Raid on the Capital – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – Jessica and the Martial General Basten

When I returned to Headquarters, I was faced with President Muvordelly’s suspicion for having suddenly disappeared. I have an excuse, but it’s also true that I left without saying anything.

So I lowered my head and apologised. He looked like he had something he wanted to say, but he was kind enough to overlook me.

Lyris-chan’s message made it here, so they knew about Remilia-sama’s crisis. Because of that, they weren’t of mind to think about me. The President was incredibly busy with forming a rescue force.

Then, just as they were about to leave, Remilia-sama returned.

Everyone had been grim when they heard about her severe injuries, so they were relieved when she came back safely. Only, when they heard that the entire Public Safety Force was annihilated save for her, we realised that the demons were a greater menace than expected. Everyone went stiff with tension.

Seeing that, Remilia-sama scolded everybody, and began organising a force to head out to fight the demons again. Because of the demon crisis, we had already lost a lot of people. When Remilia-sama took people to fight, the Headquarters was left almost empty. There are basically only a few people from the Adventurers Guild here and there now.

If the demons attack here again, this place won’t hold. Just how reassuring would it be if we had Tilea-san here…

I wonder where she is right now. I can’t imagine that she was defeated by that terrifying Ortissio demon. She definitely beat him, but…

For now, I’ll check on Lyris-chan’s condition.

When I arrived at Headquarters with her, her breathing was faint. The Decarabia[Demon Destroying Pentagram] member Alec ran over and changed his expression, before immediately taking her to the infirmary. There are skilled healers there, but there are just too many patients. I’m worried about whether or not she was treated in time. I’m so anxious.

I headed to where Alec was. When I entered the room where I thought Lyris-chan would be sleeping, she was just about to leave with Alec.

“Ah-, Jessica?”

“Lyris-chan, is it fine for you to be moving already?”

“Yeah, I’ve been treated. We’re about to go rescue our companion.”

Apparently they were headed to the ally that Tilea-san mentioned.

“But are you really okay? Even if you had Heal cast on you, with your heavy injuries…”

“We aren’t so soft. Jessica, thanks for saving me.”

She smiled at me, before leaving with Alec. Even Heal isn’t perfect. Normally you would still need two or three days of rest, but she still…

I’m worried about Lyris-chan. I really want her to rest. But because I saw the determination in her eyes, I couldn’t bring myself to stop her. Her companion Alec seemed quite strong and reliable. I guess I’ll just have to trust in him. I hope he won’t let Lyris-chan come to harm.

“Ah-, is this where you were? An acquaintance of yours is looking for you.”

Whie I was in a daze after seeing Lyris-chan off, the Headquarters receptionist suddenly spoke to me.

Looking for me? I wonder who it is.

“Who’s looking for me?”

“She called herself Tilea.”


Thank goodness. So you were fine after all. Yeah. Although I thought that she would be fine, I can’t help but feel happy now that I know she really is. I want to go see her right this moment.

“Thank you very much for telling me! Then, where is Tilea-san?”

“I think she’s waiting in the reception hall.”

After thanking the receptionist, I immediately headed to the reception hall. When I arrived, I found groups of adventurers standing around.

Where’s Tilea-san?

I looked about.

Found her!

Tilea-san was having a friendly chat with some adventurers. Perhaps she was relieved now that she was at the Headquarters, because her tension was gone.

I headed towards her to call out to her.

Mn? What the?

I noticed something hanging on her neck.

White and round… Those are kukanomi!

I found Tilea-san wearing a cord threaded through kukanomi. She definitely got those from here.

Aahh, I bet they’re all thinking of her as some weirdo.

When I got even closer, I could hear their conversation now.

“Is that true! You’re amazing! Destroying a hundred demons!”

“Yeah, all I did was fire some fire from my shortsword. But in that instant, the vampires turned into a mountain of corpses.”

“Oohh~ You must be a master of the shortsword then. And what about you?”

“Me? I use the bow. Whenever I fire the bow, it’s like a rain of arrows. And it forms a mountain of bodies!”

“Truly the Huang Zhong of this world! Gosh, please let me call you Robin Hood.”

I-, It seems that they were standing in a circle and bragging about their accomplishments. Tilea-san expressed her shock at every one of their boasts.

Tilea-san, please don’t be fooled. These people are definitely F-ranked, or at best E-ranked, no matter how you look at it.

The reason these guys are here is simply to find shelter. I don’t think they’ve fought even once.

I mean, look at their swords and spears…

Not a single weapon had blood on it. Even though Lyris-chan and Remilia-sama risked their lives to fight…

As I listened to this unbearable conversation, it seemed to be Tilea-san’s turned.

“Ah, next is me, huh. Ummm~ For me, not only did I get the Wisdom General, shockingly, I even defeated the chief of the demons!”

“KUAHAHAHAHA! That’s quite a boast, eh. From what I can tell, you don’t seem to have a weapon, so is that what you used?”

The adventurers smirked as they pointed at the kukanomi hanging from her neck. Aahh, this is exactly why you should have just stopped. They’re all making fun of you, you know.

“Oohh, nice guess.”

“Ku ku, that’s a weapon? That’s your power?”

“No, no, rather than power, it’s knowledge.”

“Pfft, knowledge? Speaking of which, you defeated the Wisdom General, you say?”

“That’s right. Man~ It was a tough battle. Because I don’t have any strength, I had no choice but to battle with this.”

Tilea-san tapped her head, causing the adventurers to burst into laughter. Why do they seem to be having so much fun.

“Are you kidding me here. You know, you don’t look all that smart.”

‘Uwahh~ You’re so mean. It’s true. I had this student of the Magic Academy, Jessica-chan with me. She’s a witness to my battle of wits.”

W-, Wait, Tilea-san. Please cut that out.

You can’t be asking me to give a testimony…

And what’s more, a testimony to your battle of wits?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, are you trying to have me testify with lies!

Anyway, before the conversation turns crazy, I’ll call out to her.


“Jessica-chan! Are you feeling okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“I was really worried, you know. Thank goodness. You don’t seem traumatised.”

“You saved my life many times, Tilea-san. Thank you very much.”

“No, no, you don’t have too… Ah-, speaking of which, I was just talking about you.”

Eh-!? Tilea-san, what the heck are you saying?

“Everybody, this is the Jessica-chan that I mentioned. She’s living testimony to my battle of wits.”

“Ku ku, so you’re the braggart――oops, I mean, witness.”

Mu-!? I don’t want people like you to make fun of Tilea-san. Leaving her wits aside, her power is enough to eclipse you lot a hundred times over.

“I’m Nichol Jessica from the Magic Academy. Leaving her brains aside, Tilea-san’s story is true.”

“H-, Hey, Jessica-chan, what do you mean ‘brains aside’…?”

“HA HA HA HA! I knew it. Honestly, such a big lie just makes things funnier.”

“The liars are you people! Just now you were happily bragging, but have you fought even once? Didn’t you just run away this whole time?”

“W-, What did you! Little girl, are you insulting us!”

“Jessica-chan, what are you doing!”

The adventurers all became angry. But I’ve faced off with the terrifying demons numerous times. There’s nothing scary at all about this lot. Their anger is like a breeze to me now. Tilea-san looked at the angry adventurers, and her expression turned fearful.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Tilea-san, you really are misunderstanding too much.

Just as our confrontation was about to explode, an incredible roar boomed from above.


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