healthy releationship if they get together)


  9. Enjou exploiting Yukino to be friendly to Reika feels a little unpleasant.

    Well some of those smiles have got to be hiding grimaces so it is not so bad.

    I see her father caught on that she didn’t want to admit who helped her make the choclates .

    “Chocolates to exchange with girls”
    Hmm…has Reika bern getting ‘friendship’ chocolates from girls all this time?

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  10. I’M SO SUSPICIOUS OF ENJOU!!! LIKE ISN’T IT TOO MUCH OF A COINCIDENCE TO NOT BE PLANNED?!?! Not only that, but Enjou used Yukino’s name one too many times, that I’m thinking the two brothers are in on it together!!

    lolol Reika’s onii-sama coming home late on purpose so he doesn’t have to eat her dessert in front of her! XD Too bad she actually did it well this time.

    Kaburagi… PFT So stupid. I can’t feel pity for him. Reika should welcome him into the village, cause I see no relationships in his future. But then again, he may be too troublesome

    Many thanks~

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  11. Ohohohoho Enjou, Enjou, Enjou… Unfortunately, hinting things to our dense Reika is like pouring salt to the sea, it does nothing. Don’t you dare ate that chocolate for Yukino!

    Wakaba-chan is strong. Uh, did the mom just hinted trouble in the future for ReikaxWakaba? 😱

    Did Bakaburagi sad because Wakaba-chan didn’t gave him chocolate? LMAO 😂

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    No, no, this is not a prank! Don’t hang up, I’m serious! You can actually eat these things! What do you mean, bragging? We’re at the end of our ropes here!
    They hanged up. Okaa-san, what are we going to do?”
    -Diary of a Concerned Otousama, entry #45 (recorded)

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    I have been watching Masaya chasing after two ladies of his heart, and it was not exaggeration to say I learned a lot from him. Of course in this context, I learned from his mistakes not taking notes from my best friend. Even though our brain capacity was about equal, when it comes to EQ, Masaya was almost on the same level of chimpanzee.

    Does it sounds cruel of me to say that about my best friend? It was more of a statement than an insult if by the time he was a high school student, Masaya didn’t learn an iota of common sense in how to approach a girl. He was so overbearing and passionate in chasing his lady love, it’s a blessing Yuri-san is such a patient lady, or she would have reported Masaya to police for his excessive stalking that’s just one step away from criminal.

    So when I realize my interest in one particular girl, I swore to never repeat Masaya’s mistake. Especially since this lady I chose was already wary of me for who knows why, and I don’t even want to imagine what she would do if I was even half as overbearing as Masaya.
    Which is why throughout the years in the same school, I tried to get closer to Kishouin Reika. On a pace so slow that would make turtle comparable to purebred racing horse horse in comparison.

    There was one time I was in the same committee with her, you’d think that would be my chance to get closer. Not only she kept me at arm length, my lady love seem to view me as a hindrance rather than extra hand. It wasn’t like I can get rid of my admirers and she would be more alarmed if I acted like Masaya and told them off so I could spend time with her.

    Years gone by and I am getting nowhere. So when Yukino became attached to Kishouin-san, I saw a small gap I can exploit to get closer to her. It was pathetic, but Kishouin-san seemed unwilling to approach me voluntarily if it didn’t involve my little brother.
    It also didn’t help my beloved brother seemed keen to be my rival too for her heart, thankfully he was too young for her.

    Another way I tried was Yuiko, hoping to see if there are any sign she has any interest in me as a man. I know for sure at least she think my appearance is attractive like general female population in Suiran, but that wasn’t the same as liking me. From what I can see she was curious of Yuiko who was a candidate to be my fiancee, but I didn’t dare to hope to see any jealousy.

    As I am getting desperate, I decide to tone down my subtlety and go for an attack that could be considered obvious in my book

    “Don’t say that. He had a lot of fun reading about your recent endeavors with dessert making.”

    “I truly wrote nothing but trifling nonsense…”

    Now the topic move towards that direction, I can casually bring up this question. “Speaking of the dessert making, could it be that you’re preparing for Valentine’s?”

    “Well, yes…” She answered demurely, there was a slight blush on her cheeks that made my hands itch to pinch them.

    “I see. Have you already got a list of who you’ll be giving them to?”


    She seemed surprised I asked, and it was obvious she was confused why I ask her. As much as I am tempted to say I ask because I want her chocolate, I couldn’t. “Mmmn, well.” I trailed off, “I think that brat Yukino is hoping for some from you.” I was almost falling down to Masaya’s level with this, just blame my beloved brother for everything.

    I spun my story and manage to dig up that Kisshouin did prepare some for her girlfriends and family. Claiming her cooking wasn’t good enough, outside of family she would give store bought chocolate. What a pity…

    “Thanks. I guess his hopes aren’t unfounded now. It’s pretty rough being a guy, you know? You wait, and you wait, and the more sure you are about getting chocolates, the bigger the shock is when you don’t.” This wasn’t a lie, as I did hold faint hope year after year that she would give me some even if it was just for courtesy. However, no such luck as Kishouin-san didn’t even consider it.

    “Huhuhu. Considering the stacks of chocolates that you receive each year, I am sure that such a feeling is foreign to you two.”

    “Well, who knows.” Actually that feeling was very familiar to me. A pile of chocolates from other girl, while appreciated wasn’t from the girl I wanted.

    She paused at that, and looked at me thoughtfully. …She thought I was being a smug popular boy, didn’t she?

    On valentine day, as promised she deliver the chocolate. Yukino was in hospital so I had the pleasure to be the delivery boy, a pity she didn’t even consider adding extra for me. Then again I had learned to not hope too much. At least I can experience accepting chocolate on valentine day from her, I consider this a massive improvement from last year.

    “Enjou-sama! You must absolutely deliver these chocolate to your esteemed brother! These chocolates are for your esteemed brother!”

    I smiled benignly at that, even though I was pretty upset she was this unwilling to be seen being involved with me. I could almost hear the capital on “brother” in her sentence. Yes, I know this is not for me Kishouin-san. Even if you don’t know my feeling for you, can you please take pity on me and not rubbing it in to my face?

    She seemed annoyed too to be caught with me in a setting that could be misunderstood. Well, at least our feelings in that regard is mutual.

    As soon as I reach hospital, I handed the chocolate to Yukino. My dear brother squealed in happiness as he opened the box of expensive white chocolate truffle. In a moment of pettiness I snatched one piece of popped it to my mouth.

    “aaah! Onii-sama, that’s mine!”

    “It’s the delivery fee, Yukino.”

    My mother looked at me with amused smile that mixed with exasperation. “Shunsuke… if you’re more honest like Yukino, maybe you will get somewhere.”

    She would run away, dear mother. Perhaps you won’t believe it, but there’s a girl who abhor the idea of getting involved with your son. One could only wonder why I chose a girl that could be likened like steep mountain to reach.

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    1. I honestly thought that you were the author and this was canon…
      I’m still in shock and wholeheartedly convinced that Enjou likes her because of this… I’m honestly just blown away at this point,

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    2. “Yukino was in hospital so I had the pleasure to be the delivery boy, a pity she didn’t even consider adding extra for me. Then again I had learned to not hope too much.”

      “…a pity she didn’t even consider adding extra for me.”

      “…a pity she didn’t even consider adding extra for me.”

      “…consider adding extra for me.”



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    I’m guessing there’s still going to be some gossip, but hopefully it’s going to be blunted.

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    Enjou is lying.

    “I do believe that there are people who make desserts even beyond Valentine’s Day. I have thought about giving Yukino-kun some chocolate before, so I am glad to hear that he wants some.”

    Enjou is crying.

    “Thanks. I guess his hopes aren’t unfounded now. It’s pretty rough being a guy, you know? You wait, and you wait, and the more sure you are about getting chocolates, the bigger the shock is when you don’t.”

    Enjou is talking from experience.

    “Sorry, Kisshouin-san. Yukino went to hospital today, so he left earlier.”
    “You could give them tomorrow, or I could hand them over for you today…”

    Enjou is putting final touch to his schemes.

    “Enjou seemed to understand my worries because he was smiling in enjoyment.”

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    This ship…This ship is…This ship is my grave.

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    1. She didn’t give him chocolate publicly because she’d get lynched over it and no amount of protection Reika can give can save her.
    2. I find this more likely… Some “mean girls/rivals” destroyed her chocolates or made her otherwise unable to deliver it to Kaburagi, like in a cliche shoujo-tragedy event for Valentines waiting for Kaburagi to swoop in and save her somehow after the fact and admit he likes her, etc.

    I don’t give a damn about Kaburagi (he’s a bully to Reika), but I just hope innocent Wakaba is alright.

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