13 thoughts on “My net keeps d/cing”

  1. I really hate that. A couple weeks ago I was having that problem too.

    Actually my tablet (that I use for reading novels mainly) is still having connectivity issues with my router.

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  2. Welcome to the Unstable Internet Connection Club. I had to quit playing a browser game I like because it took forever to load lately.

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    1. Good for you because i had to stop before even playing. And when drawing lot to play kancolle took me forever by my luck i had to abandon it because my internet.

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      1. That’s why I hardly play any browser game now except from an internet cafe. So I’m limited to casual games and once a week at that (I usually go to an internet cafe once a week to upload my work).

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  3. My college has also been experiencing a bunch of internet bullshit. I tend to blame TWC and Comcast.


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