On my new nickname…

[11:40:25 PM] Shanks: ohhh
[11:40:35 PM] Shanks: tenq for your insights, Anhpan.
[11:41:16 PM] Biquie: when did it become “Anhpan”?
[11:41:29 PM] Agatha Christie’s Butt: shanks discovered there was a food call アンパン
[11:41:46 PM] Biquie: i see
[11:41:50 PM] Shanks: wat
[11:41:53 PM] Shanks: not discovered
[11:41:59 PM] Shanks: after watching so many Japanese animes
[11:42:05 PM] Shanks: how would i not know
[11:42:06 PM] Shanks: melon bread
[11:42:10 PM] Agatha Christie’s Butt: ._.
[11:42:14 PM] Biquie: ……
[11:42:14 PM] Shanks: plus unpan sounds weird
[11:42:15 PM] Biquie: fail
[11:42:17 PM] Shanks: oh wait
[11:42:18 PM] Agatha Christie’s Butt: failllll
[11:42:19 PM] Shanks: not melon bread
[11:42:20 PM] Shanks: LOL
[11:42:21 PM] Agatha Christie’s Butt: LOL
[11:42:23 PM] Agatha Christie’s Butt: fkn shanks
[11:42:24 PM] Shanks: LOL

18 thoughts on “On my new nickname…”

  1. Estelion once got drunk at a bar and mistook a burly gay dude with long hair for a hot girl. Then they were married to him at Vegas. I’m tell the truth, I swear.

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  2. Soo….ur new nickname is……Agatha Christie’s Butt?
    I’m surprised I understood that ……have I been on the internet too long?


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