Reika-sama – 098

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After the athletics carnival, Tomoe-senpai and I became a small topic of discussion.

“I had no idea you were so close to the former President.”

“To think he’d announce his victory and smile at you like that. Could it be that there’s actually something between you two?”

My friends loved talk about romance, so all of them were looking excited and expectant.

“I admire and look up to Tomoe-senpai very much, but we are not in the sort of relationship you are all imagining. If strange rumours caused trouble to him, I would not be able to face him…”

I made sure to quickly put out the fire.

“Ehhhh~ But you were cheering for him so passionately, Reika-sama. When I saw you two like that it sent my heart pounding, you know!”

“Me too!”

“But gosh, the former President was so dashing~! And he was even Champion!”

“He really was cool! I actually found out that he won last year too! He’s the two-time champion!”


It looks like my heart wasn’t the only one pierced by his smile. Everyone was using our interaction as an excuse to keep talking about him.
Hmmmm~ What do I do. It was basically nothing, but a rumour was a rumour…



When I heard the same rumours at the Pivoine Salon, that was when I started to worry a little.
After all, his actual girlfriend Kasumi-sama was here.

“I had no idea you were close with that Tomoe guy,” started a third year upperclassman.

“Yes. He helped me a great deal when I was a class representative in middle school. I was made the vice representative of my class again this year, so he has been helping me once again.”

“Ah, I see. I’m begging ya, at least don’t tell me you like him or something.”

“Goodness. Tomoe-senpai is somebody I respect very much.”

Uuu, Kasumi-sama didn’t seem too offended, but…
I couldn’t imagine it was a good feeling to watch people gossip about your boyfriend and some other girl. I was rash.
Some of the older girls began talking about Emperor, so I used that topic change to get away. Kasumi-sama was sitting further away on a sofa, so I sidled down next to her.


“My, Reika-sama. Gokigen’yoh,” she said, meeting me with a smile.

“Ummm… I am unsure how to apologise for this, but…” I whispered.

“My! Huhu, don’t tell me you were worried about me? I’m completely fine.”


“Truly. And he’s honestly surprisingly popular so this isn’t even close to the first time this has happened.”

“Eh-, is that so!?”

“Yep. So don’t you worry, Reika-san. Senju was happily telling me about how you cheered for him, you know?”


Since she really didn’t seem to mind, I let out a tentative sigh of relief. I was like the homewrecker villainess by birth, so I was worried I might one day break up some couple by accident.

“More importantly, you really gave me a shock when you appeared in that rat costume. Whatever came over you?”


Kasumi-sama gazed at me worriedly.

“The girl who was supposed to participate injured herself, so I became the replacement.”

“I see. But a rat costume… You really take your role as the class representative seriously, don’t you, Reika-sama.”

Ummm… Kasumi-sama was looking at me heartbroken, like I was some tragic heroine. I really didn’t know how to respond. Was the costume really that bad? I thought it was pretty tame compared to the gaudy Cinderella and Prince costumes.
Speaking of which, my friends kept trying to cheer me up when I got back from the costume race. And even when people in my class joked about Iwamuro-kun, nobody ever mentioned me.”

“…Was my costume so strange?”

“Not at all! You were very charming! However, I can’t say I have really ever heard of a Pivoine participating in the costume race before…”

She was right, come to think of it. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that as a Pivoine member.

“Was it perhaps the wrong decision…?”

“I wouldn’t go that far, but…”

I think I could have done quite a few things better this athletics carnival. I made a note to reflect on it.

I happened to glance at my watch and realised it was time to be picked up by my chaffeur.

“I need to take my leave for today.”

“My, already?”

“Yes. I have lessons soon.”

“I see. Gokigen’yoh.”

After packing up, I was about to leave when I passed Kaburagi and Enjou.
Our eyes met.

“Oh, the stupid mouse.”


The whole salon went dead silent.

I forced a stiff smile onto my face.

“…Gokigen’yoh, Kaburagi-sama, Enjou-sama. You must be excusing me.”

I was about to leave again when Kaburagi looked at me seriously.

“Where was your mouse nose? What were you even supposed to be? Put in a bit more effort next year.”


Shut up, you athletics carnival lunatic! Who let you decide that I would even be competing next year!
They wouldn’t let me have the nose, and to be honest even I have a little self-respect!

I stalked down the hallway and headed for my car.


When I returned home from piano practice I found Imari-sama there for the first time in a very long time.


“Hey, Reika-chan. How’ve you been?”

“Very well. And you, Imari-sama?”

“I’ve been great too.”

Today he was wearing a suit. Wow, this was the charm of an adult!

“What brings you to our home today?”

“I had something I wanted to borrow from Takateru. Gee, you’re still as cute as a doll, aren’t you Reika-chan.”

He patted me on the head.

“Imari, stop touching people’s sisters,” said Oniisama after flicking off Imari-sama’s hand.

“Gosh! Your Oniisama is so scaaary, isn’t he, Reika-chan. But you’re like the little sister I’ve always wanted. My family is filled with nothing but brothers. I know! Reika-chan, why don’t you marry my little brother? Then you’ll be my little sister for real. Ah, but I’d be more than happy to marry you too, you know?”

“Marry you, Imari-sama? Why, that would be like a dream come true.”

“Wouldn’t it? I’ll marry you any time, Reika-chan.”

The two of us laughed together, but Oniisama looked irritated for once.

“…Imari, come to my room.”

“I’m sorry, Older Brother, it was just a joke.”

“Shut it and come. Now.”

Imari-sama was literally dragged away. It was nice to see that they were as close as ever.

Speaking of which, hadn’t I made up a story about being in love with Imari-sama? I had totally forgotten about it. I decided to tell them when they got back.

‘Apparently I’ve always been in love with you, Imari-sama.’

I was sure that he and Oniisama would find it a riot as well.

When Imari-sama came back to the living room he looked gaunt. Talking business must have been exhausting. He was probably buried in work. After all, he said,

“I don’t think I can come here for a while, again…”

Left: Kisshouin Reika
Right: Takamichi Wakaba
Young Kisshouin Reika
Takamichi Wakaba
Left to right: Oomiya Ayame, Shirasagi Ru’ne, Kazami Serika, Imura Kikuno
Left: Tsuruhana Maki
Right: Maihama Ema
Left: Fukioka Sakurako
Right: Yorino Aoi
Kotou Ririna
Nouzen Sarara
Haginokouji Fuyuko
Left: Suzushino Yurie
Right: Minazuki Aira
Finishing off with Kisshouin Reika again

All the art seen above was drawn by Rahakan.

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    1. The truth is the drills are the real body and the human is a host.
      Reika doesn’t yet know this, which is why her mother is so insistent on maintaining her true body.

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  1. Like I’ve said before he’s a baka bull in a China shop, you know I felt a little teary for Reika sama, they seem to think she did something to undignified and unbecoming of a shittione member, fuck em Reika, even though you were kindly filling in for another you earned there disapproval.

    If they’re so anal retentive then they must be full of shit, and so what if she was happily enjoying watching Tomoe sempai, tell em to go take an enema and relax, assholes

    Reika looks up with her eyes watering, “What did I do wrong?” Leaving with her head hanging down, Reikas lonely figure waits for her driver, not looking back.


    Liked by 4 people

    1. Well Reika has a halo effect around her at all times that leads people to interpreting her actions in the most favorable light.

      So while the Pivoine think this was humiliating, they think she’s a really diligent class rep who is too kind-hearted to refuse such things. It’s less that they disapprove of her and more just pity her for being forced into a compromising situation.

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    1. A passing joke got him a sucker punch to the solar plexus… I wouldn’t be surprised if he’ll have stitches in less obvious locations on his body so he can retain his reputation.

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  2. I’m not sure but Masaya-kun looks like picking a fight with Reika-tan as an action of a tsundere character. Looks like we need to inform onii-sama to prepare for eradicating additional pest.

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        1. As suggested below, it may be Enjou that likes Reika. Kaburagi may he annoyed about his in true friend paying attention to her, and that his own mother pushes Reija as a candidate over Yurie.

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        2. Him having a crush on Yurie and being interested in Reika aren’t mutually exclusive. Especially when he knows, at least subconsciously, that it is not going to work out with Yurie.

          Well, I think that the Wakaba/Kabugari romance is going to happen anyways. Reika making friends with Wakaba and supporting her romance in Kabugari simply makes the most sense from a story perspective.

          It is possible that this event was intended by the author to push Reika and Kaburagi apart since, at least I think, they were getting too friendly.

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  3. Reika…you’re going to get Imari killed at this rate…
    But ahh…Oniisama showing his siscon is always soothing. Here’s one guy that *does* deserve our Reika-sama.
    It’s funny how Reika can casually flirt with Imari though – if memory serves she doesn’t really do it with anyone else. Kinda wonder what others would think if they saw.

    Yes, shut UP, Bakaburagi.

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      1. Enjou’s sooooooo vague though…sometimes it looks like he’s been nursing a crush on Reika since forever, other times he’s just…shady. Well, it would confirm to him Reika has a thing for older guys. Maybe he’ll ask Imari for tips.

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        1. can you please tell some examples about him nursing a crush on Reika in translated chapters ? I don’t see it.


          1. Well, it doesn’t get really blatant until later…at this point I can only say that Enjou’s been aware of her since the first summer party – which isn’t much, I know. Bakaburagi pays attention to Reika too and I’m sure *he* doesn’t have a crush. But later…LATER. Ugh, confusing jerk.

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          2. The hardest evidence is from Bird Brain Boy (Katsuragi).

            We actually first meet Katsuragi back in the first cavalry battle, where he’s the first character to be defeated by Kaburagi, before Kaburagi was known as Emperor.

            Later one of Reika’s informants warn Reika that he’s feeling strangely competitive with her for some reason. When Reika visits the middle school section to hand over a music room to her class, Katsuragi confronts her and tells her that she’s not worthy of Enjou. The facial noogie and kneecapping commence and she starts being called “Violent Woman” by him.

            We can basically infer that Bird Brain really is pretty bird brained. Since he thinks that beating somebody Enjou likes is enough to earn Enjou’s approval. And by that token, we know that Enjou approves of Reika in some way.

            We also learn from Akizawa’s POV that a boy has been watching Reika closely and smiling, particularly during the bird poop incident. Monk Boy, similar to Katsuragi, is one of Enjou’s followers and we learn from him that Enjou thinks she’s a “fun person.”

            This gives a lot of context for Enjou’s other behavior.

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            1. actually Birdbrain just think that Reika is the one stalking Enjou and taking advantage of his kindness and gotta push that villainess (Reika) outta the way


              1. I take it back. I have seen the light, Katsuragi sure was acting weird, Reika doesn’t approach Enjou ever and it’s not like the being polite to the Kisshouin daughter was weird since he’s polite even for random fangirls. So Katsuragi must have noticed that Enjou acted different towards Reika, whatever the tell was


          3. The biggest thing is the one of the recently release chapters where he was talking about how she rang the bell in the past.

            Him actively going up to her, talking about their past together and them complimenting her honestly is definitely big.

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        2. I actually can relate to Enjou, since my default mode of relating to people is to tease them and/or give them shit. Saying, “hello” isn’t actually entertaining. Comedy is in things happening to other people after all.

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    1. Yeah, this was a good chapter. You’re starting to get a sense that people genuinely like Reika. Even the people who buy into her fake ojousama seem more like they’re willingly defending her honor, instead of just doing it because of her status.

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  8. Hmm, I think the problem is that Reika has no real self-awareness of her apperance. From everyone else’s perspective she’s the perfect, elegant beauty but she thinks of herself as a normal looking girl with drill hair.

    A perfect elegant beauty wearing a weird costume and normal girl wearing a weird costume are two very different things.


    I think that thing with Kaburagi is going to blow up next chapter. Up until now neither of them have so publicly and openingly criticized the other. So everyone had the impression that the had a good relationship.

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    2. I think it’s partly because it’s unthinkable for the Pivoine to do anything that they think is demeaning.

      Kaburagi’s comment was limited to the salon, so I don’t see it being a big deal. This wouldn’t be the first time the Pivoine closed ranks. At most, it’s just another rumor to the fire that they’re close and possibly romantically involved.

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    1. It’s perfectly in character for him. He does that all the time. Anytime he opens his mouth around her he sticks his foot in it. Did you forget him telling everyone that she was fasting at his hotel because she was getting fat? I suspect that half the reason enjou is always laughing is due to how badly Kaburagi makes things when he opens his mouth.


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    1. She’s difficult to approach because of her perfect ojuo-sama appearance, because of the girls constantly surrounding her and because of Kaburagi/Enjou might be interested in her.

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      1. Yeah, now I feel silly for asking, given the direction of some of my ramblings lately. It’s easy to take Reika’s impostor syndrome too literally. But anybody who can project confidence and act well enough to fool you is actually pretty talented. I suppose that’s the whole point of manners to begin with. They’re over-the-top aristocrats, so it’s easy to forget that such things actually serve a political purpose for them.


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