12 thoughts on “Second life translations”

  1. ?
    Re translating? New site? What about the other site you had where you posted these?
    Sorry, I’m lost… •~•


    1. The application really sucks but their translation is good though mostly don’t have the Japanese honorifics and notes about tradition. Might be a good competitor against YenPress. Better to support them so there are more LNs to be translated.

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  2. Oh! So it’s here! Thanks for sharing Fluffy-sama.
    But is it just me or do none of that site’s buttons work? I click and they redirect me back to the same page…… @__@


    1. I got it! Was being stupid and blind. Didn’t see “READ NOW” button. Anyway, they included the pretty pictures! I’m still not use to reading Fii and Fie… But that’s a small matter.


  3. Good thing my browser randomly autocompleted tamakeribanchou while this is still recent, so I could panic and get some proper context over here once I noticed everything was gone.

    But I’m glad we’re getting some professional translations for Second Life after all this time. Strangely, this might be the thing that’ll actually push me over the edge and give J-Novel’s membership dealie a shot.

    Any comments on how the WN and LN differ? (Beyond… ya know, having an editor.)


    1. Pretty pictures. I read some of the first volume from j-novel, and it seems to flow better? Maybe its just my opinion. Shrug.


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