55 thoughts on “Why is she pink?”

    1. >deadly poisonous
      Only true after she evolve into Poisonous Tatarect and Zoa, as of Vol 1, she’s bottom ladder in spider hierarchy. Even her poison wasn’t that strong without spider thread combo to ensure the kill.
      What bugged me is that no one question why the hell she has 2 anime eyes instead of 8. Did the artist know anything about spider at all?


      1. Eyes are mostly on top of the head, and so might be invisible from this angle. (Well, I’m trying to be generous here.)


  1. Because they have to make it obvious she’s a FEMALE spider, I suppose. Yes, that is incredibly stupid. But that’s the only reason I can think of.

    Somehow, this cover cracks me up, though. It’s as though she’s leading a monster army, as opposed to constantly fighting for her life against it.

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  2. Is that Alaba on the left?

    Also, I guess she has bright colour because she is poisonous.
    And she is pink because she is a girl.
    Well, she should become green as soon as she become a Poison Tatarect, and black as soon as she evolve into a Zoa.

    Also, it’s snowing on the web page right now…


  3. … Wasn’t she black as a teratect? She would have mentioned if the teratect was a weird color. Oh well… Her signature colors in the web novel are black (darkness magic and first few colors) and white. Will have red eyes though. Seems to be the normal color for monster eyes.


  4. Odd things about Kumoko on the cover:
    the pink (I think she was dark brown/black), the humanoid eyes, the mouth, the antenna, the overall cutesyness of the spider, there’s six visible legs, with no hint to a fourth pair. She looks more like some odd insect than a spider.
    Other odd things: Alaba is less wolflike than I expected. The killer monkey’s head looks a lot like a warthog’s. Doesn’t look like an underground cave system, it looks like a misty plateau over a body of water on the surface.

    I know that most authors are happy just to be published, but the cover art is kinda bad.

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  5. I hate this cover. What’s wrong with the author for approving this abomination? Kumoko looks dumb as fuck. How can I unsee?


    1. I doubt author has that authority. In US lit industry, authors most of the time dont get consulted about marketing matters, which cover book covers. And I dont think Japanese authors are any different. At best they might get a draft cc to them, and if their complaints get to the publisher in time, and get heard by marketing department.

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  6. I don’t know what you guys think but I can’t see that as a spider. I… I just- I just can’t. And I thought Taratect would have darker color? Please, at least after she evolves, please somehow change the color. I can’t imagine the knights call pink spider a nightmare. Glad this one got published tho. But the art is… why pink, indeed.


  7. Kumo-chan would cry so hard if she saw this picture, rather than I pink, I object more that they drew her… to be completely honest… kind of fat…


    *dies* XD XD XD

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    1. Yes, although she reincarnates several times, so it’s possible her first body, whose color was never directly specified, might be pink.


  8. I think aside from kumoko herself, the other monsters and environment scene are a good representation of the story…


  9. i wonder if there is some Illustrations inside them
    or there will be none until she become arachne or there will be only her classmate illustration for starter


  10. im pretty sure that in the novel said kumo-chan is a black spider and its leg is bigger than its body
    also have a skull in her :|
    dragon was black and the fish was red :|


  11. >look up artist pixiv
    >see the man does spooky things
    >see this cover
    >Kumoko isn’t spooky
    Why? I mean, I don’t hate it or anything but why?

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    1. Well… i see too
      I know that things always called absurd imagination… absurd color
      i am drawer too
      But… this is way too far…
      Like something more mutation than realistic
      LOL just accept it guys
      You cant do anything with the cover
      If you want,just add some black color in kumo body like benjamin do with the illust of novel goodbye dragon life.hello human life


  12. uuh, i don’t know why but somehow it feells like looking at a poster of pokemon movie… and the illustrator certainly doesn’t understand about spider anathomy. first, the eyes is wrong, 2nd, spider leg is not that short. and what the hell with that round thing behind her? is she a spider or bulbasaur? aaah, poor kumoko-chan…

    i know that the illustrator want to make the cute kumo-chan look more sympathetic and weak with that color and anime eyes, but… yeah, poor you kumoko-chan. from scary (but cute) spider to become a cousin of pokemon.

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  13. my personal theory is that the larvae form of spiders are white-pinkish and that is kumoko in his most basic form, Lesser Small Taratect, wich is why she is pinkish with only 3 pair of legs, and only 4 eyes, and those antena things

    but then again, i know nothing (Of spiders anatomy)…

    But again i must ask a very important reason to The incumbent 5th Holy Sheeprabbit and Grand Arbiter, Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th)

    will you translate the ln of Kumo desu ga, nani ka?



    1. If im not wrong Rising the Dead picked up “Kumo Desuga, Nani ka?” when turb0 dropped this series because of RL issues.. And they just post the chapter 215 and 216 this afternoon.. “Phil. Time “.. So yeah


  14. At first i thought.. New novel? WTH crab MC?! Gotta read this… Then i saw the english title.. WHAAT?! Kumo-han is that you ssu~?! You looked like a crab with no claws ssu~!! ..

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  15. The scene I’ll always remember from Kumo-chan:

    “Mind-in-charge, I’m on fire!”
    “Yup Body-in-charge, I’m on fire too!”
    “No, I mean I’m REALLY on fire! Ow..ow..ow!!”

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  16. Why is she pink? This question without further investigation could lead to different meaning for meh. As for the answer she is pink because she!!


    1. (Sung to the tune of Black or White)

      There was a spider on a Saturday Brunch. She ate a lot and became second to none. But why is she pink, is that colour wrong or right? She is one sweet spider it don’t matter if she’s pink or white!

      She appraised a lot and had a big head-ache, she ran away a lot and learned how to live. But when she powered up she came back for a mid day snack! To that little baby spider you became a lunch that she would pack!

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