30 thoughts on “Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter—Chapter 10”

    1. Good news, that date is a screw up.

      The next chapter actually comes out on August 26th in Japanese, so you’re probably gonna get it about a week earlier than you might’ve expected.



      1. in case you can’t find the raws on the manga page for some reason:

        the easiest example of アズータ i can find is in chapter 12, so scroll down until you see:

        the link is purplish, since i just visited it.

        heres the very first paragraph:

        look at the second sentence:

        ^ so yes, its azuta, in the webnovel and in the manga.
        este has the light novel raws, so you’ll have to ask him for evidence of アズータ.


      2. Ah, my bad then. Never saw the raws so I couldn’t tell (I know Japanese but not good enough to translate stuff like you guys). Thanks for the clarification!


    1. actually, it’s azuta.
      アズータ = azuuta

      you can see that the raw says “アズータ”.
      heres the closeup:

      if you input アズータ into google translate, it says:

      but at the bottom, google translate states that it’s showing the translation for アズーラ instead.
      so the actual translation would be:

      see, if you use a katakana chart:

      on the first row, second if you read from left to right:

      タ = ta
      on the first row of the bigger box on the bottom, third if you read from left to right:

      ラ = ra

      tl;dr don’t trust google translate too much on first glance.


  1. When is the next episode of Imouto coming out? Also thanks for the Duke’s Daughter chapter.

    PS: Is that a vibrator in the Happy Birthday page? Or am I just seeing things?…


      1. Upon closer inspection its actually the birthday boys left arm… BUT in my defense I have a really filthy mind.


  2. I just found this story and I really do like it. The imouto notes at the bottom are also quite amusing.

    Thank you for translating and sharing this!


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