Reika-sama – 183

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Daji was the favorite consort of King Zhou of Shang, the last king of the Shang dynasty in ancient China. She is portrayed as a malevolent fox spirit in legends as well as novels.

Daji was from a noble family called Su () from the state of Yousu (有蘇). Hence, she is also known as Su Daji. In 1047 BC, King Zhou of Shang invaded Yousu and took Daji as his prize.

King Zhou became extremely infatuated with Daji and started to neglect state affairs in order to keep her company. He used any means necessary to ingratiate himself with her and to please her. Daji liked animals so he built her a zoological Xanadu with several rare species of birds and animals. He also ordered artists to compose lewd music and choreograph bawdy dances to satisfy her musical taste. He gathered 3000 guests at one party to indulge in his “pond of wine” and “forest of meat”. He allowed the guests to play a cat and mouse game nude in the forest to amuse Daji. When one of King Zhou’s concubines, the daughter of Lord Jiu, protested, King Zhou had her executed. Her father was ground in pieces and his flesh fed to King Zhou’s vassals.

Daji’s greatest joy was to hear people cry in physical torment. Once, she saw a farmer walking barefoot on ice and ordered his feet cut off so she could study them and figure out why they were so resistant to low temperatures. On another occasion, she had a pregnant woman’s belly cut open so it satisfied her curiosity to find out what happened inside. To verify an ancient saying that “a good man’s heart has seven apertures”, she even had the heart of the minister Bi Gan (King Zhou’s uncle) dug out and subjected to her scrutiny.

Daji was best known for her invention of a method of torture known as Paolao (炮烙). A bronze cylinder covered with oil was heated like a furnace with charcoal beneath until its sides became extremely hot. The victim was made to walk on top of the slowly heating cylinder and he was forced to shift his feet to avoid the burning. The oily surface made it difficult for the victim to maintain his position and balance. If the victim fell into the charcoal below, he would be burnt to death. The victim was forced to dance and scream in agony before dying while the observing King Zhou and Daji would laugh in delight.

Daji was executed on the orders of King Wu of Zhou after the fall of the Shang dynasty on the advice of Jiang Ziya.

In Japan she is sometimes conflated with Tamamo no Mae.

Boy were my arms sore.

I spent a long time cutting vegetables at Akimi-san’s cooking class.

Because I was so worried about slipping and cutting myself I held onto the knife for dear life.

And even when I wanted to peel things thinly I couldn’t help but imagine cutting my thumb. In the end they all ended up with large chunks hewn off.

Akimi-san peeled them all so smoothly but I was awkward and stiff.

Maybe it was time to give up and just use a peeler.

Even when we were slicing vegetables with the claw grip I kept picturing cutting my own joints and couldn’t hold it properly.

Why are you such a coward, Reika!

In the end she lent me protectors especially for that. You inserted it between your knife and the vegetables.

It didn’t look very cool though…

Akimi-san said we should take it easy and start with the basics first.

That’s why I wanted to hurry up and master them.

When I got home I began practising with a carrot in the corner of the kitchen.

I think maybe I was a little better now.

Ah, I got ahead of myself.

I cut my finger.

I decided to buy a protector tomorrow.




When the school term began I could see Tsuruhana-san and her friends growing more imperious again.

Apparently over Christmas they hired an event hall and had their own party.

Among the attendees were External boys from 2nd and 3rd year, and it got pretty big.

Thanks to the party they all deepened their bonds, and even got some new members or something.

That was bad news.

They weren’t the only other minor faction in our school either.

If the Pivoine was content to just coast on their authority they might get the rug pulled from under them.

So far I had been pretty assured in my position thanks to the Pivoine, but this year the president was Kaburagi.

Youko-sama would have protected any Pivoine member without a thought.

On the other hand, I couldn’t see that indifferent guy lending me a hand.

This year I had to protect my position on my own.


I had been hoping to spend the year peacefully, too…

Unaware of my worries, the new President of the Pivoine spent each day sipping tea peacefully in the salon.

Ah crap.

Had it been a mistake to let this guy become the president?

But there wasn’t anyone else either…

Maybe if only I had somehow gotten Enjou to accept…

Ah, but then Enjou wasn’t the type to butt into fights between girls either.

Maybe it would be best to quietly discuss this with my group first.




I discussed it with my group.

The result was that they were raring for a fight now.

“You’re completely right, Reika-sama! We’ve all been thinking that those girls have been getting arrogant lately!”

“Ever since we became high schoolers they’ve been strutting about like they own the place. They even provoke us sometimes.”

“It looks like they’re already forgotten the lesson you taught them in middle school, Reika-sama.”

“Speaking of which, thsoe externals that cosy up with the Student Council have been more audacious too, I think.”

“Yeah, yeah! Ever since high school began they’ve all been really arrogant for Externals. They’ve really forgotten whose school this is.”


…All I said was, ‘It seems that Tsuruhana-san, as well as the External Students have been building up power. What should we do if they challenge us?’

Never, ever did I say ‘Those bitches piss me off so let’s fuck ’em up!’

“Umm, everyone, perhaps a more peaceful…”

“And you know what else! I overheard a most outrageous plot!”

“What’s this? A plot?”

“A horrendous plot devised by the External lackeys to pair Takamichi Wakaba and Kaburagi-sama together!”

“Oh my god!”

“What’s the meaning of this!?”

Everyone was practically frothing at the mouth.

“Apparently they think they can use Takamichi Wakaba to make the Emperor their ally and then take over the school.”

“What the hell!? Is she Daji!?”



“Ummm… Do all of the Externals think this way?”

“No, just a portion of them. There are a lot of Externals who admire Kaburagi-sama instead and aren’t really pleased with Takamichi Wakaba themselves. The External Students aren’t a monolith after all.”

“I see…”

Wakaba-chan, somehow you’ve gotten yourself into something crazy again.

I wonder if she’d be okay…

“That’s why you need to try harder, Reika-sama!”

“Eh, me?” I asked.

“Yes! You need to punish Tsuruhana’s gang and that insolent Takamichi Wakaba too!”

“And then take the Emperor’s heart for yourself!”


And so they sunk into a sea of delusions, far beyond my reach.

And thanks to this chat, things had gotten even messier…





To heal my weary heart I headed to my garden of angels.

“Welcome, Reika-oneesan!”

“Gokigen’yoh, Yukino-kun.”

I had been greeted with a beaming smile when I opened the door to the Petit salon.

Haah, my worries were melting away.

Yukino-kun and I sat on the couch and chatted between snacks.

“Yukino-kun, did you have fun with your parents in Okinawa?”

“Yes. We went to the aquarium and went whale watching too.”

“I see. I love aquariums too.”

“There was this huge manatee at the aquarium and…” he began recounting.

I wanted to see some manatees too.

“Did you go anywhere, Reika-oneesan?” he asked.

“I went to Kyoto. My mother has family there,” I explained.

It was so cold I thought I would die.

The chill in Kyoto reached right into my bones.

I’d bought the kids some fox mask rice crackers and konpeitoh as souvenirs.

I was particularly proud of the crackers. They were cute, so perfect for children.

“Here, these are for you,” I said as I began handing them out to Mao and the others too.

“Wah! Thank you very much!”

The kids seemed overjoyed.


“Huh? Reika-oneesan, what happened to your finger?” asked Yukino-kun.

He gazed at my bandaged hand in worry.

“This? How embarrassing. I was doing a little cooking and slipped up a tad.”

“You can cook, Reika-oneesan?” Yukino-kun asked with sparkling eyes.

“Ehh, well, just a little bit of home cooking.”

“Why kind of foods do you make?”

“Only very simple dishes. Nimono and the like.”

I may have boasted a little to keep him impressed.

“That’s amazing,” he gushed-

-before dropping a bombshell.

“I want to try your cooking too, Reika-oneesan!”


“My birthday is coming up soon. Do you think I could try some on the day?”


I just got landed a crazy request.

Akimi-saaaaaan!! What do I dooo!?

Is Yukino-kun’s stomach going to be okay…!?

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    Yukino-kun, I shall pray for your stomach. Reika, please don’t get arrested for poisoning a child.

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  3. Mfw-
    “You need to punish Tsuruhana’s gang….”
    Hmmmm 😕

    “…and that insolent Takamichi Wakaba too!”
    No! 😲 Seems like Reika will end up butting heads against her own clique if she steps up to defend Wakaba.

    “And then take the Emperor’s heart for yourself”
    Whaa–!! 😱 Where did that come from?!

    “Never, ever did I say ‘Those bitches piss me off so let’s fuck ’em up!’”
    Sometimes it feels like Reika-sama is leading a ladies gang, not an ojou-sama faction from an exclusive school.

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  4. Am i the only one here who didn’t like Yukino-kun? His appearance remind me of Emperor whom i completely dislike in this novel?(Clingy to an older woman to the point of wanting to marry her?)

    Well, in other news… I have a feeling that Reika might recruit Wakaba chan to her own group to fuel the fire to the other group… I just have this feeling hmmm….

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  5. So just to explains slightly on the whole pond of wine/forest of meat thing.

    It’s from this idiom: 酒池肉林
    Normally it just means a huge feast.

    But they decided to make it literal :v because what would be a better show off of wealth than to make a hyperbole idiom into reality.

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    1. Cause it reminds you of certain stalker-ish little boy that never managed to shed his odd obsessive traits? * Cough * the emperor *Cough*

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      The perspective is weird and the everything is flat, so at a glance, I perceived Reika as just some bishounen in some weird court robe or something.


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      It’s cute, you can search it on pixiv.

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      1. AND Enjou kindly cover it up again. But when the opposite happened – Enjou fell asleep and Reika woke up to the sleeping prince on sofa, she tried to sell his photos to fangirls 😂 and got caught by the Enjou.

        Reika, you should repent properly!


    1. I am actually waiting for her to snap and tell everyone that she hate Bakaburahi for everything he has done to her then take Yukino-kun and Wakaba-chan and run away to a country where same sex marriage is allowed.

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      1. @Mesaphrom
        Nah, that’s too melodramatic. They’re rich. Rich people are more insulated from shitty parts of a bad system (e.g. no gay marriage).

        What Reika needs is a sham marriage with a gay man. The 1% tend to sign prenuptial contracts anyway, so this wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow if their marriage has all these other legal stipulations surrounding it.

        Then they agree to see other people. Her husband has a best bro. Reika has Wakaba. They’re just close “family friends.” And whatever heir they produce is going to have another cool uncle and aunt.

        Boom. Done.


    2. I could probably point out the “right” things to do, except then Reika wouldn’t be Reika. Also, she needed to do them ages ago. as I’m re-reading early chapters and noticing things. Enjou is perceived to have more authority simply because he actually does things.

      Reika really should’ve punished Tsuruhana back then, not by implied threat but by actually having the Student Council discipline her. That’s literally all that needed to be done. Laws have no meaning if not enforced and the Pivoine constantly undermines the rules simply by existing. STUCO could probably fish around for some legalese ad hoc justification as to why Tsuruhana should *really* now be taking supplementary lessons, writing letters of apology and so on.

      Really, the Pivoine are pretty dumb. They have this convenient enforcement mechanism laying around and never use it, instead they just want to complain about how they have no say in school administration when they refuse to do any work. This is not a problem Reika has. She has a relatively positive reputation with STUCO members.

      The other thing is that she really needed to help Enjou get Kaburagi with the program. Enjou already knows that his friend is a self-centered dork who treats people like pebbles. So he’s already doing full-time clean up on his behalf.

      Neither Kaburagi and Reika have fully come to terms with the fact that they’re intruders no matter where they go, and no, they do not get a choice in this. This is how their life works until they choose to give up everything. Their simple existence in the room causes things to grind to a halt. They don’t get to be leaders until they accept that their smallest actions have consequences and that sneezing in the wrong direction can ruin somebody’s day.

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      1. The Student Council doesn’t really have that much more. Don’t you think the would have tried to stop Tsuruhana without prompting form Reika otherwise?

        Enjou is Kaburagi’s friend, not his boss. He can’t get Kaburagi to do anything he doesn’t want to do.

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        1. Mmm. My point is that the council has power if the Pivoine says it does. Tsuruhana only gets away with being an asshole because *technically* she did nothing wrong or because her family is too powerful to directly offend. I’m guessing the former, since she’s a relative newcomer trying to carve a social niche.

          What it is, is that cops will slightly bend the rules to dick over people they don’t like. If Reika, throws her weight behind the Council, that doesn’t leave much room for a bullying culture.

          What’s more, it fits with Reika’s own moral and ideological leanings. She wants to perceived as being allied with the commoners and as the defender of the weak. So building that reputation fits her and makes it pretty clear to her own faction that Wakaba is not an enemy. They’ll probably handwave her as a benevolent and compassionate sort (they already do anyway).

          The other thing is that a triumvirate between Reika-Enjou-Kaburagi is a powerful thing indeed. I can’t work up details in my head on how that would work concretely, only that it has potential opportunities. They have common interests in that they all hate having The Harem make a noisy mess of things. Enjou and Kaburagi would be more than happy not to be bothered 24/7/365.

          Clear rewards. Clear punishments. That’s the way of these things. The two boys are pretty dang clever when they want to be. So they’re worth working with.

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  7. Thx for the chapter o/
    the whole ordeal with her group just might make Reika-sama stress rise up again, and now Yukino-kun attacks with this bomb…

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  8. she must deal with Tsuruhana’s gang and home cooking for Yukino? why not lets the troubles solve themself, force Tsuruhana’s gang poison taste her food till its good enough for kids to eat

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  9. Nooo, onisama is strong enough to take Reika’s food, but we can’t subject Yukino to it!

    I will just trust Reika will do something edible for now. And by that I mean I trust Akimi’s skill.

    “Is Yukino-kun’s stomach going to be okay…!?”
    It better be, or else Enjou will hunt you down.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    Ah, great. A storm’s a-brewing. Looks like the goddess will be making an appearance soon ^^

    Thanks so much for this release! Hope your holidays are well!

    Wow. If all that about Daji is true, then it makes me really think that she was some sort of demon in the guise of a human.

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    These phrases were the highlight of the chapter😁:
    Never, ever did I say ‘Those bitches piss me off so let’s fuck ’em up!’
    “I want to try your cooking too, Reika-oneesan!”
    Is Yukino-kun’s stomach going to be okay…!?

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  14. And thus its the start of the Kisshouin’s downfall because of a certain someone food poisoning the Emperor’s bestfriend’s little brother-

    -It was what happened in the bad ending but in the good ending the Emperor by some coincidence tasted the food first then got food poisoning… and thus the Enjou brothers who is fond of Reika-sama hid all evidence and just told the people that someone plotted the Emperor’s assassination by giving him some commoner’s food…

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  15. Thank you again for the chapter:) The story above Reika’s actually captured my attention nearly as much as Reika’s. Thinking that Daji is really frightening.. for being able to influence the king and then affect the kingdom like that.. I guess many people back then were terrified yet respected and hated her so much.. no wonder people pictured her as a fox demon.. but if she’s really exist in ancient china.. it’s also a possibility that she’s just a revengeful woman who abhorred the king so much that she want to destroy the kingdom and people in it, after all she’s also being captured by force from her family.. 🤔

    You can cook, Reika-oneesan?” Yukino-kun asked with sparkling eyes.

    “Ehh, well, just a little bit of home cooking.”

    “Why kind of foods do you make?”

    “Only very simple dishes. Nimono and the like.”

    I may have boasted a little to keep him impressed.

    Reika-san, don’t you already know the phrase To Not Fall in the Same Hole the Second Time? why did you still hold your pride so high like that?😥 now, you have made more works for Akimi-san.. and in such a short time too..😅 but what can I say? just Akimi-san, fighting! you can do it! please help our Reika to overcome the challenge..

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  16. Reika-san! Every time you try that casually-praising-yourself thing it goes horribly wrong! Learn from your mistakes! Please! For the sake of your eyebrows! ! !


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  17. [ ‘Those bitches piss me off so let’s fuck ’em up!’]
    I think i prefer this sentence… If Reika really said that, even the Emperor would be crushed.

    Btw, you didn’t worry for Oniisama’s stomach, but you worry for Yukino’s? Reika-sama, I can see Oniisama’s smile…

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