Dude waltzes into

a blog that deals with nothing but cuteness and moe, and thinks he’s going to have a serious discussion over why cuteness is meaningless and it’s all stupid and bad literature, without even realising how socially inept he’s being.

Then plays the victim card.

I’m seriously going to just start deleting comments from anybody who doesn’t know where they are.

43 thoughts on “Dude waltzes into”

  1. its best to just ignore them unless they start spamming shit XD i mean at least that way you dont get annoyed at em, or like you said deletion of obvious trolls wouldnt really fall under censoring its just keeping trolls under bridges and not on the comments section :P

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    1. sometimes they just found the right spot to tick you off you see. i agree though that better ignore them because it’s no use arguing with bogus like them. i mean… you will feel defeated if you know the one who made you angry is just a some trolling little boy or some dude with no job ?
      how about completely make wordpress id only rights to comment ?

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  2. Sometimes there’s just people in the world that seem like they lack any form of common sense, and their sole existence is to annoy you. As frustrating as it is, you’re better off being annoyed for a bit and just moving on. Staying frustrated isn’t going to change them. Hopefully this makes your day better, if only a bit: http://youtu.be/cBkWhkAZ9ds

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      1. Sugar encrusted doughnut holes are sweet.
        Sweet> Synonym for cute
        Therefore this must be cute
        Sheeprabbit claims to like cute things
        Mission accomplished.
        My logic is flawless.

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  3. Unless you’re learning to debate against these types, you end up saving a ton of time if you just take a screenshot and then IP Ban them.

    Sometime in the future, when they’re spreading lies, you can use the screenshot as proof.


  4. -fully supports deletion of comments- yes, do it—-! Don’t give them a chance! If it’s possible, you should block them,too! Also, hasn’t that person ever heard the phrase ‘to each their own’?-clicks tongue-

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  5. oh, go and delete it! Go go! For the good of many~! Those type of people are really gonna make others die out of anger and many more.


  6. Sorry to hear about the awful troll. It’s a mystery to me why people find pleasure in trolling others and insulting their interests. There’s so many better things that can be done. Like read fluffy novels. :D

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  7. I don’t think he’s really a troll, just that his CPU didn’t quite connect A->B. You’re on a site that likes moe. You talk bad about moe. You get flamed. Cause and effect.

    Like the Darwin Award case in the Philippines. You walk into a bomb disposal site. You start smoking.You snub the butt out on the defused TNT. What do you think is going to happen? lol.

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  8. Arguing with these kinds of people is one of the greatest joys in the Internet is it not?
    Like you said, coming into this blog is like playing Russian Roulette, in this case anyone who don’t think that cuteness is justice would get shit on by oniichan and Co.

    Give me more drama.

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  9. The only way to kill a troll is to stop feeding it. The more you feed it, the more powerful it grows. Its like an idea. If no one pays attention to the idea, it gets lost, forgotten and disappears forever. But if people start paying attention to the idea, it roots itself into the mind, and starts to fester and grow, before it ultimately becomes a trolling of epic proportions.


    1. Yeah just Est-sama you should ignore the troll haha
      If it the comments become annoying, maybe you can use Comment Blacklist (words)? like blacklisting “imouto is suck” (oh god, leave bad taste in my mouth that just an example. i am in imouto camp btw).

      Or if Est-sama decided to host the blog in web hosting, there is wordpress plugin that can replace word in the comment. E.g. replacing abomination words above with “imouto is love, imouto is live” lol


  10. The whole reason I come here is precisely because of characters that aren’t shitty moe garbage with no personality or motivation beyond being cute and in love with the bland fucker we get forced on us for a protagonist. I mean, some of our otome protags can be pretty fuckin’ dense but not a single one is dumb enough to be interested in the losers we typically get in a male-perspective story. Somehow, characters with believable personalities are way more cute than a hundred shitty waifus with any animal ears you care to name. Funny, that.

    Basically, this blog is about showcasing moe that /isn’t/ reductive and gross. At least, s’how I see it.

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  11. Well, there are those kind of unsophisticated people out there who are uncultured in the ways of the true gentlemen. Best show them the door when the guillotine is unusable.


  12. i like your translations but what haponed to the last boss? someone make you mad? i saw a post lack of permission ? and you getting mad what haponed?


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