It’s finally here!

The first image for the Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami LN!

The art is… or rather, the cover is a lot more… shoujo-style stylised than is fitting for the story. Or rather, the story is a lot more realistic than you would expect from the cover art I guess.

Also since it isn’t out yet, I can’t say a thing about the LN, but in the web novel the two bodyguards flanking her don’t really appear all that much.

Now you may be thinking, ‘Well, I don’t even read Japanese so this has nothing to do with me’…

But! AnmesicCat of Japtem fame is translating it! She’s done one chapter already! I think she’s going to release the chapters when the LN comes out on November 11! But I’ll be in Thailand at that time, so I won’t be able to link you guys!
[P.S. I fell down the Yomou rabbit hole again, but I’m almost out, so I’ll translate soon enough!]

25 thoughts on “It’s finally here!”

  1. those damn rabbit holes there everywhere! ill call a excavator to fill them in for ya.
    Checking out that novel now, never heard of it


  2. *Takes a bow* I’ve had my eye on this novel ever since March when it was ranked 1st on Syosetu’s monthly ranking at that time. I can’t believe it’s finally getting its own novel!

    Also, I agree with you about the cover, and hopefully the illustrations as well. To be honest, I was quite surprise to see how beautiful the cover picture is.

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  3. I don’t like the character designs of the other two dudes. But the girl is so damn gorgeous that she stands out more than the ikemen which is kinda a bad thing in shoujo.

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  4. An accounting web novel?!
    The art is so gorgeous and the style looks familiar..
    Uummh, can’t remember..
    That dress! Want!

    Thanks for exposing another (potentially) wonderful story, Sheep- err, Grand Arbiter-sama..
    And thank you AnmesicCat for translating it!
    Patiently waiting for the release.. *fidgets*

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  5. damn that art is beautiful! The girl especially is incredibly beautiful! The color and the shading makes everything look bright,especially the girl’s dress


  6. …eh? …so apparently I was too late. I was considering translating this one, finished the first chapter and all, but held back because I don’t trust myself to commit translating until the end… My fault for procrastinating, I guess.

    Ah well, continue leeching it is.


  7. That was… That was milaaady… Please step on meeeeee..

    The illust kinda remind me of SM queen


  8. I really hated all those guys in that scene and that stupid heroine protagonist, all she could do was pose like the empty headed bitch she is, oh the rage, The true MC our Dear Dukes daughter is better off without that betraying prick and his whore, along with her pack of mongrels that only want to sniff her crotch


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