Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter – Chapter 1 ver. 2

Ame here with my first blog post.

1st chapter was redone from Este’s crappy version with my less crappy version. (Nahahaha)

The chapter was uploaded at Batoto here:

Also here’s the download, if anyone wants it:






Truck-san!!! <3 Nevermind, I’m blind. It’s a car…







Also, what do you think of our credit page?

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42 thoughts on “Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter – Chapter 1 ver. 2”

  1. Thanks a lot—!
    -screams- kyaa—! Looks good, looks really good! So exciting! I have high hopes for this manga— wah—!

    No—! That credit page,no—! Why,why—?! -sobs and blows into a handkerchief- of all the names…

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          1. Because the “arousing imouto” and “oniichan yamete” thing?
            Just think about it! If my sister made a scanlation group called “arousing onii-chan scanlation”…..
            Oh wait, nvm, I think you’re fine.


  2. I just had a thought. Don’t you think these prince characters are unfaithful? They(P) always ignore their fiancee and stick to another girl, thus they(F) turn into villainess. In the end these “Prince” always ignore own faults and punish their them(F).

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    1. I had the exact same thought reading this chapter. There’s also the part where regardless of whether the engagement is annulled through the villainess’ own extreme actions, just the fact that the prince would annul their engagement for the other girl will seriously fuck up the villainess’ life.

      She’ll be well past the age where those noble children usually get engagements arranged for them, and people will wonder what was wrong with her for the prince to give up on her for the sake of some commoner girl. (There might even be rumours she’s damaged goods at that age.) And her family will lose their status from being connected with royalty and almost certainly take it out on the villainess for ruining her relationship and not putting in more effort to win him over. (In this case, that “effort” is usually a misguided attempted to chase away the commoner girl for somehow getting the prince’s affection.)

      Actually, I hope she’ll address that if he liked the other girl so much “despite the difficulties”, or disliked the villainess so much, he should’ve just manned up and annulled their engagement way earlier. (Rather than in the usual fit of rage where he simultaneously annuls their engagement, destroys her family, and sends her off to the dungeons.) Oh, and I guess congratulate the new girl, but warn her to keep an eye on the prince; you’ll never know when yet another girl attracts his eye and he dumps her, after all. (And then uses his powers as royalty to conveniently get rid of her.)

      (I realize this is all just part of the whole justice porn ending these games usually have, and that the villainess is almost always an embodiment of pure, puppy-kicking evil, but it does seem highly irresponsible of the prince to let things get that bad in the first place.)

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      1. Nice explanation! high five!! I would also like to add, it’s always the so-called villainess who always put an effort to get close to their fiancee, whether their approach is appreciated or not. The boys simply dismiss them thinking the engagement was decided by their parents and don’t try to get to know the girl at all. Even if their personalities are bad, that’s no way to treat a girl. Keeping them hanging like that while flirting with another woman is simply disgusting.

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      1. Whaaaaa, my life has been a lie?! I… I was of full confidence Este-sama was a “her”… For my entire idek however long I’ve been reading Este-sama’s works… orz… And no, the podcast was too long so I stopped watching after like one minute ‘w’…


  3. Heh I was wondering why the font was so weird in that first version. So it was just Este being ruthless huh. Thanks for being here to stop his MS Paint rampage, Ame.

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  4. Found your works on other manga sites and i saw the credits and i just had to come here to say they are all amazing Ty for the translations

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