Reika-sama – 102

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Kurikinton is candied chestnuts mixed in mashed sweet potatoes and candied chestnut syrup and is considered a traditional New Year food.

I was eating kurinkinton on New Years when I came to a shocking realisation.
Could it be that Kaburagi had been rejected by Yurie-sama!?
What if those test scores were the result of being in such shock that he couldn’t concentrate. And then because of that he went on a journey to deal with the heartbreak.
Whoa, I’m so sharp this year…
But that wasn’t what happened in Kimidol. I mean, he never went on any journey in the manga, and he should have been rejected after he was a little closer with Wakaba-chan.

Hmmm… Maybe the story had changed from the manga a little bit. To begin with, the main perpetrator of the bullying campaign was sitting here eating.
And it felt like the personalities of the main characters were a little different too. The Emperor who I fangirled over in the manga would absolutely never have had such a deviant-level of passion towards cavalry battles, nor was he some weirdo athletics carnival maniac who would criticise others over their lack of animal noses for the costume race. He was cooler. And Enjou had been the kind and gentle person who watched over Emperor and Wakaba-chan, not this scheming bastard. To begin with, just failing to have honey-brown hair was a departure from the manga.
Also… it kind of felt like Wakaba-chan had become… little bit of a dope…

Why was it, I wondered. Why had all the main characters turn into such unfortunate alternates of their manga selves.
And on the other hand, people who hadn’t appeared at all in the manga like Oniisama and Imari-sama and Tomoe-senpai were so damned cool! If they had been in Kimidol they would have been so popular too! Especially Tomoe-senpai. He’s cool like the manga Emperor had been.
With all these other irregularities, would things progress differently than the manga? Well, as long as my own life was nice and quiet I didn’t particularly care though.
Anyhow, I saved away all of the New Years money that I got. Although the one that I got from Oniisama was going to be enshrined next to my bed.


Kaburagi wasn’t there at the Term 3 opening ceremony. Was he still on his journey?
Even the middle schoolers were talking about his absence by now. It was astounding how one student truanting could have such an effect.
When I went to the salon, Enjou was there for the first time in a while. He was surrounded by people asking about Kaburagi.

“Masaya caught a cold during the New Year, so he’s been resting. He should be back at school in a few days.”

A cold? Had he finally returned from dealing with heartbreak? No, no, it’s not like I knew for sure that he had been rejected. He could have been purely soul searching. Not that I personally held much stock in going on a journey to do so…

When Enjou spotted me, he excused himself and came over.

“Happy New Year, Kisshouin-san.”

“Happy New Year, Enjou-sama.”

Enjou led me to somewhere there were less people and then handed me some kind of sack.

“Here, this is for you. Technically a souvenir from when I went here and there to fetch Masaya. Actually your hush money.”

Eh… This is kind of scary.

“…I, thank you for the consideration.”

And so with a smile, Enjou handed over the most unwanted gift.

So Enjou actually went out to get Kaburagi. And by ‘here and there’, that means he had to go to a lot of different places? Even during the busy New Year, he was still so serious about his friendships. Whatever else, he was actually pretty good at looking after others.

“You mentioned that Kaburagi-sama was down with a cold?”

“Yeah. He’s at home resting right now, actually. He went somewhere awfully cold, you see. But I guess it’s true what they say about sickness beginning with the heart. He was really weakened.”

“I see…”

Somewhere awfully cold?

Sickness beginning with the heart?

Then he really did go on a heartbreak journey!?

If he was somewhere cold, then I suppose it must have been northern Europe or Russia maybe. Oh, but wouldn’t it be pretty bad to have Emperor Napoleon travel to Russia?
But imagining Kaburagi travelling the Siberian Tundra was kind of funny in a way. I pictured him discovering a mammoth. Uppftpfftt.

“But he’s not feverish so he’ll be fine in no time. Once Masaya’s back, I’ll leave things to you.”


I had no idea what he was on about, so I just laughed to avoid the subject.



When I got home, I opened up Enjou’s souvenir bag.

“Toujinbou Cookies”

Toujinbou is a well-known place in Japan to commit suicide. According to statistics, as many as 25 people commit suicide by jumping off the 70-foot-high cliffs annually.

“Kegon Falls Shortbread”

The Kegon Falls are infamous for suicides, especially among Japanese youth.

“Sea of Trees Manjuu”

Aokigahara, also known as the Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees borders Mt. Fuji. Statistics vary, but there were around up to 105 documented suicides a year.

I’m sorry for laughing at you, Kaburagi…
Who would have thought that you’d try and go even further in your journey… Kaburagiii… Come back!!
But to think the journey taken by the esteemed scion of the Kaburagi not even failed to leave Japan, but failed to even leave our Honshu island. It was a little surprising.



A few days later, for the first time in about a month, Kaburagi showed up. He looked exhausted.
His skin looked dull, and his eyes were dead. Uwahh… This settles it…
He was difficult to approach, but in a totally different way now. Nobody was sure what to do. I pretended I didn’t see him.
Most people thought he was like that because he had just fought off an illness, but that was absolutely wrong. Also some of the girls were talking about how his exhausted self was dreamy as well.
I was depressed too when my love for Tomoe-senpai didn’t work out, but even I wasn’t that bad. A lot of it probably came down to how unlike my crush of a few months, his was over ten years.
Sometimes it was a bit painful to see normally energetic people weak, wasn’t it. Kaburagi, it’s time for a new love, damnit! You’ve got a destined love named Wakaba-chan right here!

Speaking of Wakaba-chan, she still couldn’t hide her happiness at the results of that last exam. Her scholarship was relying on it after all.
While the whole school was worrying about Kaburagi, Wakaba-chan didn’t seem to care at all. I suppose sometimes she did look at bit confused about the mood though.
Since they weren’t in contact, he wouldn’t vent on her. To begin with, he didn’t seem to have the energy to do that.


Maihama-san came to pick Kaburagi up. Normally he would have totally ignored her, but this time he didn’t resist as she took his arm and brought him into the care.
Plenty of people had seen Maihama-san during the school festival, so there was a huge fuss when they saw the two going home together.

“Who is that girl!?”

“Maihama Ema from Yurinomiya! Apparently because she’s close to Yurie-sama she’s been clinging to Kaburagi-sama!”

“How could Kaburagi-sama go home with any girl other than Yurie-sama!”

Uwaa, uwaah, it’s pandemonium.
Everyone was making faces like ogres!
Even the girls in my group were narrowing their eyes dangerously in the direction of the departed car. Serika-chan and Kikuno-chan were spouting curses.
Kaburagi, are you really okay…? Speaking of which, where on earth was Enjou?
I looked around but he was simply staring severely in that direction as well.
All of this was making me kind of scared, so I pretended not to notice and quietly slipped away.



That night, Aira-sama sent me a text saying that she wanted to meet and talk.
My stomach was hurting again for the first time in a while.

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104 thoughts on “Reika-sama – 102”

  1. Things just got real.

    This story may be surprisingly deep in other areas than character development. The animals may be onto Reika from the deer mistreating her at Nara to the bird crapping on her. I wonder if Beatrice will make an appearance to do something unfortunate to her. If she does that may mean that they recognize her as an unnatural existence.

    The manga Reika may have been the impetus that drove Masaya to mature and Enjou to become kinder, as well as Wakaba to fall in love.

    Liked by 17 people

    1. Beatrice licked her hair (though luck Reika-chan).
      But she sure have though luck with pigeons, deers and later beatrice, which make me wonder why she didn’t have problems horses and cows and rabbits on her school excursion


    1. Because the only way to heal a broken heart is with a new love.

      Not to mention Reika has made history in some of her previous encounter with him.

      The alternative option is that Emperor already got over Yurie as a romance target already and adore her like an older sister, and his actual crush is Reika (who helped him with the relationship with Yurie before)
      Buuuut despite all of his attempts to get close to her (not saying they’re good ones) she simply ignores him.
      Then that Maihama girl probably make a bet with him, something like “let me stick to you for a period, if she gets jealous you win and I’ll leave you to together, but if not, you’ll have to stick with me”
      And then he lost, went on the suicide trip before finally getting back here. (Would explain why that girl can drag him around now, whereas previously it’s more of her sticking to him)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Well if he’s as based as Tomoe-senpai, then Reika-sama would fangirl him though.
        Too bad he’s just annoying brat.


      2. Those treats Enjou got Reika are actually all from suicide hotspots that Kaburagi was contemplating suicide at. Kaburagi is really taking Yurie way too seriously to be thinking about Reika.

        It’s hilarious that Enjou is giving Reika souvenirs from all these suicide hot spots. Like a perverse holiday. The fact that the gift is meant to woo Reika makes it that much funnier.

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    2. I think it’s beacuase Reika is a love guru lol. She’s been consulted on love relationships before and that’s why he’s asking specifically her for this, not only that it seems we can say safely Enjou trusts her to a degree


  2. Hahaha. Oh, Reika. Thanks once again!

    Oh, fanart wise, I think the one used by Novelupdates is one of the closest to my image of Reika (aside from the haircolor I guess). Its very “shoujo” too.


  3. Altho with Masaya almost killing himself, I really want to Reika to go full ojou-sama against and tell him “A the Emperor who lost the war in Russia came back looking like this is laughable, no wonder “she” rejected you” or something.
    PS: Yes,never liked Kaburagi at all xD.

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  4. “But he’s not feverish so he’ll be fine in no time. Once Masaya’s back, I’ll leave things to you.”

    “Yo, nigga, that ain’t ma problem”

    Reika left

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  5. Oh this is easy, Kaburagi went stalking and saw his “Yurie-sama!” kissing another guy, went into a rage and got rejected utterly. Hence the dejected dog look.

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  6. Somehow, I can’t help but think that this Yurie-sama bait is just a red herring. Previous plotlines have trained me well.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Kaburagi’s parents were threatened into the original situation OG Reika fell into by Maihama. It’s also possible Kaburagi’s parents got tired of trying to pair him up with Reika and went for “the next best thing”, though I’m doubtful.

    Thanks for the morning chapter! Just what I need this week!

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    Oh but here’s one thing I missed in the raws…
    “I’ll leave things to you”?
    That’s not confusing at all Enjou. What the hell do you think of Reika???

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    1. She’s somebody he can pass the buck to.
      I mean, look at her record so far. She’s two-for-two.

      The first time, she suggested that Kaburagi write letters to Yurie. That worked out great.
      The second time, Reika intimidated Tsuruhana’s group into staying away from Kaburagi.

      Enjou figures he can let Reika carry the load for a bit. In away, it’s a flattering compliment, because he thinks she’s capable of some things that he’s not.

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  8. Enjou did a good job bringing Kaburagi back. But why entrust him to Reika or let Maihama drag him around? Couldn’t he just keep him company for the mean time?

    Wakaba-chan sure couldn’t read the air~

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    1. Ignoring kaburagi is the path to success. Great going Wakaba! Not bothering with those two probably makes school life a thousand times easier.


  9. but this time he didn’t resist as she took his arm and brought him into the care.

    //Looks like he’s so bad that Maihama brought him to hospital care.


  10. Wait!!! There were a villainess reincarnation and romance plot-lines, I thought this was the adventures of cowardly noble girl and her quest to make friends

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  11. Omg Bakaburagi…going on suicide hotspots are just a big no-no it felt like this whole thing is getting serious!😭

    And those hush money from Enjou looked more like bribery. Now, as much as I’m curious for what Aira’s gonna say….I really hope Reika-sama would at least cheer up the poor guy. I kinda Heard stories from that suicide forest and I’ve seen pictures but really, that shit is no joke. 😔

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    Aaaaand thank you soooooo much for the update!! 😊

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      1. Wow…typical speech from the psycho right wingers. From one extreme to the next huh.

        Duly noted to not bother reading this translation.

        I mean you only came back after someone else started translating it anyway. Petty much?


        1. This exchange is hilarious.

          Move on with your life; if you’ve come this far without being insulted on the internet, I pity you.

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            1. “Wow…typical speech from the psycho right wingers. From one extreme to the next huh.” – – > Extreme mental gymnastics designed to provoke you while simultaneously attempting to establish superiority in terms of righteousness

              “Duly noted to not bother reading this translation.” – – > “I’m better than you, and if you want my readership, you better respond nicely”

              “I mean you only came back after someone else started translating it anyway. Petty much?” – – > Direct provocation aimed at your pride; attempting to further establish a higher moral ground

              This is not the mark of a mature person who is primarily interested in fairness.


              Bleh. Too much politics for a Reika-sama chapter!


        2. tbh, Este’s translations are some of the best on the internet. It’s like a Depp movie: you may hate him as a person but you’ll still come crawling back for more of his work.


        3. Este is super serious about her job as translator and post food images and explanations about japaneses myth/stories ! Este is just being a tsunedere ! Este is moe ! *go back to her corner*


    1. Wow…you lot are amazing. The translator uses inappropriate speech and you jump to their defense as they continue to troll.

      No thanks.


  13. Her comment about how the characters have changed is interesting.

    I think that was something of a scheming type originally since he subtley supported Wakaba originally too. I think her impression of him being the evil scheming type is a bit harsh, he is a nice guy you know?

    Kaburagi I am sure always loved cavalry battle, it just never came up in high school. And she is been with him since primary so her impression of him is going to be different from Wakaba.

    Wabaka is probably like that because she never got bullied by Reika. And she never got involved with Kaburagi because Reika deflected the cafateria event. And because she never caught Kaburagi’s attention she did not get bullied by he rest of the school either.

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    1. I think it’s partly subjective though.

      She thinks of Enjou as a scheming type because she’s weak-willed and also afraid of him. Enjou’s actual fans and supporters thinks he’s actually the kind type. As the wingman character, it makes sense that he’s the behind-the-scenes fixer type.

      The manga probably never went into a lot of backstory for Kaburagi and probably only started showing him after he had started to mature. It also never mentioned why he came by the title of “Emperor.” That was actually news to Reika.

      I can’t really explain Wakaba, but you don’t really have to once you understand just how important the original Reika was on her school life.
      Our new Reika is messing horridly with the timeline because Wakaba is almost a nearly unknown person in the school. In the original timeline, *everybody* would know who Wakaba is. But she hasn’t attracted much attention until now.


        1. I actually picture it as third-person perspective, just mostly with the “camera” focused on Wakaba. Like the way most manga work.

          If I had to guess, it’s that Wakaba probably has to be a lot more serious and gutsy if Reika is bullying her and Kaburagi is venting on her or whatever else.


  14. This is bad though, Reika might end on the Kaburagi route at this point.


    Please avoid any flags. Maybe try on push him onto Maihama is Wakaba isn’t happening.

    The fact that Maihame doesn’t go to the same school means that she can’t be bullied as much. Kaburagi’s mother also introduced her.


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  15. What hush money, are not you just opening Kaburagi’s card? she only know that he was going for a journey but now because of something that should have shut her up, she knows that they were go somewhere to commit suicide 😂 SOS call huh? Anyway, thank you for the chapters translator-sama~~😘

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  16. “Hmmm… Maybe the story had changed from the manga a little bit. To begin with, the main perpetrator of the bullying campaign was sitting here eating.”
    Yeahhhhh, I was sort of thinking that the fact this timeline’s Reika wasn’t bullying Wakaba also meant that she isn’t as infamous in this timeline. She doesn’t even really get noticed until just now, when she’s 1st place in the exams.

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    1. Shit, didn’t finish my thought.
      Anyway, since Wakaba isn’t as infamous, it also means that Kaburagi has less reason to take notice of her existence.

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  17. Eh..?? Are we gonna go down Bakaburagi’s route? Enjou seems to be pushing Reika to help Bakaburagi, despite her not being all that interested in such matters. I’ve never rlly liked that emperor boy, but I guess no harm will be done if she smacks some sense into him > 3 >))… Thanks for the chapter!

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  18. Thanks for the chapter. Kaburagi sure having a nice and cozy heart breaking tour at infamous tourist spots. And those are definitely a cold place. In a good way.


  19. >Why was it, I wondered. Why had all the main characters turn into such unfortunate alternates of their manga selves.

    Reika… honey… you of all people saying this…

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    1. Excuse you, our Reika-sama is obviously infinity times better than manga Reika.

      Granted, manga Reika was probably not a glutton…she probably wouldn’t call herself the Headman of the Forever Alone Village…she wouldn’t do chin ups inside a closet…

      …oh well, stupid kids are cuter.

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  20. Thanks for the chapter!

    ‘Anyhow, I saved away all of the New Years money that I got. Although the one that I got from Oniisama was going to be enshrined next to my bed.’
    This brocon…

    Something about Enjou following Kaburagi to this places and getting soveniers on the way is really funny to me. Just imagining his face at the time makes me giggle.

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    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

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    Thank you for this chapter’s translation!


  23. The story always gets way more interesting when Kaburagi and Enjou are involved. The slice of life parts are nice too, but this is exciting. Thanks for the chapters!

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  24. I thought Enjou knew she doesn’t want to be involved with Kaburagi… Why does he want her to? Argh, it’s so obvious she’ll end up with him, but I hate it. I don’t like him. I would rather she ends up with Enjou; he’d be more interesting as a male lead anyway…but oh, well.


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    I’ll just read from her. Cause I love the story.
    I am both not looking forward to this, cause “ermagawwwwwd so much reading errrrrrghhh”, and looking forward to it cause “ohhhhhmiigoddddd SO MUCH READING OOOHHHMYYGODDD”

    Lol I’m weird.
    Also cough cough WISH ME LUCK ONII-SAMA teehee pero ;P
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  26. The most unfortunate alternative for their own character is asking why all the other main characters are so unfortunate alternatives…
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