Real God (EGA Vol 3)

So Trump jokes aside, here’s news on a real god.


Volume 3, which details Anri’s life in the Black Rose Mansion, will be coming out some time soon.

And yes, my fellow believers, I will be translating this too. You can consider Evil God Average officially removed from the ‘completed’ list, and back in ‘active projects’.

As I mentioned in April, it comprises three parts:

① Everyday Life Arc – Anri-based Book of God chapters, but rewritten in first person
② Incident Arc – Completely new material
③ Black Rose Mansion Arc – Completely new material

Now then, jokes aside, the joke about Trump being a joke was the real joke. If Anri were running for President of the World, I would vote for her in a heartbeat, but unfortunately no matter how amazing she is, she is indeed fictional.

Fictional Anri will not save us from the Moslem hordes.

Only one man can.

Vote Trump.



58 thoughts on “Real God (EGA Vol 3)”

  1. Is that Anri’s statue in the background?
    The statue that the Pope made so that it would look perfectly like the real deal?
    With the complete set of risque underwear? (still wondering how he knew about those…)

    Thanks for the (future) chapters :D
    I’ll vote anyday for Anri as the president of the USA, with Tilea as the vice-president.
    Two Evil Gods can’t be worse than any other presidents :p

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  2. Greetings from Lazy;
    Please stop sending me pictures of Mister Trump….
    Don’t try to brainwash me.
    I don’t have the right to vote for him to be the next president anyway. I am satisfied with living in Germany and won’t consider moving abroad for the next year, thank you very much.
    But most importantly, thank you for your hardwork. We fans appreciate it…
    Though I just have to ask: Why do you think he could help your cause?

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    1. pretty sure it’d have to either be glued on or rigid to actually stay up. Maybe that’s why she has her arms crossed, covertly holding it in place?


  3. Best news ever! well maybe not but still damn good, always felt unsatisfied with how it ended, too much time skipping and wanting to see more of the everyday life of anri both goddess and not.


  4. Thanks for the hard work, the first volume is still missing some sidestories though, if you could fix that i, and other also i think, would be very thankfull

    Anyhow, thanks for the translations.


  5. happy about the Anri

    confused about the Trump… that picture is about as “Jokingly Over The Top” as you can go. A Tank at a beach would have it’s speed cut dramatically, possible get completely bogged down and a ship firing fireworks is not bombarding the coastal defenses or sending off planes.

    Also, Trump is about to get SNIPED.

    That pic is about as epic as Trump, looks great, is about as stupid as selling Steak at a furniture store…

    let’s not even mention the “Housing Bubble popping in a month or two, LET’S MAKE A MORTGAGE COMPANY!”

    or the “Sold my name to a bunch of guys who cancelled, got sued for that, settled… What do you mean am on record as saying I have never settled?”

    or the “Got invited five times, turned them all down” Actually “I checked, never invited the guy”

    or the “My Name is the most valuable thing about me”

    or the “I’ll SUE YOU SO HARD!!!” Never actually sued ANYONE in his life.


    also, on the self funding, “I loaned myself 17 mill”

    Also, repeatedly talks smack on camera about women…

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    1. Nicolin, kick back and chill, enjoy the sight of Trump rolling over the border and annexing Mexico to keep all the Mexicans out of America.

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    1. Well, her dress is cursed.
      Since it cannot be removed permanently, it might be stuck to her body.

      Also, what are you insinuating about Anri-sama’s front?
      What are you saying about her glorious chest?
      Anri-sama’s proportions are P.E.R.F.E.C.T!
      YOU HEAR ME?!

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  6. That’s great news! Thank you for informing us & for being the no.1 believer sharing the Anri faith~


  7. Thanks for the future translations but I hate Trump and all he stands for, considering I’m a minority it would mean that I wouldn’t be welcome there (since i have fam there)


  8. Eh Estelion-sama ! When will you release those chapters reserved for the rich (who could pay) for us, the poor ? I mean, I totally understand why you do it, but I miss Anri-sama so much… Please, Estelion-sama !


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