Reika-sama – 057

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I became a second year.
But more importantly, this year Ririna will be entering Zui’ran.
So that girl was smart enough to make it in as an External…
Let’s keep it a secret that I made light of her because I thought she was too wilful to study.
But now that Ririna is here, I guess that means my days of peace are at risk now.
I’d be happy if she didn’t wrap me up in anything troublesome, but…
With her personality, will she be able to make any friends?
Or so I was wondering, but apparently with her overbearing personality, she immediately gained a bunch of lackeys and formed her own faction.
I had to sort of admire the way she was already walking about like she owned the place, even though she just got here.
You’re amazing, Ririna.


Also, one ominous thing has happened.
Apparently my prided luck in class changes has come to an end.
I ended up in Enjou’s class.
When I saw the class roster, I almost fell to my knees. It’s over…
But at least it’s not Kaburagi I guess. As long as I don’t become enemies with Kaburagi, Enjou shouldn’t be any problem.
Right, there shouldn’t any problem.

───There was a huge problem.
The class was so noisy. Not just the girls in my class, but even the girls from other classes came to make a fuss during the break. While I wasn’t in my best condition in the morning, the high-pitched sounds of girls damaged me further.
I’ve never been in their classes before, so I’ve gotten used to peace and quiet. This is pretty harsh on me.
Enjou himself wouldn’t really pay too much attention to the girls, and he spent most of his time with guy friends, but girls would still want to be with him and would squeal about him.
This noisiness doesn’t really harm me as an outsider, but Enjou didn’t look happy about it either, so I ended up sympathising with him. I guess things are bad when you’re too popular as well, huh.
There are times when you want some quiet too. Aahh, I guess that’s why they always come to the salon.
More than me at least.
I want to escape to the quiet salon too, now…

The teacher tried getting me to become class rep this year too, but I refused.
“If not the class representative, then at least the vice?” they asked, but I won’t fall for that either. It’s impossible for me.
If it was the peaceful classes I was used to, then perhaps I might have accepted, but I’m no match for this one. It’s obvious that I’d suffer.
In Enjou’s class, it seems hard to get anything done.
Just assigning seats was a huge fuss. The intensity for drawing the random seats was so intense. In all my other classes so far, people made a fuss too, but it was just at the level of wanting to be near the back or near the person they liked, but this was on another level.
It was the same for picking the various duties and the class reps. The girls all wanted to do something with Enjou, so it was hard getting it decided.
But too bad. Enjou isn’t doing a thing. The noisy girls were all crestfallen.
That’s right. I’d forgotten, but the privileged Pivoine members pretty much never do odd-jobs like this. They don’t work for the students, the students work for them.
So then why have I been working so…?
But then Enjou also joined the executive committee for the athletics carnival in primary, didn’t he. If Sensei asked him, maybe he would be class rep as well?
Rather, since the fuss is all centred on him, I think everything would go smoothly if he did it.
The two class reps that were chosen were exhausted before a month had even passed.
Last year Miharu-chan was the class rep for Enjou’s class, so maybe she’s grown sick of him? Now’s your chance. Do your best Maiden Class Rep.

Aahh, this is going to be a difficult year…


“So it’s that difficult being in Shuusuke’s class.”

Aira-sama smiled happily as she listened to me.

“Well, there is no direct harm to me, but I am unaccustomed to the noise…”

Today the duo didn’t come to the salon, so I could talk to Aira-sama about this.
Aira-sama is a third year this year, so she’s been busier with studies than ever. Once I considered that she would be coming here less and less, I felt a little lonely.
Kaburagi was the same, since this is the last year he has with Yurie-sama in the salon. He wants to spend more time with her, but doesn’t want to disturb her studies either, so apparently he’s been agonising over this dilemma.
He’s gotten better at hiding his emotions than he used to be, so I don’t think he’d show it too much on the surface though.
But well, in exchange, he cheerfully sends her to her prep school. Do your best…
While we were talking about that, Enjou came to the salon. It’s rare to see him without Kaburagi.

“Shuusuke, it’s just you today?”

“Yeah. Masaya is sending Yurie off. You know that already, Aira.”

With that, he came over to us. Ugeh.

“I just thought it was rare that you were coming to the salon alone, Shuusuke. I thought you’d immediately head home if Masaya wasn’t with you.”

“I have something after class, so I’m killing time until then. And it’d be annoying in class, so.”

“I’ve heard. You’re in Reika-chan’s class, apparently.”

Uwah, please don’t say anything strange, Aira-sama.
Enjou looked at me and smiled.

“Yeah. But although we’re in the same class, we almost never talk.”


Because there’s no reason to.

“Shuusuke, don’t cause her too much trouble, okay? Apparently a lot of girls are really lively around you.”

“I warn them, but it’s hard getting them to listen. So as long as they don’t do anything extreme, I’m just ignoring them. Reika-san, can’t you do something about them?”

“Hah? Why must I?”

“Because you’re the leader of the girls, right? If you speak out, won’t they behave?”

Please don’t talk about people like they’re the Grand Chamberlain.
And also, the ones making the most fuss is Tsuruhana-san’s group. I think the girls in my group are quite respectable in their fusses. Probably.

“I do not have such power. Why do you not speak out?”

“I do, you know? But if I’m too harsh like Masaya, then they start crying, and it gets even worse.”

Enjou looked a little fed up.
I guess it really isn’t something to be happy about.

“Speaking of which, don’t you have a cousin, Kisshouin-san? I hear that lately she’s been approaching Masaya and getting into fights with the second and third year girls.”


Ririna! What the hell are you doing!
I beg you, don’t do anything that’ll pull me down too!

My stomach started to really hurt.
It looks like this year is going to be really troublesome.

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