New project and translator.

You know, if we were to map out the world of web novel translators in chuunibyou terms, you’d sort of have the Gravity Commonwealth, the Alyschu Federation, and naturally the Wuxiaworld Empire as the really big players. They’d be the ones with heaps of treasures, and heaps of high-quality top-tier experts.

I guess beneath them, you’d have the relatively large nations with mixed-quality experts, like the RTD Confederation, and the Re:Translations Bandit-Tribe-in-the-Mountains Chiefdom.

Go even further down, and only then do you have small nations like the Kingdom of Scrya, the Kingdom of Ziru, and the Kingdom of Oniichanyamete where far from having a mixed bag of experts, they only have a single one sustaining the entire country.

Indeed… Oniichanyamete has always been supported by the illustrious but solitary and somewhat lazy Estelion.

But no more!

For today, a second, slightly crappier expert has appeared amongst our ranks! And if Chinese web novels have taught me anything, when a second expert appears in a crappy kingdom with only a single expert, he is actually the protagonist, and drags the kingdom upwards in a meteoric rise!

Let us applaud Sir Jaon for being the second expert to appear within our borders and hope for great things from him!

48 thoughts on “New project and translator.”

    1. Sorry, the artistic value of that portrait was too excessive for public display, so now that piece of art will forever rest in the vaults of our new kingdom (that old backpack in the corner of our hut).

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  1. ooh—!
    -slow claps- that was an awesome speech! you had me when you started mentioning major translator sites as big players! yay empires and kingdoms!

    but,ahem,where are my manners?
    Welcome Sir Jaon—-! -has a big fanfare, throws confetti around, also prepares an open-top carriage for sir jaon- we must parade around the streets! oh yes! -gives ice-cream cakes- a gift!

    to more novels being translated, woo—-!

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  2. So the new translator is directly calling himself a protagonist?

    Why do I get that he is a bad guy spy sent by a rival kingdom and that he is trying to destroy our beloved kingdom from the inside?

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            1. I suddenly realised I mistyped “Estelion”, now I’m suffering trying to figure out whether “Estelle” is some character’s name or I was just sleepy. See, that’s the divine punishment you get for disrespective attitude, so you’d better learn the proper name and delete your comment until His Majesty noticed.


  3. so, basically, sir Jaon is a Yuusha, and yamete-kun is the summoner. and here come the question. is it by a truck or got stabbed in alley way? becareful, sir Jaon! usually, when you got summoned and forced to work by a shady person with authority, you’ll be forced to work to the dead like a slave… hopefully you won’t ended up just like that shield dude and got abused everyday… lol…

    oh, and welcome to the comunity, um, i mean, country. will wait for all the fluffy stuff that you will provide in the future…

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    1. Please send help. Estelion has discovered the forbidden summoning technique and is now building an army of mind controlled summoned people to take over the world.

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  4. Welcome, it’s always nice to see new translators ;o)

    Hope you will survive and thrive against the bane of the translationdom : The nefarious firsters (especially the loathful timid ones)…


  5. So in this metaphor would NanoDesu be the mysterious metropolis in the Feywild that’s not really connected to the “real world” (since the novels they translate are mostly not web novels)?


  6. LoL, I mostly only followed those ‘small kingdoms’. Heck, this is the first time I’ve heard of gravity tales and wuxia world.

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  7. I only know of Wuxia World from Moonbunny Cafe, and Moonbunny Cafe from here. Gravity Tales is new to me, so I’ll have to check it out carefully at leisure. ~.^


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