Reine des Fleurs – Translated Youtube Otome Game

In case you guys didn’t know (like I didn’t), Reine des Fleurs is being translated by Momoko.Y, courtesy of one Dirili’s money!

Incidentally, Dirili does English narration videos too, in case you prefer audiobook-esque stuff to pure reading.

I’ve been told it’s a good game with great music and fantastic visuals, so if you’re into otome games, shoujo manga, or some of the more flowery josei manga (really, this game and most otome games should probably fall into ‘josei’ type stories), I’d suggest you check it out.

You can find a review here:

Reines des Fleurs ~ Introduction ~

9 thoughts on “Reine des Fleurs – Translated Youtube Otome Game”

  1. Me and my friend called it “Because I love him, everyone could die for all I care” because of the endings. :v
    Jokes aside, this game story is quite great. But uh, the heroine is so scary I swear.

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      1. Ohh! I see I see! Which ones have you played ? Cough cough, I played the otome game Amnesia, because I saw the anime and wanted to see more of the characters ^~^


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