Reika-sama – 193

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The snow that appeared Saturday night kept falling well into Sunday.

Although it had stopped by the time Monday had come rolling around, looking out the window of my car on the way to school, it was plainly obvious that it had snowed, and parts of the road were still frozen over.

Oh. A salaryman just slipped.

How dangerous.

With this much snow around I wondered if Enjou and Kaburagi were going to build Yukino-kun another snowman.

I arrived early, having left early to take into account the road conditions.

Class Rep was already there.

“Good morning, Kisshouin-san.”

“Gokigen’yoh, Class Rep. Somebody is early today.”

“Yeah. It’s been snowing after all. Plus, the exams are coming soon, so I was thinking of studying.”

“My, what a model student you are. Perhaps I should follow your example and study now as well.”

After all, I was left out of the top 30 for my end of year exams. It was about time that I got a bit serious.

“Oh, right. Remember how I told you Honda-san gave me chocolates for Valentine’s?”

“Did you now?”

“I did. Anyway, since the two of them said they’d make handmade chocolates for us, I thought I should return the favour by handmaking some for them.”

“Eh!? Handmade!?”

I turned to him in shock.

“Well, I thought it was a good chance to try. Anyway, I was thinking about what to make and I thought Sachertorte would be nice.”


The cake consists of a dense chocolate cake with a thin layer of apricot jam on top, coated in dark chocolate icing on the top and sides. It is traditionally served with unsweetened whipped cream.

What a crazy hard choice for a first-timer!

“Is that not a little difficult…?” I was about to ask but Class Pres showed me a picture on his phone.

It was a wonderful example of a Sachertorte.

“I’ve never baked a cake before, but it turned out pretty well, I think.”

“I see,” I deadtoned.

Apparently the maiden was even equipped with dessert-making skills.

Even though I had been doing this for years and was only just recently seeing results.


I didn’t know how good Miharu-chan was, but I had to wonder how you’d feel if a boy gave you better-made chocolates than you could manage yourself.

At the very least, I would get an inferiority complex.

“People at Zui’ran prefer buying expensive chocolates, so perhaps you should reconsider,” I told him. “Besides, if you trade your home cooking with her you are only a single mistake away from being treated as her girl friend.”

“Eh-, girl friend!? I really wouldn’t want that…”

Class Rep was flustered now.

“Or were you intending on confessing to Honda-san with that Sachertorte? In that case I will not stop you, but…”

“Ehh!? No! I haven’t been thinking about confessing at all yet!” he exclaimed, red-faced. “I just wanted to thank her!”

“In that case buying a few expensive limited-edition chocolates, as well as some accessories like a handkerchief or some gloves would achieve something closer to your desired effect. Well, some people do say that handkerchiefs are a sign of a goodbye, so perhaps something else.”

“I see. As expected of a Love Guru. I better tell Iwamuro-kun too!”

“Besides some small gifts, I had been happy enough to receive a small bouquet in the past, but if you go down that route you had better have somebody take care of it during class. Otherwise it may have wilted by the time school is out. Perhaps it would be better to forget about those for now.”

“Yeah, you might be right. But how did you learn all these things about romance anyway?”

I learnt about the presents from Imari-sama, and everything else from the shoujo manga I read in my last life.

“I’ve been talking to Iwamuro-kun about it, but I think my luck in romance has been better after touching that reversed curl of yours. Thank you for always blessing me.”

Apparently in his head I was one of those bronze ox statues you rubbed for good luck.

People believe in the strangest things.

But I got my hair fixed at a beauty salon so they were all curled the right way now.

In exchange I grew an urna!

“Say, Class Rep, if some strange girl you had never spoken to suddenly gave you a Valentine’s chocolate, how would you feel?”

“Eh-, strange girl!? Hmmm, I’d be happy, but I guess a little troubled too if I didn’t know her…”

“As I thought…”

For an instant I had considered gaining the courage to give one to Naru-kun from the library, but since it would probably only make me look like a stalker I decided against it.

I guess the Village Chief was having another boring Valentine’s.

I wonder if there were any new applicants to the village.

We’re still taking new people, you know?



Ru’ne-chan and the others arrived so I apologised to Class Rep for disturbing his studies and said goodbye.

“Reika-sama’, gokigen’yoh. It’s cold today, isn’t it?”

“Gokigen’yoh. It is indeed. I had trouble getting out of bed.”

“Me too~”

Still, everyone came to school in a car so there was only the walk from the car park.

“It’s got to be rough for people walking to school today.”

“I have to agree. I saw quite a few people losing their footing today while being driven to school.”

“Wow, that’s dangerous.”

Before long, Serika-chan and Kikuno-chan arrived as well, and the conversation turned to excited talk about the snow.

Suddenly another girl from my group ran into the classroom.

“It’s terrible, Reika-sama! Takamichi-san got out of Kaburagi-sama’s car again!”



Apparently right after Kaburagi and Wakaba-chan parted, everyone swarmed her to ask what was going on.

And according to Wakaba-chan, he had spotted her on the way to school. Rather than let her ride the train and then walk through the snow, he told her to get in instead.

“How many times has that been now? That that girl has been in Kaburagi-sama’s car,” frowned Kikuno-chan.

Everyone else muttered about how shameless she was too.

But I was focused on something else.

Before she rode the train and walk through the snow?

Didn’t this mean he had been lying in wait in her neighbourhood then…?




“Could we speak, Kisshouin-san?” somebody asked.

The girls in the classroom erupted in squeals.

It had been Enjou, standing by the classroom door.

“Is something the matter?” I asked, having joined him in the hallway.

We were still being showered by curious gazes.

“The truth is that Yukino was hospitalised last night,” he smiled helplessly.

“Ehh!? Yukino-kun!?”

“Yeah, but we admitted him more as a precaution than anything else. It’s nothing serious.”

“How terrible. Being in hospital is such an unpleasant experience.”

“Ahh~ Well, I guess. Anyway, sorry to bother but do you think you could write him a ‘get well’ message before school ends?”

“A message?”

“Yeah. He’s been whining about the hospital quite a bit this time since he only had a minor asthma attack. Yukino’s been in a bad mood, so I thought you could cheer him up.”


It had to be so rough on a child.

“If just a letter from someone like me could help cheer him up a little, I will write as many as it takes!”

“Thanks, and I really am sorry for the bother. I’ll definitely make this up to you.”

“No, no. I am simply doing this for Yukino-kun, so no thanks are needed.”

I went to my locker to get my letter set and began writing.



After school, he thanked me politely again when I handed him the letter.

Apparently he was skipping the salon today and heading straight to the hospital.

While we spoke about Yukino-kun, I ended up seeing him off at the carpark.

“See you tomorrow then. Thanks for the letter.”

“Not at all. Gokigen’yoh, Enjou-sama.”

He waved at me and then got in his car.


The person in the car with him, didn’t she look an awful lot like Yuiko-san?


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  1. I wonder what Yuiko thinks of Reika, she doesnt seem to be that bothered, but then those that dont show any reaction are prolly the ones who are screaming inside the most :P Bet shes a Yandere in reality, prolly goes home to her voodoo doll representation of Reika and tears into it viciously.

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    1. Huh? Yuiko? Who dat? There’s no one with that name among the village members. Not registered mean not important. Village head have no need to bother with nobodies, only yukino’s health that matters.

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  2. Omg, Enjou, are you doing this on purpose? Making Reika and Yuiko see each other in passing and stuff?

    Anyway, thanks for the update.

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    1. I don’t think so. That’s way too contrived and unhelpful.

      So suppose you are Enjou and you think Reika is afraid of you. A little less so these days than before. Anyway you’re working on it. In any case, you’re sure she doesn’t think of you that way. So you’re not going to confess to her just yet. You’re just going to spend more time with her and hope that leads somewhere. Yukino is a great pretext for that.

      So since Reika isn’t interested in you, why would she be jealous of any of the girls around you? She’s never been the least bit possessive or fangirly for as long as you’ve known her. No if anything, Yuiko is inconvenient. She sends the signal that you’re already taken. But it’s also not in your character to drive her off. You wouldn’t raise a harsh voice to your fangirls (not that this has ever worked for Kaburagi). You’re diplomatic and indulgent to a fault.

      This is why Enjou is quick to tell Reika that Yuiko is only a marriage candidate. He doesn’t want Reika jealous, just open to the idea that he’s open.

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      1. Ah, but you’re missing the part about how Enjou could definitely be using Reika to ward off Yuiko. Make them see each other in passing, Yuiko then confronts Reika and then is scared off.

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        1. Ah, well, but I’m an Renjou shipper, you see. Or well, at least I think there’s good indication that this is the author ship. So I don’t think that’s congruent with Enjou’s motivations or character.

          Without boring you with details, he’s trying to avoid putting her on the spot with the kind of confrontation that Reika hates. She’s made it clear to him that she hated it when it was with Tsuruhana. Kaburagi is a special case since he was genuinely stressing about his best bro flirting with suicide.

          He’s stuck in a situation where he doesn’t want to alienate Yuiko or Reika, though for different reasons. I doubt getting together with Reika while pissing off Yuiko is his idea of a great endgame.

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      2. Yeah. Considering Enjou’s character, I read these:

        “Yeah. He’s been whining about the hospital quite a bit this time since he only had a minor asthma attack. Yukino’s been in a bad mood, so I thought you could cheer him up.”


        “Yeah. He’s been whining about the hospital quite a bit this time since he only had a minor asthma attack. Yukino’s been in a bad mood, so I thought I could take this opportunity to kill birds with stones ((1) Getting close to you, (2) getting Yukino a letter from you to cheer him up,(3) fending off half of the attention from Bakaburagi’s newest stupid antic that would cause Wakaba troubles, (4) fending off all your probable suitors in this school by talking intimately with you in public like this, (5) other aligned reasons)”

        There’s a reason why Enjou easily solve the mental game Reika gave to Yukino, and throve in the Monopoly game – he’s a brilliant young man.

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                  1. Archaic in the sense of a sharply gendered divide over who can eat what. True, I doubt anybody really gave a shit when feudalism was still a thing.

                    But I get what it *signifies.* Sweet flavors are immediately gratifying and hospitable. Women are allowed to appear weak without dishonoring themselves, but the same doesn’t apply to men. Manly men are supposed to develop tastes for things like whiskey or coffee to signify resilience and depth of character. Some African cultures are like this. Drinking or eating sweet things is considered womanly or childish and some of them experience culture shock when visiting a western culture.

                    It doesn’t seem quite that extreme in this novel (Kaburagi is an obvious example — but then again he doesn’t give a shit what other people think of him) or in Japanese culture, but manga/anime/LN’s make me believe that they still have a very specific vision of femininity that they celebrate.

                    The thing is that most Americans I’ve met just don’t give a shit. There are men and boys who perfectly well admit that they don’t like black coffee straight. I do, or would, but I actually like variety. So it makes no difference either way to me. And I’ve never encountered the idea that liking sweet things was unusually feminine.

                    Short of vegetarianism or veganism, women here like to eat meat and lots of it. Apparently enough so that the author of this novel made a specific point of writing about how Reika found the portion sizes nauseating. I know of at least one woman who eats raw salmon doused in vinegar on a regular basis.

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                  1. Neither my husband or I drink alcohol. The most I will do is spike something with a little kahlulai? (Spelling?) which is sweet coffee liquor, or cook with alcohol, which will burn off the nastiness. However, the waiters at our wedding were bossy and trying to demand that we drink champagne at our wedding. :(


        2. Just something to note for the future. Many women have a second stomach just to eat dessert. Even after a full meal after dinner, dessert can still be eaten. Dessert is not necessary always sweet. But it is always a yummy something. If the lady does not eat dessert after dinner its typically 1 of 3 things. 1) She is not comfortable with you yet. Maybe go somewhere else to walk for the food if time permits. Or another date. 2) She is on a diet. Do not force her. In this case, getting dessert by yourself is a no go. 3) she doesn’t want to pay for it. In this case, you can buy yourself a dessert and share.
          About homemade sweets/food, if it is yummy and does not cause food poisoning, giving food is typically good idea. Appearance wise has to be somewhat decent/ presentable.

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    Regardless, I have my honor as a man and brother to not exploit Yukino to get closer to Kishouin-san. Beside, after what happened last time my parents’ opinion of her rose to unprecedented height. Even though it stung a little bit that my mother commented she seem to be genuinely care about Yukino unlike most girl who do with me in mind as target, implying she has nonexistent interest in me as romantic partner.

    While I have heard her complimenting me together with her friends, it was either plain agreement or insincere comment to blend in with general population of girls in Suiran. Personally I am pretty sure she seems to think of us as herald of problem most of the time. I couldn’t blame her, as the leader of girls, she had to wrestle control every time they misbehave in their enthusiasm to fawn over me and Masaya.

    “Thanks, and I really am sorry for the bother. I’ll definitely make this up to you.”

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