Tilea’s Worries – naming order

According to the author, whether the surname or given name comes first depends on the customs of the region they come from. So I’m less confused now.

Also, it looks like Miless’ bio is up now, so I’ll have it up in 5 minutes.

5 thoughts on “Tilea’s Worries – naming order”

      1. From Miless’s bio:
        “When Camille enrolled in the academy”
        -> Camilla

        “Miless now hopes to becomes best friends”
        ->to become

        I sense a human general for the Evil God Army…

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  1. I think Tilea’s bio forgot her special move.

    Oblivious oblivion.

    Killing people without knowing it since ’51 Imperial Calendar.

    “Oops?!…” :)


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