Tilea’s Worries – Character Profile Page (+ WN illustrations)

It took a while, but I finally got around to putting up the character profiles. I’ve only uploaded what the translated chapters are up to(+ their special techniques).

As the translations progress, I’ll add characters as they’re introduced, as well as information when introduced.


Comes with profile pictures by Yamada Satoshi who does all the web novel illustrations. As usual, I have the LN illustrations, but won’t be uploading them in case that makes anybody even a little more likely to support the author.

To be honest, I kind of enjoy the web novel style illustrations as well.

They obviously aren’t anywhere as numerous, and it pains me to say it, but not as clean or professional-looking either, but I do think they have their own charm. (:


19 thoughts on “Tilea’s Worries – Character Profile Page (+ WN illustrations)”

  1. The two numbers for mana for the members of the Evil God Army, that’s the result of Tilea’s magic training?


  2. Tilea’s mana is amazing, as expected. And Timu is now nearly at a level where she can fight Suzaku.
    Also, I guess all the members of her army got a power-up thanks to the training she has “imagined”.

    It’s kind of weird to see that some of the members of the Evil God Army looks like nice people even though there are heartless demons…

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  3. Tilea ‘s mana is given as 一億, which is actually 100 million. But if it’s just supposed to be “several orders of magnitude above everyone else,” using a nice number like 1 billion makes sense too.


      1. At least, it makes him slightly less creepy when he gives cute clothes to Tilea.
        Because when I thought he was a middle-age man (at least), I was worried for Tilea (or rather for him) and also creeped out when he gave her a goth lolita costume…

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  4. Hmm, some errors in the character data. :P

    Name: Tilea
    Secret Technique: Utterly Oblivious Karmic Drifter [Clueless drifting that somehow turns out right in the end.]

    I’m still loling at

    “but abandoned the either due to a misunderstanding-driven spanking by her elder sister, Tilea.”

    Think it is [other] rather than [either] though.


  5. Noticed a mistake in the profile of Bizef:

    > continues the the hobby

    The comparison of “power levels” (magical energy) was helpful. I didn’t really get just how much the Demons are even beyond S-rank adventurers.

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