Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter – Chapter 1



Haha, did I trick you?


Did you think it was the web novel, or perhaps even the light novel?
















This joke of a chapter took me close to an hour.

We should make a Batoto group! Maybe we can call ourselves Arousing Imouto Scanlations or something!

Also, Future Redrawer-san, it’ll your your job to scale this shit up with waifu2x or something. These images are tiny!

42 thoughts on “Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter – Chapter 1”

  1. oh a manga version of one of these stories, nice! is there any other ones like this out atm you know the reincarnation otome stuff


  2. Wow straight from Truck-sama to DAI PINCHI! It’s the standard otome game reincarnation story setup, which is fine since I like those kinds of stories haha. The art is top notch though! Seriously Iris has that Queenly look XD. I also like how the otome game protagonist looks good, but has JUSSSTT a bit of “plebianess” look to her. It fits the otome game self insert character very well.

    I’ll be looking forward to more Duke’s Daughter. Thanks for the translation Este!

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  3. Perfect size for reading on my phone :P I loved this chapter, not so much the cliffhanger ending. Thank you for the translation (and futures translations)!


  4. If you actually plan on translating the manga, I would be all for redrawing it :3

    …Unless you got someone already. Then I’d be more than happy to leech off of you like usual lols

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  5. If im not mistaken wasn’t someone meant to be translating the Web novel of this? Did it ever get translated? also dam truck hit her hard…………….


  6. “Also, Future Redrawer-san, it’ll your your job to scale this shit up with waifu2x or something. These images are tiny!”
    What you want isn’t a redrawer in that case, it’s a magician you need.
    (Seriously, I’ve seen the odd very rare person able to losslessly upscale images, but it’s some voodoo witch magic way beyond me.)


      1. Well, I’m personally not interested as my true love lies with manly Seinen series, that are filled with staunch determination and indefatigable purpose as they spare no effort and personal expense to achieve their dreams.

        That being said though, would you be interested in a few materials like useful fonts, guides on typesetting, cleaning (if it’s not been taken down, not looked recently) and the like?


          1. Typesetting:

            Typesetting font pack:

            Recommended cleaning / redrawing guide:

            Also, I generally don’t mind spending a few hours 1 to 1 with people on Skype sometimes teaching them about cleaning, as long as they’re decent enough human beings that it’s worth messaging them for a few hours and they’re willing to put the time in to learn it.

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  7. It’s not that small. I only had to zoom into 170% to be able to read it. That’s not even 200%!

    Also, I admire Sheeprabbit-sama’s handwriting. Even though you used a cursive font.


    1. I totally meant to hide that last sentence! I guess the white imouto text only works in main posts. Or I did it wrong. More likely, with my luck, both.


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