Reika-sama – 085

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Merry Christmas! One more left.

As an apology for confusing the crap out of him, I sent Aoi-chan’s brother some high class protein supplements.
Apparently the girl he liked was named literally just ‘Mari’. I should have checked to begin with. He’s a nice guy so he told me that it wasn’t my fault and not to worry, and Aoi-chan wasn’t angry at me in the slightest so things were settled for now.
Because of the strong opposition from all around him, Aoi-chan’s oniisan stopped with the song writing. He’s still been playing the guitar though. One day Aoi-chan called and told me,

“Oniichan’s started a weird guitar comedy routine…”

Stay strong, Aoi-chan!


Anyhow, life passed by and one day I received an invitation to an opening party for one of the Kaburagi Group’s associate companies.

“I recall declining last time. Otousama, Okaasama, just go by yourselves.”

“Yeah, but last time when I met Chairman Kaburagi we talked, and when I mentioned you he told me to bring you next time.”

Ever since I gave him that tanuki doll he’s been going around talking about me like I’m some sort of fathercon. I first heard about it from somebody in the Pivoine:

“I hear that you get along very well with your father, Reika-sama.”

First I’d heard of it. Boy was that a surprise.

Everybody in the upper class already knows about me as a long-time brocon but recently fathercon has been added to the list too. I find that offensive.
But in the end it’s just Otousama’s boasting. The brocon stuff is all true but the fathercon rumours aren’t really sticking. And for good reason. It’s all baseless.

“I am still in high school so I shall decline for now.”

“Yeah, but I’ve already told him that you were going. So come with, Reika?”

Forcing me to go to a Kaburagi party of all things!?

“Reika,” Okaasama cut in. “Masaya-sama might be at this party! How about we show him your new dress?”

That was what I wanted to avoid the most though. Okaasama was rather too cheerful about the whole thing.

And I’ve got my end of term exams too. Instead I have to play dress-up doll for her?

“It’s fine,” said Otousama. “I’ll make sure to escort you, Reika.”

What on earth is this tanuki saying.

“No, I’ll have Oniisama do so if you please.”

Hmph! You think looking depressed like that is enough for me to feel sorry for you!


For a while I considered telling Kaburagi I was coming, but in the end I decided against it. To begin with I dunno if he’s even comming, and if he said ‘So?’ I wouldn’t know what to say.
Anyway, the day of the party came in no time at all.


Corporate parties are really boring. Growing up I avoided as many as possible on the basis that I was still a child, but I suppose I’ll be seeing more and more of these from now on. What a pain, geez. Incidentally, Kaburagi didn’t come.
Oniisama escorted me as I kept a smile on my face. Some of the parents of fellow Pivoine members were there so I made some polite conversation. Most of it was talking about how wonderful their children were.
Both my parents were doing basically the same thing elsewhere.

“Tired, Reika?”

“I am still fine.”

“Yeah? It’ll only be a bit longer, so hold on.”

Supported by Oniisama’s soft encouragement, I fired myself up for another meet and greet.

“Gokigen’yoh. I am Kisshouin Reika.”

At that moment a voice called out from behind.

“Thanks for coming, Takateru-kun.”

“Why if it isn’t Chairman Kaburagi. Thank you for the invitation tonight.”

Chairman Kaburagi!? Kaburagi’s dad!?

I turned around in a hurry.


Kaburagi’s dad was this unbelievably stylish ojisama.
I’ve always avoided their family so it was my first time seeing him up close.
He’s probably Otousama’s age by what the heck is this different!? His belly isn’t coming out at all! And even his crow’s feet make him look refined instead of old. Not only that but his eyes seem both sharp and magnanimous! It’s a flood of charisma! SO COOOL!!! And WHOA, he’s freaking tall!
He’s like Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto.

Completely unlike his son’s Night On Bald Mountain. This man is a true emperor!

He was just so awesome that I couldn’t help but stare dumbly for a while.

“This is my younger sister, Reika. Come on Reika, it’s Chairman Kaburagi.”

“Good evening, Reika-san. Thank you for coming tonight.”

The elegant ojisama smiled at me.
Oh no! This isn’t the time to be spacing out!

“Thank you very much for your invitation tonight. I am Kisshouin Reika,” I replied politely, suppressing the wild beating of my heart.

Holy crap, please let me leave a good impression with *him at least.

“No need to be so polite. You’re in Masaya’s year, aren’t you. I hope he hasn’t been causing you trouble.”

“No, not at all. Masaya-sama is an amazing and talented person.”

We’re not close enough for that.

“I hear that you’re doing well yourself, Reika-san. Your father must be proud of you. I heard that you always bake sweets for your beloved father. Ah, and there was a plush toy recently too, wasn’t there. Goodness, I wish I had a daughter. I’m envious of your father.”

Otousama, you’re exaggerating too much!
What the heck has he been saying about me. It’s so scary I can’t even think about it.

“Chairman Kaburagi, thank you for earlier.”

Speak of the devil.

“Ah, it’s you, Chairman Kisshouin. I was just speaking to the children you and your lovely wife are so proud of. Reika-san really is a lovely young lady. I expected no less from your beloved daughter.”

“Haha, thank you, Chairman Kaburagi.”

Oi, you’re supposed to say ‘you flatter us’ there, Tanuki.
Next to the chubby Tanuki, Kaburagi’s otousan looked even cooler than usual. I have to hand it to Okaasama, she’s pretty amazing for not feeling disappointed when her husband is standing next to this guy.
After that, the tanuki began to share secret and vastly exaggerated tales of how well he got along with his daughter.
Somebody save me.
The big-hearted Chairman Kaburagi went along with the tanuki’s delusions with a smile.
At the end of it all, Chairman Kaburagi told me,

“I hope we’ll meet again, Reika-san.”

Again with a dazzling smile.

Wow… So dreamy…

Wai-, this isn’t the time for this, Reika!

You vowed to stay away from the Kaburagi family so what are you doing getting familiar…

I have to get back on track!


A few days later in the salon, Kaburagi came up to me and laughed,

“Heard it from my pops but not only are you a brocon, you’re a fathercon on top of that?”


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    1. One in twenty Reikas would accept Kaburagi’s advances, One in ten Kaburagis would court Reika. Two in three of the Kaburagi’s would be doing it to portray a nisekoi to appease politics.

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    1. No, no. She DOES cherish her current family…it’s just that teasing is part of that cherishing. Besides, her brother is waaaaaay too cool not to fangirl over and as far as she sees it her parents are trying too hard to push her to Kaburagi…who she is desperately trying to avoid since that way would lead to ruin.

      Personally, my OTP is ReiMa!

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