Arachne – 4

The Red Shoe

Arachne Tailor.

This is a tailor shop under the sole management of Shiori Arachne – me.

…Actually, I said ‘a tailor shop’, but it’s been turning into something more like an armor shop these days.

Well, the past Shiori living on Earth would never have imagined that she would one day be running a tailor or an armor shop, anyway.

So by that line of thinking, you can say that there isn’t much of a difference between selling clothes or selling armor…

Ah, I need to introduce myself, don’t I?

I, Arakura Shiori (24), was working at a florist in a city, when a runaway truck slammed into the store and killed me. After that, I happily reincarnated in Falyias, a fantasy world of swords and sorcery.

As a half-human half-spider monster called an Arachne.

…Well, I ran into a lot of trouble with that as one of the reasons, but now I’m making my living by running the aforementioned tailor shop in the town of Rihak.

Luckily, manipulating threads – the special skill of my race – is my forte, and turning into a human is also quite simple, so I haven’t had any problem living here.

The shop is doing well too.

…And so, today I continue to spin threads and weave cloths, just like every other day.

*rustles* *rustles*…

A new day, when the sun still hasn’t completely shown its face.

In the back of my shop, inside a workroom with ‘Outsiders Absolutely Not Allowed’ written on the door, I wound my thread between two poles.

The poles themselves are about as long and thick as a laundry pole, and both of their ends are tightly embedded in the wall.

And I have two of those poles. They are mounted on the walls of this room, like a pair of gymnastic uneven parallel bars.

…Before, I used to wind my threads between my two front legs, but I can’t make large sheets of fabric by using my legs like that.

Which is why I set up those poles in the workroom explicitly for that purpose. Now, I use them to wind my threads and make sheets of cloth.

That way, I can weave larger sheets, and further raise the quality of the fabric as well as make it smoother.

“Phew. That’s about it, I guess?”

After finishing the 20th sheet, I decided to stop here for now.

I’m using my thread as the material, after all. Since my own physical condition affects the quality of the thread, working too much is out of the question.

*Snap*. I cut off the flow of thread coming from my lower spider half and uses my knife-like claw to neatly cut the sheet of Arachne silk that has been perfectly woven between the two poles.

I carefully put the sheet onto a shelf and return to my human form.

If I keep using my spider form all the time, in the very rare case that someone sees me, there’s going to be a huge commotion.

Which is why I’m making this Arachne silk, the lifeblood of my shop, way early in the morning and in a room at the back of the shop, all hush-hush like.

“Nnnnn… Tuuurn into a human, tuuuuurn into a human… Mmmmm…”

When I close my eyes and focus on transforming, the skill [Human Transformation] activates.

*Sssssssshlup!* My enormous lower spider half shrinks and turns into two porcelain-white legs, while six of my eyes (I’m a spider, so I’ve got 8 eyes in total!), red and sparkling like rubies, also sink with a *plop* and disappear inside my forehead.

I intentionally made my dress loose enough to adequately cover my body down to my legs even when I turn into a human, so there’s never a moment when I’m indecently exposed. It’s a wonderful piece of clothing.

By the way, in human form, I look like a beautiful silver-haired 12-13 year old girl. Though I guess that just sounds like I’m praising myself.

Anyway, I still haven’t reached one in terms of my physical age, while mentally I’m 24 years old. My age is a bit of a mess, so I’d appreciate it if you can leave the subject be…

“Soooo, next is… dye 8 sheets black with Ravenfeather Ivies… dye 6 sheets light-purple with Horsetrap Violets… dye 4 sheets brown with juice taken from Mystic Persimmon fruits… and dye 2 sheets red with crushed Crimson Dragon scales.”

By the way, these dyes are all made from materials which can only be acquired in A~S rank danger zones.

These super high rank materials are so precious that if they’re gathered in any significant quantity, just one milk bottle filled with the stuff can be equivalent to one small gold coin, or about 5000 kram (around 500,000 Japanese yen).

However, their effects are truly worth the price. They can be used to add extra enchantments to clothing. For example, Ravenfeather Ivy’s effect is an increase in speed and dodging ability for the wearer. Clothes made with it are highly popular among front-line adventurers who focus on speed, such as thieves and rangers.

Similarly, Horsetrap Violets can raise one’s strength, while Mystic Persimmon juice can raise magical power.

And Crimson Dragon scales can–

“Go away, brat!”


An angry shout, a scream, then a *thud*, like the sound of something hitting the ground.

The spell of silence of the early morning suddenly ended, just like that.

It wasn’t so loud that normal people can hear them from inside their houses, but I didn’t have any problems catching their voices. I’m still more or less a high-rank monster called an Arachne, after all.

Even my hearing is superb, far surpassing a normal human’s.

“My place is a high-class store serving nobles here! It ain’t somewhere a dirty urchin like you can approach!”

“I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

I hurry outside my shop after hearing the voice, seemingly full of fear, of a young girl.

And there, in front of another store diagonally opposite my shop – Elrond Shoemaker, if I remember correctly – is Elrond, the owner, arrogantly standing as if he owns the whole town. The target of his glare is a young girl with her butt on the ground.

“What happened?”

I speak to Elrond while trying my best to remain calm.

Elrond is a black-haired middle-aged man, wearing some posh-looking clothes.

His high-class shoe store receives orders from even nobles, so Elrond himself wears quite the gaudy sort of clothing, far from being something you’d imagine a craftsman to wear.

…Well, whether or not such clothes suit that huge bear with a beer belly is another story, though.

“Haaahhh?! Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, kid… Wait, you’re that Arachne Tailor’s… Yeah, you don’t need to worry. This homeless brat was just about to touch my merchandise with her dirty hands, so I’m just doing a bit of educating.”

In fact, my shop not only receives orders from nobles, but even from royalties and S-rank adventurers, so I’m currently standing on top of the craftsmen’s hierarchy.

He knows that if he carelessly angers me, there’s no knowing what sort of complaints I’ll be sending to the big-shots… Well, it’s not like I’m going to do that, though.

“N… No… I was just looking… I wasn’t thinking of touching them…”

The girl refuted while still sitting on the ground. Elrond’s face turns tomato-red, and his foot connects with her body.

“Like hell I can trust you! You’re going to filch and sell off the merchandise I put near the counter anyway, aren’t you?!”

*cough*… No… I’m not…”

“That’s enough, isn’t it? You’re going too far.”

“Ain’t got nothing to do with you! If I leave them alone, they’re just going to come back even worse the next day! Gotta make sure they don’t… Wha?!”

In the middle of his persistent kicking, Elrond’s legs suddenly stop in the air.

“That’s right, that’s right. Like people say, all things in moderation. Thank you for your understanding.”

“Eh?… Wait, hey, why are my legs… I can’t move?!”

“Oh my? Maybe it’s because you haven’t used those muscles for a long time, and they got cramped up?”

“C-Cramps? Really? Fuck… Come on, move…”

Taking my words for the truth, Elrond sits on the ground and furiously massages his immobile legs.

Obviously, there’s no cramping involved here.

He simply got tied to the shop’s pillar by my extremely thin spider threads.

The threads are so small you normally can’t see them unless you really focus your eyes. Furthermore, they’re stronger than steel wires.

Elrond won’t be able to get them off no matter how much he tries… Well, I set those threads to automatically release him 3 hours later, so he’ll just have to endure until then.

I brought the girl back to my own shop to treat her bruises and bleeding nose and the like. Her injuries were rather severe.

Even now, she’s still dizzy and not entirely conscious. I sit her down on a chair and take off her clothes to check her injuries.

Her shirt and pants are pretty much just rags now, and she doesn’t seem to be even wearing underwear, so I quietly extend my claws and snappily cut open her clothes.

Because it’s just troublesome to take them off one by one.

“Hah?! Eh?! Nooo!!”

Right when I just finished removing her shirt and was continuing to her bottom, light finally returned to her eyes, and she crouched down and covered her chest with both arms. She seemed to have realized what’s going on.

“Come on, don’t make such a fuss. I’m just looking at your wounds… and treating them, that’s all!”

“T-Treatment? Ah, but this is my only good set of clothes…”

“Heehee, just where do you think you are?! I’ve got more clothes than you can shake a stick at! Come now, just be obedient and stay still ♪”


In no time at all, I cut off her pants, leaving the halfway-panicking girl naked.

“Ah, uuuuu…”

“All right, first is disinfection. [Light, cleanse my body]Clean Body.

The light shining from my hand gently envelops the girl’s body and cleans off all the dirt.

This is one type of magic used in daily life. It can wipe the dirt off your skin.

“There we go. You’re actually injured all over the place, you just couldn’t see it before because of the dirt and grime. I’ll bandage you up, so just sit still and stop looking so embarrassed.”

Once more, I make her sit on the chair and start bandaging her.

“S-Sorry… it kind of feels really nice to the touch, these bandages.”

“Of course they are, they’re made from Arachne silk.”

“A-Arachne silk!! Isn’t it that super-high rank material made from a spider monster’s threads?!”

“Mmm, I don’t know about it being super-high rank or anything, but it IS Arachne silk. What about it?”

I made these bandages beforehand with my threads, so it’s pretty much free, though.

“S-Sorry! I’m really sorry! Please don’t waste your precious materials on me, I-I don’t have anything to pay for the treatment cost…”

“Doooon’t worry about it. It’s just something I made from leftover cloth.”

Despite the girl’s excessive hesitation, I force her to sit still and continue to wrap my silk bandages around her wounds.

Actually, this kind of bandages can help heal wounds better than normal cloth bandages.

Maybe it’s because it’s made from organic matter, similar to how an egg’s membrane can be used to dress wounds…?

Anyway, after her body is almost completely covered in bandages (aside from the wounds inflicted by Elrond, she also has a lot of scratch wounds all over the places), as the finishing touch, I secretly cast [Spirit Enchantment].

[Spirit Enchantment] isn’t considered healing magic, but it can help make wounds heal extremely fast. With injuries like these, she just needed to sleep for a whole day and her body should be just like new again.

After the treatment is finished, I can finally relax, so I’ve decided to ask her about her situation.

When I introduce myself as the owner of this Arachne Tailor, she seems surprised for a moment, but then quickly pulls her knees together, gives me a bow, and politely give her thanks for the medical care.

Her conduct is quite elegant, her every single movement beautiful.

“I apologize for my belated gratitude and introduction. My name is Elisyne von Astrade.”

What a surprise. It seems she used to be the daughter of a baron.

Now that she mentioned it, she does seem to have a certain graceful air about her once I’m done cleaning her up.

She has straight, flowing golden hair, deep green eyes, white skin, and soft fingers. And her proportions also aren’t half bad.

In fact, I would say that over 90 out of 100 people would consider her cute.

When I ask her about the reason why the daughter of a baron was in such dire straits, she hangs her head and begins to tell her story in a halting voice.

Apparently, generation after generation, her house had been doing well thanks to their military contributions. However, not long ago, her father was severely injured in a battle with magical beasts

His treatment costed a lot of money, but since her house was just a simple family of warriors in the first place, they didn’t have much in their savings.

In the end, the only choice they had left was to sell off everything to pay for the treatment.

Yet it was to no avail, and in the end, her father still wasn’t saved. The only thing that remained was their debt.

Her mother also fell ill, possibly because of fatigue due to nursing her husband, and it didn’t take long for her to also join him.

Elisyne’s mansion, the only thing she had left, was also mortgaged a long time ago. Day after day, loan collectors kept on haunting her. “Sell your body!”, they said.

Finally, she ran away from home. It’s the third day since she’s been living on the streets.

While she was just wandering around aimlessly with no way to sate her empty stomach, she passed in front of that shoemaker, and a pair of red shoes caught her eyes.

Once upon a time, she used to pester her father to buy that pair for her, so that she could wear them to her debut in high society. It was a promise between the two of them…

When she unconsciously stopped and stared at the pair of shoes, that Elrond mistakenly thought her to be a thief and turned to violence. That was what happened.

*sniff* *sniff*…

“Wha… Miss owner! Why are you crying?!”

“I mean… *sniff*… who wouldn’t… after hearing that story… *FFFFHHRRRRPPP!*

Because of that tearful story, a lot of different fluids came out. I used a handkerchief made from Arachne silk to wipe my face.

Sorry about that. Probably because I’m mentally a Japanese person, I’m weak to emotional dramas.

“Hehe… Miss shopkeeper, you’re weird.”

*sniffs*… By the way, what about that social salon where you planned on making your debut?”

“Ah, that occasion is for introducing the margrave’s grandchild to the world… It’ll be in 5 days. I’m still allowed to attend, even if my seat is the least prestigious at the table, but…”

No chance for that now, she mutters in sadness.

And that was when my desire to poke my nose in other people’s business flares up.

“No, don’t give up! It must have been some sort of fate for us to be acquainted with each other… You will have your debut in high society!”

“Eeeh?! No, impossible impossible! I-I don’t have any clothes or even shoes! I don’t even have the money to get a carriage!”

“No problem! Just leave everything to your big sister here!”

“B-Big sister…? But miss shopkeeper is younger than me, right…?”

“Don’t sweat the small stuff!”

“I’m telling you, I don’t have the money to pay even if you prepare the clothes for me!”

“It’s a rental, a rental! It’s enough if you just buy something from me once you’ve got the money!”


“Yeeeees, miss customer, the measurement room is thiiiiis way!”

I toss Elisyne into the room used for taking measurements.

Hahahah, time to unleash my full power!

I shall use everything I’ve got to make you the best outfit ever!

“First off, selecting only the best Arachne silk! I’ll make everything with that!”

“Everything?! Everything made with Arachne silk?!”

“Everything! And for the occasion, let’s go for hardened Arachne silk for the shoes, too!”


“And use red as the theme for both the shoes and dress… Let’s use crushed Crimson Dragon scales as the dye.”

“C-Crimson Dragon… That’s an S-rank magical beast…”

“I went and fought some the other day, so I’m not lacking in scales. No problem.”

“You bought some… You fought some?!”

“Next, we’ll make use of Aqua Roses taken from the Crystal Valley for the brooch. And use some Holy Emeralds all around the dress and on the shoe clasps.”

“W-Wait… Waaaaaaaiiiiit!!!”

“And it’s gotta be the God Bird Lemire’s feathers for the hair ornament! Next, carve some dragon pearls from a True Dragon to make a necklace…”

Around the time when I begin to enter my serious, no-nonsense mode, Elisyne’s consciousness left home without leaving even a note.

…Eh, whatever. I’m done with her measurements anyway.

5 days later.

After using all my skills to deck her out, Elisyne became so beautiful she’s almost shining.

Her skin has also regained its luster ever since I began to feed her plenty of food.

And it seems like Elisyne has finally gotten used to the situation. She doesn’t faint whenever she wears the dress anymore.

Phew, good work, me…

“Next is the carriage, is it… Yeah, this is out of my area of expertise, even for me, so we’ll have to manage with a rental carriage…”

“Sorry, miss shopkeeper, for having you do everything for me…”

“Ah, but don’t worry! Instead of the horse, I’ll ask my friend to pull the carriage for you!”


I ignore Elisyne’s question and take out a summoning stone from my pocket.

“Come, Unico!”

*Puff!* Smoke rises from the stone, and a silhouette appears inside…

“U-Unicorn… The holy beast Unicorn?!”

A shining, platinum-white horse. One single horn shaped in a spiral.

The legendary ‘Guardian of Virgins’, the Unicorn.

Legend has it that this gentleman with a hardcore bestiality + loli fetish only allows unsullied maidens to ride on his back.

After meeting him in the Forest of Spirits while I was gathering materials, he decided to serve me as a summoned beast.

According to him, “A beautiful young girl of a different species, that’s super-duper hot! Shit, man, ain’t nothin’ better than becoming a slave to a little girl!”

Add ‘masochist’ to that list of fetishes. Damn it.

“Cooooorrect! He’s a Unicorn, his name is Unico! If you sit on the carriage with him pulling, it’s pretty much the same as having a Certificate of Pure Maidenhood! For when you go marriage huntingto the salon, there’s no wingman more reliable than him.”

“T-The holy beast himself… I’m not worthyyyyy…”

No, I’m telling you, he’s just a perverted gentleman. He likes being whipped by cute young girls and slaving for them.

“Ah, perhaps you already have some experience? No problem! As long as you don’t sit on him directly, it’s all OK!”

“N-No! Nothing like that!!”

Elisyne’s cheeks go bright red. Fufufuu, she’s so cute.

“Well, with how you are right now, all the noble youngsters are totally going to trip over themselves to propose to you! Go grab the best one, girl!”

“T-That wasn’t… my intention… but well, you did all this for me, so I might as well go and… have some fun.”

“Yes, yes, take care! Bye!”

I send Elisyne off as she gently waves her hand from the carriage window, and smile from the satisfaction of a job well done.

To be honest, as she is right now, Elisyne should be able to get any partner she wants.

And if you ask why, it’s because the Crimson Dragon’s scales that I used in her dress and shoes has the enchantment effect of [Charm].

Of course, I understand that the effect only helps to grant her an opportunity.

But no matter what sort of opportunity it is, once the two of them get to know each other, her partner will surely discover the hidden Elisyne that is far more charming than her outward beauty, so I don’t think there will be a problem.

And then… Around three months later.

The news that this country’s crown prince went head over heels for a low-rank noble girl, and that they went for a lightning fast wedding, also reached my ears.

And another year after that.

She, together with the prince, brought along their newborn baby and visited my store.

As promised, they came to purchase baby clothes.

Of course, just like last time, I released all my limiters and made them the most protective baby clothes ever.

Author’s note:

First the demon king, next the hero, and now even the unicorn…

Next up are the details on Elisyne’s final equipment:


Crimson Flame Dress

Defense +60

Magic Defense +99

Fire Resistance +90%

Basic Stat Charm +3

When worn, the wearer will grow heatless flame wings as a visual effect.

Crimson Spider Shoes

Defense +15

Magic Defense +30

Fainting, Paralyze, Bind Resistance +90%

Basic Stat SPD +1, Charm +2

When worn, the wearer will be granted a large bonus to the success rate of dancing.

Aqua Rose Brooch

Water Resistance +50%

Basic Stat MID +2

Constant detoxification effect

Can create a relaxing aroma affecting everyone in a 3 meter radius.

God Bird Tiara

Defense +25

Magic Defense +30

Complete immunity to all mental status effects.

When worn, will automatically revives the wearer once. (Require 10 days to recharge after each use)

Dragon Choker

Basic Stat VIT +2, STR +2

Complete immunity to critical hits and one-hit kills.

Dragon Breath Resistance +30%

…Yeah, you can use this set of equipment to go fight the Demon King, no problem…

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