you should come by our base

its the




all u need to kno about it is my welcoming face

so technically you dont have to

unless we make it shiny for u

onii-chans stuff was eradicated so its pretty clean

theres a white Nissan van i sometimes drive around in that i hijacked from onii-chan

(;´༎ຶ ཀ ༎ຶ`) …back when onii-chan thought i was an elf

terrible memories

heres a picture of it if u want:


onii-chans elf hunting days

i got fooled by the free money oNCE

did anyone get the jaon inside joke here


about the van

…yall disappoint him

11 thoughts on “you should come by our base”

    1. You really like Final Fantasy…but why the incredible pain in the butt that is a tonberry? Why not one of the less annoyingly hard to kill monsters or one of the cooler looking hard to kill monsters? Even a Chocobo would be better, lol.


  1. Yeah I’m off to bed, let me know when Anri’s 5000 copies of her holy scripture are complete and forc *ahem* generously gifted to the ignorant mas *cough cough* wonderful people


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