18 thoughts on “Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter—Chapter 4”

  1. Anyway thanks for the chapter Sheep-chan! You have pleased Uchi-sama.
    Iris is going to become very awesome, I feel.BTW I found out something weird. In Cherry’s hometown, even though it’s a matriarchy, it turns out homosexual women are exiled because the number of men is low. As in 31 females to 1 man low. Not to mention that male births are rare. My poor little delicacy.

    Also Imouto-san~…! I’m sure Sheep-chan and your oneechan won’t try anything againsy your will. But just so you’ll feel more secure would you like me to cast a ward against unwanted attention on you~?


  2. thank you—!
    oh—! her parents have a good relationship, how amazing—! woah—! wonderful indeed! and they both love their children, i’m so touched! nice, nice!

    well, she’s gone to the fief, let’s start a new chapter of her life—-! i am excited to see what changes she’ll make, heh! and ooh, bishounen!
    ….what? eye candy is important, ok!


  3. So Iris was in large part framed by other (real) bullies and took the fall for them? That explains a lot. I confidently expect them be dealt with by mama and papa-duke as they both give off that protective vibe. (Edward and the other guys are still trash though.)

    I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t all in Imouto’s head. Those facial expressions are not those of a sane imouto.

    Thank you for the release!

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  4. So, in the original “story” Iris was sent off to a church to shelter her from the fight for succession. Now that she has shown herself a capable woman, she’s going to be in the think of it somewhat.

    I’m really liking her as a character, I look forward to seeing where this goes, and how she handles the situations ahead.


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